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Alone in the Universe... Franks Experience With UFO & Time Vortex Encounters.


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Date: Wed Jan 9, 2002 1:08 am
Subject: Re: <UFO Pro's> random thoughts

A good example of finding evidence that indicate "A Secret Military
Base" is what happened to me and my girlfriend at Red Mountain in
Montana. If any of you live in really rural areas, then you know that
ranchers don't electrify their barbed wire fences that surround their
100s or 1,000s of acres of their land. Well, here is a set of photos
taken in a remote region of Montana. It's a Cattle Guard that crosses a
dead end dirt road in the mountains Southwest of Helena, Mt. Explain
Here's the link:


If you want to see more photos and read the whole fantastic, but
accurate and true account of Red Mountain, go to:

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Re: Alone in the Universe... Franks Experience With UFO & Time Vortex Encounters.

My name is evolution after all this time ive found some friends.
Re: Alone in the Universe, bases in general.

To the first poster within this thread.

The reason as to why some alien bases, experiment with human DNA, in some sense of the word, is to develop creatures that will carry human DNA profiles, onward.

These experiments are not to be cruel, however if there is a catastrophy concerning humans here on Earth and Earthbased mankind's line is almost wiped out, then in some form the stores DNA within adjoining lab held creatures can be extracted and an new Earthbased man reconstructed.

In some measures, this is what the doings were about at the Arizona based Dulcea facility.

To humans these acts seems harsh, almost evil concerning developing humans with six arms, or being composed of batlike human creatures with human faces.

However if there were say a disaster that would servily compromise the breeding population of Earth, then in some sense of the word, there would at'least be a store of genetic information for alien contributions to work with?

All of the hidden base, here in the U.S., as well as other countries, all have differing functions.

To begin with in the physical, man as well, know him, is a concocted creature.