"The future ain't what it used to be."

All is "ISNESS"


All is \"ISNESS\"

I have always conteplated the idea of "God" to be an embodiment of all things that exist within the universe, untill now I've had dificulty expaining these views unto others however it appears that I am no longer alone on the ideas I have always subscribed to.

The conditions of create, of counter-create, of altering what one sees and ignoring what one knows can be summed up as As-Is (instant creation without persistence) Alter-Is (creation and counter-creation of the creation as altered) and Not-Is (effort to reduce the apparency of an Isness by force). Of these the mysterious one is Isness -- the 'it IS' condition that tells you it is not a question of creation or belief or postulate but that SOMETHING IS THERE TO BE OBSERVED AND WHEN YOU HAVE STOPPED GOOFING AROUND AND LOOK IT SQUARELY IN THE EYE YOU WILL OBSERVE WHAT IS THERE TO BE OBSERVED.

To learn and understand the concept and ideals of Isness, I have included additional information and websites below.


The folowing is an excerpt FROM a email journal written FROM a very talented prodigy & research associate of ours who inadvertantly shares a common perception that appears to follow INTO the same concept and ideas expressed pertaining to this topic of discussion which I will share with you.

From: "Joseph Yates" <[email protected]>
To: [email protected]>
Subject: July 14th
Date: Sun, 14 Jul 2002 20:34:04 -0700

Hi Guys,

I wanted to make sure you got this so I sent it to all the email addresses I have for you, so expect some duplicates email ok.
Well its only 7:30pm 7-14-02. The phone has not rung all day. I am not sure what or if anything will will happen later or not. At the very least the message I got in May of 95' has had my mind working on the beginning of what reality is.

I have said some of this before, the future is carved in stone. It is not just one future though, it is all possible futures. You and me as an energy or a life force with a certain energy composition will follow a certain path that is spelled out. Change a component of your energy and you will change only the path your consciousness will follow or seek a complementary energy to go towards. That is the only true choice we have.

This is only a small part of a dynamic though. Some of the other parts as I see them are a purpose the life we have chosen - to learn and grow as a spiritual being. We exist so the Prime Creator can experience self. To do this we need to experience all possible outcomes of the decisions we make, therefore it makes sense that there would be more then the one reality that we are experiencing now. More then one you or me existing in other realities making and taking the decisions we did or did not.

This door has been opened for me and I am going through. I am in a state of thought where I would not have a problem talking to the other me's, I would not be disorientated. These statements and ideas may be just too outrageous for some, but they feel right and make cense to me. 7 years of looking INTO time travel, religion, philosophy. HAVING a hell of a time trying to make them fit together, not all the parts do and that's ok. Those parts or the details that seem to have nothing in common with anything. Similarities in thought or ideas across time and in various cultures and their philosophies, the ones the don't seem to go away for some reason, that is what needed looking at.

I can't claim to have all the answers but I have a tool that can help me find them - a way of thinking about reality itself and its dynamic relationship to consciousness and time. I still am going to be involved in scientific stuff, I am not starting a new religion. I am trying to break away FROM the dogma of thought that humans have put upon themselves. And that is very hard to do. Think about all the things that guide your actions and thoughts, peer pressure, society pressure (of the culture you live in), religious pressure, rules and regulations (of the land you live in), those are a few. I am not saying to disregard all these things but they are a way of controlling. There seems to be a good idea with some bad stuff attached to it in a lot of the cases.

I wish I could tell you that something happened, but I can't. Oh well. I will let you know if anything happens though."


Impossible means that you haven't figured out how to do it yet!

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*Why Isness Is That Way?
A being is in a sense an Isness: it IS that way. One IS a being, of infinite dimension and capability. That is what is. There IS a building around you (if you are in a building) not because you think so but because there IS. You can walk INTO it. You can walk out of it. It IS-is-is-is! And the longer and harder you try to alter it's ising the more degraded YOU might feel because it demonstrates that you can't do so.

This above all: To thine ownself be true! - Accesses: iching.jpg there is nothing so sacred as the integrity of your mind.

*Neutrality / Isness
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