Alternate Dimension Paradox

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While picking through the different theories posted on this board, I found alternate dimensions particularly interesting. But after thinking, I was stressed with confusion after thinking of this perplexing idea:

Much like the time-travel paradox of killing ones ancestor, in alternate universes, the alternate choice to having a child, is not having a child, thus, disproving the whole idea. And to go deeper, if there was some way around that paradox, the opposite of dying, is living, and if you die in one dimension, how can you still co-exist in another? And once again, if you manage around that, you will infinitely be in a cycle of living and non-living between infinite universes.

Just wondering what other peoples thoughts were. Please comment if you get a chance. Thanks.

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I understand what you are saying but I think there is no possible way to travel into the future because we don't know what the future brings, we are in the highest point in our existence. Until one persons acts we cannot change or react to that because it hasnt happened yet but, I do not definetely say no to the past because it's already happened, like a script!
Thank you, I will send you the 50$ for the perfect wording on that one.

" I do not definetely say no to the past because it's already happened, like a script! "

A script has a beginning and an end. You can skip to different parts, but everything has already been written.

So if our time is like a script, what is going to stop us from skipping from page 2 to page 32, or looking all the way to the last page?

I can't understand how the space shuttle works, therefore it does not exist. Riiiiiiight.

But if you really like obtuse subjects why don't you take up mathmatics.

Indulge yourself to a couple of White Castle sliders! And than you will understand = Space Shuttle!


P.S. personally this kosher cat likes King Crab Legs!!! I'm going to put them on the endangered species list!


Look at the time I posted to you above! 3:33pm.

Maybe they liked the term "sliders?"


they're heeeeeee-r

then, than, there, their, your, you're, they're, ;

Please look these words up and start using them correctly. You're starting to get me confused with them.

They tell me that when I was born the doctor slapped my mom. He said "I did every thing I could but he pulled through anyway".

I asked my wife what she wanted for Christmas. She said "a divorce",
I said "well I hadn't planned on spending that much, but for you dear anything".

Oh yeah, you were saying about 'the numbers'....ah Holly hacked them up or something such. Crimies crubbies Bat Man don't you mean 'Holy Hollyhocks'? Which are large showy flowers, or >mallows< (to)>morrow< being SHOWN. You see mind is like one endless Freudian slip. It is the parallel - sliders - metaphoric way of thinking about a world that is just that.; a metamorphic deram world. That is where the time travelers hang out, in the 'off pitch dream world'.

Get it? Its' all one big dream. Do we dream the numbers or do they dream us? (hint; sellect an inexpensive brand of vodka, it lasts longer)
Hey alki snap out of it!

Sounds like you've had alittle to much to drink already!

The cheapest Votka I know is Skolls! or else ask the bartender to whipe the bar with the dish ragg, and then ring it out into a glass for you! You can't get any cheaper than that!

I bet your so drunk your missing UNDERWEAR!!!

I hope that lazy-boy recliner, don’t burp
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Ok. Ok,

I take it all back. It's not all just a dream, it's a friggen nightmare.

The alphabet soup guys are using fake aliens as a cover.

They own the place and TTA ain't gonna put so much as a wrinkle in the bad boys plans -ever.

It's a done deal. They don't kill us because then we would re-incarnate back in time as our former selves and then they woulld have to 'solve' us over again. No, they just run us out to dead end chat boards like this one. Where whatever we say think or do is totally pointless and ineffectual.

TTA is right for the wrong reasons. It's their way, or your own way, but either way WE are all still mere cannon fodder. Enjoy it.
<<hey way ta go Shadow>>

Give me a break Clara… Way to go? Giving Shadow a high five for making a point about your friends being @$$ holes?

Yeah, that's spiritual and humanity loving if I ever heard any.

<<No TTA ain't gonna win cause their ain't nothin to win.>>

Humanity's freedom is to win…

<<When he stops fighting then he'll see the light.>>

When you start fighting, you'll start to win the life you gave up to them.

<<wanted to say I went and saw THE MOTH MAN . Totally cool. it is real I have dealt with it before. Friend or foe, neither. It is not caught in duality all experience is vital.>>

How appropriate… Tell me, do you react this positive about other tragedies too?

Do you think they are totally totally radical?

