"The future ain't what it used to be."

All time lines are straight but not equal


Temporal Novice
Time travelers Timeline

Birth________ Builds machine_____Travels in Time
0 yrs.____________12 yrs______________24 yrs
1986 AD__________1998 AD____________1974 AD

Normal Timeline

Man Appears_________Born__________Builds Machine
24 yrs._____________0 yrs______________12 yrs
1974 AD__________1986 AD___________1986 AD
Hi John,

I am sorry to say this but I just could not comprehend what you have written.

Nevertheless, I have to inform you the idea of "Time" is flawed out.
It is not like what you said about lines and matters like that.

I apologize for any inconvenience expressed by this message.


In your second time line you had a typo - "Builds Time Machine 1986". You meant 1998.

But I can otherwise see what you're describing. From the perspective of the time traveler the events are linear and don't involve any causal order violations.

From his perspective he is born, builds the machine, time travels to 1974. Each effect is preceeded by a cause.

From the perspective of an observer he would see the time traveler appear in 1974 then be born in 1986 and ultimately build his machine in 1998. From this perspective the effect "time travel" precedes the cause "Be born" and "Build machine." That's a causal ordering violation.
"In your second time line you had a typo - "Builds Time Machine 1986". You meant 1998."
yes I did, thank you, I noticed that right after my edit time expired. I had to re-enter that post about 30 times before I got it to work, I guess I must have been a bit too drained by the final post.
But thank you very much for pointing that out, alot of people would have just ignored it and let it confuse people who didn't catch what I meant.