<<the reason nobody can handle it is because you have been programed to think everything thats ugly is bad and everything that is beautiful is good.>>

And let me guess, you are not programmed like this? Excuse me if I don't buy into your generalization about humanity so easily, since I don't think in broad big terms like you do that everybody is the same.

<<He is pretty ugly. But according to its perception it doesn't relate to ugly. So if he scares you with his presence he knows what kind of programing you have.>>

Prove it, that this programming as your calling it exists.

<<I don't want to say her or him because I don't know if it has gender so to me it is an it.>>

Yet you say everything else what it is, as if you think you know the answer, and expect everyone to believe you.

Spare me… Truth is not subjective.

<<It has warned me many times of coming disater. What could I do about it, nothing. thats not the point. There is a purpose and that is to make you understand that it can predict the furture.>>

Predict the future? Or knows the future. Two different things Clara.

For example, I can predict the future when I have my daily visions. But then, I can know the future, by being intuitive and adding things together.

<<so in the future you will be more apt to listen when it can benefit you.>>

Practice what you preach.

<<Kinda like a trial run. Getting you ready for the big event. It is not going to hurt you but will tend to drive you crazy to get its point across.>>

More PR for allowing to be manipulated and exploited huh?

<<It seems that some of you have noticed it. you must let it know that you are in control and not it. somtimes it tends to be a little pushy.>>

But that's okay, because it's only trying to help, right?

<<But if you know who you are then there is no problem dealing with it. You must set boundries with these beings and all beings in the universe some can be very controlling.>>

I thought you were congratulating Shadow for setting me straight that there is nothing I or anyone can do to control these beings. And now you say there are?

You contradict your self, is it really that impossible for you to be consistent?

<<it is not using time travel it doesn't need to. It can be anywhere at anytime. It can see inside and outside.>>

And you know this how?

Prove it…

<<It is also millions and millions of years old and has evolved to a state that it can never be in your reality The way you want it to. >>

How so?

Explain the logics behind it, how does it all work?

Or are you all just speculation, with no real understanding of anything of which you speak?

<<It is beyond space and time. You can never meet it and sit down for coffee. Never under any circumstances ask it what it wants. You may ask it if it would like to say something.>>

And you know this how? Just because you believe it's the truth, doesn't mean it is. Especially coming from you, you believe that truth is, what ever you think it is. But it's not, and it's not subjective. Things will never add up if I say I make $600 weekly, and owe $0 rent at the end of the month.

<<That is why I keep telling you to claim your power.>>

What you keep telling us, is to GIVE UP!

Who here wants to follow Clara and GIVE UP!?

Many followed Heaven's Gate leader, to claim their power for their celestial purpose.

You want to follow along the similar path, and give up your will to Aliens and Time Travelers to do what they wish to you?

<<You see TTA>>

No you see, Your collaboration with the Aliens is well obvious by now, if anyone hasn't open their eyes to your true agenda yet.

You and Shadow are selling out humanity… Your personal vendetta with humanity is your motivation for condemning it.

What the hell is a matter with you?

<<you will never get rid of all the entities in the universe that you don't like or that don't measure up to your morals or standards.>>

My morals and standards are the same as everyone else's who don't put up with people trying to #@!% and screw someone over.

What are yours?

<<They will always exist and they have that right>>

The right to conquer humanity?

And control it?

<<but you must learn to live with them and learn to tell them NO.>>

Hypocrisy. Do you even know what your talking about? Yes or no, can we do anything about them?

Would have slaves been able to co-exists with their masters til this day, had they been aware of the fundamentals of life?

<<Some of them are mind maniplators but it is very important to know when you are being manipulated and when your being given a message.>>

Cat said this to you: "So do you think you can tell, heaven from hell?" (I like that song too).

Clara, I really don't think you can tell heaven from hell, and good from bad. Your perception of them is very screwed up, and it's obvious in the way your unable to stay consistent in your posts.

<<Messages are sometimes very important for yourself and maybe for this planet and mankind.>>

Well I'll tell you what, I had this dream today, that I could turn my self invisible, and I had this control, that I would press that would enable me to see others who could turn them selves invisible. It was a great dream, action packed. I was kicking ass like Jackie Chan
… I was in a garden on an island, where I saw rituals in the future being performed. And a black shaman woman standing behind me, smiling.

I went in, and took on an army of demonic creatures. I was fast, and I was invisible. I infiltrated a large castle, and met a friendly looking orange tabby cat, you know the one that looks like Morris.

It looked almost Saber tooth tiger like, and it smiled at me
. And so, we had this exchange of ideas through telepathy, and helped me find others that were being held prisoner in the fort.

Well to make a long story short, I was successful. I devastated their plans and made everyone aware of their existence. Which then, I had my friends that were inventors make and supplied everyone with a device that would enable them to detect them, and defend against them in my absence.

Now, if that was a message, then I hope it's real
. For it's a good ending, and everyone is knowledgeable of them and are capable of being truly free without their interference.

<<Your fear of the unknown is very valid.>>

I only fear that humanity will fall without first being independent. I know the unknown. And their minions supporting them. YOU!

<<But fear can also hinder your growth.>>

Hinder my growth? I think not. Your forgetting Clara, I am psychic and am more spiritual then you. For I want to save humanity, not sell it out.

<<The first lesson a master learns is to put his fear in the proper perspective.>>

I am a black belt in the Martial Arts Clara. I don't need you to tell me how to discipline my fear and anger.

<<TTA, the Nancy I was referring to is Nancy Reagen in her drug education program for kids she says just so NO. It seems to have worked with my kids. So just say no.>>

I have never used drugs, never even thought about it. How many times have you puffed the magic dragon?

<<I wanted to also tell you that once the DNA has bee activated there is no way to turn it off. It is done!>>

So, No DNA is active, until they turn to New Age doctrine? What are you saying?

I gotta go take a run. Try and not turn my people into mindless New Agers while I'm gone.

-TTA<hr size="1" width="80%" color="#000099" align="left">

Back in high school they had us read the book 1984. (If you haven't read it sneek off and do so lest you be rightly accused of litterary ignorance) At the end of the book our protagonist, Winston falls in love with his tormentors. I flat did not understand that part. But I do now. The explaination is that in the end his tormentors were all he had left. There was nothing else TO love. They had taken or killed everything in and about him, execpt the human capacity of love.

There is no honor in extermination. There is just life and death. Life can come with a much higher price tag than freedom ever did.

<<There is no honor in extermination. There is just life and death. Life can come with a much higher price tag than freedom ever did.>>

This is true! There is only one problem? The wheels still turning, but the Hansters dead!!!

Really cool dream, TTA

You seem to be talking about demonic possession, more than human time travelers comming back to mess with history (aka the Time Cop senario).

You bring up the idea that like stupid criminals, only the stupid demon gets cought in the act, while a vast hoard of smart ones continue about reeking their havoc just below our awareness level.

Do you think everybody is under duress all the time, or just some of us now and then?
To avoid any confusion on Clara's part, when she decides to reply to only the dream portion of my post. (Since she is incapable of responding to the truth of humanity being free without her Alien friends).

I'd just like to clarify that the creatures where in fact from the future. And getting there, involved technology, it was what enabled my stealth and ability to detect a sophisticated race of beings that could Time Travel and impose their will on the citizens in my dream.

There was a lot of conjuring in the background of unseen forces, that I made visible to the masses. A lot of praying and channeling of them, and I was intent on showing them that they were bringing upon them this scourge, and how to spot them and immobilizing them from causing us any further harm.

<< Do you think everybody is under duress all the time, or just some of us now and then? >>

Hmmm, good question…

Let me try and answer that:

In the near future, it will be up to all of us to make the big decision.

Time Travel, or not?

Preserve humanity, or condemn it.

Right now, as we speak, they are literally millions of people who's sole intentions are to sway our decision to follow there's.

We are constantly being pumped with biased propaganda's, all in an attempt to influence us to join their side.

We have very little choice: Some listen, some reason and know that it's wrong, and then some just don't give a damn.

Well majority rules, and in this case the mass majority of the people that listen are the ones who will call all the shots.

And they will bring us all down with them, whether we like it or not.

So, if measures aren't taken now, of educating the masses of the implications of their choice. We doom our selves to Time Travel and manipulation in the past.

Humanity must go forth, but not blindly.

There is an operation to keep people ignorant (some make them selves pretty obvious, I think some may know which ones I am referring to).

But it will be up to a few of us, who will stand up to them, and try all they can to ensure that humanity does not go to hell, because of their call.

Well gotta go. I will check out that book you recommended Shadow, I see it is on for $6.95, maybe I'll stop by my local bookstore after work and take a read

-TTA<hr size="1" width="80%" color="#000099" align="left">
this is a test and only a test. You will be instructed where to go in the event of an emergency.

TTA No I will not respond to your post because in my opinion its hogwash. That is my choice. You are trying to fight forces without any effective weapons. It seems your only weapon is your mouth.
So the influence of this evil alien race that is hiding out in the future is effecting us all either directly or indirectly.

Well gee why didn't you just say so!

The psychologist portrayed in the Terminator movies is made out to be quite the baffoon, ie 'the educated bite the dust'. He just doesn't get it because of his training.

Why do I see here a golden opportunity to blame our own failures and short commings on something or somebody else?

Which brings me to the writings of Carlos Casteneda. He has about a dozen books in print all on the same subject. In there some where is a few paragraphs about the "soul eaters". They appear to the second sight as a dark cloud or blob that attaches itself to most humans and feeds off their energy. It likes negative energy best so it screws with our minds on a subconscious level to arrange events that will cause usually negative and intense emotion.

Ergo the expression "so and so has a dark cloud hanging over him". Has any one here ever actually SEEN these dark beings?
Find. Don’t respond to my post. Your just S.O.L. (shit out of luck), that I may be right, and your all wrong.

If anyone disagrees with you, you consider it hogwash. It is, what made you give up, I mean “claim your power” in the first place.

Is it not?

---- ----- -----

I remember as a child seeing puffy clouds in my room as I slept.

But I was always such a nice boy, I was never negative. I was very innocent and calm.

<<Why do I see here a golden opportunity to blame our own failures and short commings on something or somebody else?>>

I’m not the only one. You have to remember, that events have occurred in the past to show that there is someone to blame. Not just something convenient for me to say and put on someone. But proof of a real consciousness being present and responsible to orchestrate this.

My failures and shortcomings; I practically have none. When I feel that I may fail, it only motivates me more to try harder, and think of a new alternative to my problem. But when I do fail or lose temporarily, I don’t dwell on it to long, because I will soon be back on the top

I’m proud of the things I’ve accomplished in my short life span of 21 years. I received my Black Belt in Karate when I was just 16, I wrestled for my high school and was MVP and 1st place many times. I was apart of my honor choir and honor orchestra; we performed in front of very influential people in my city. I participated in many student functions and activities, and was held with high esteem by my peers. And now, 3 years later I am the TimeTravelActivist on the TimeTravelInstitute forum,
leading the fight against the Time Travel threat. I say I’ve done pretty good thus far. And who knows what else I may accomplish in the future…

I hope I wasn’t bragging to much. But just to make the point. I’m very humble, I don’t consider somebody better then me, just because they haven’t accomplished what I have, it would be impossible for me to be the Activist if I did that. I want to fight for everybody who has been wronged by Time Travelers. I am a very sympathetic, yet strong man, and I know what right and wrong is.

So I am left with very little choice: It would be wrong for me to not be the Activist.

Even if I may fail, at the very least, I can say I tried my hardest…

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The ones you speak of who zap your energy are trying to learn about emotions through you . They geneticly removed theirs long ago and do not know how to get them back.They are renegades part of a species that split off . The other half went through proper channnels and is receiving help these guys did not. They don't know what they are doing but will not listen to anybody that does. They are studing your emotions trying to mimick you. they think by copying you they can learn emotions. What they don't understand is emotional ability cannot be learned it is in your DNA. They have lost the ability to go backwards. When their planet was destroyed they lost all the scientific knowledge there forfathers had gained. They have no understanding of why they do not have emotions. Their forefathers were removing genes and it went to far. It did not solve the problem and in the end they destroyed themselves but not before this renegade group left the planet in their ships. they are out there along with others but are exrtremly hard to reach. They are scared to death of being found out because they are deathly afraid of death. Yes we are all to blame for our own mistakes but there also exist compassion and forgiveness. The only way to get rid of them is to get control of your emotions. They go after people who have a high emotional level fear, sadness,depression, anger. they don't cause this but feed off people who do this naturally. so get control and they want have any reason to follow you around.