"The future ain't what it used to be."

alternative choices in genrics:



Please note, that there is a similarity between actresss Jess Walton as she had played the part of a local countryfied woman. Walton had a nemesis in the six Million Dollar Man and time travel expert Pamela is the same stile of relationship to supposed John Titor.

In this forsaid film, Jess walton tells ex-astronaut Steve Austin, that only she understands the moutain lion, Ten-a-ah. She is sure that if Steve does not listen to her, then something bad will happen?"Okay Jess"!?

"I'm watching this flick and going,"Yeah Jess' do you thing, really get into the part"!!

I like and admire Jess Walton, as she is an attractive and highly tallented actress.Think she does the Young and The Restless daytime soap schtick now?

Jess really gets into the part and snorts, as well as hissses her concern to Austin.This is, that only she can understand and handle Teneahea, as she has this indian thing, so of course Walton is right.

Not to show irreverance to Ms. More, "as coincidentially I see the same pattern within Pamela's posting, so making John Titor a supposed phantom nemisis that only Pamela can handle".

This is fine and good, however Pamela does not give what is required by the equal advertising encouragment by the government.

This is a generic equivilant to John Titor.

There were a set of aliens who had used the same stile of ship that Titor had used, however this ship could levitate, within a bubble.

This was a qualifed UFO sighting and was seen by people on the ground, who could have thrown a rock and hit the event bubble ship.

These beings were only going their way and it had seemed that they were really not that all Haities fired to do that either?

You could see inside the event bubble and observe these beings working the controls, a mear twenty feet off the ground.

There is your alternative generic equlivant.

>On the Time 02 22 and the like guys and what is wrong with them lately, saying that time is being perfect, "I sure don't know why they are saying this"?

They seem like wind-up toys and are saying that events in time are synchronis, even though the Destroyer Elderige, is tearing a very big hole within the fabrick of space and time at the moment anyone reads this.

If you say so, however by other's telling remember that there are two other effects besides the Eldrige and these are the Montauk and Rainbow Expierments, as these events are still as well on-going.

Just thought you might as well know?

These are not critisicisms, however only points of view that this author holds.All what should be told, is certainly not in as of yet.

Thank you Creedo299.
Hi adc,

Glad you came back to the forum!

Did you notice the time you posted above 4:55pm. YIKES!

I think its impossible to know the exact time of posting?

I have tested this site out with an experiment. I adjusted my computer clock to the exact time I last posted and when I went to post again the time was different!

So I know the time can't be rigged!

Thats a cool name for a cat. (Dusty)

My mom has a siamese cat named Samantha (for short Sammy)
And my neighbors cat who I have been feeding for the past 4 days because they are on a vacation at Disney World. The name is Vegas.

Well I'm glad you came back to the post! Have you checked out all the double digits?

Did you check out the posting of the new thread (video of a man being teleported?) The time it posted was 3:33pm.

Its goes to prove my theory that the numbers are a form of control. Not just rampid on this site, but in general throughout society.

Hello, how are you.

You are right, but I am sure there is a way to post at a time, but I have no intention of doing that, it just happens that way. After reading numeric coincidences, I noticed them, everywhere, every day.

It seemed that I was noticing a lot of "2's" in combination, that is, until 2-22-02 ... could this have significance?

Ah yes, the cat name is great, dusty, the "st" attracts his attention, don't know why really. But I didn't name him, my parents did, he's 19, older than me.

Alright, well, thanks for reading.

Yes there could be a signicance with seeing 2's.

Check out posts #2 & #3 from February 17th under "Time in perfect synmetry" from Marciek and me.

We were all watching to see if something happened on 2-22-2002
was this when Daniel Pearl was killed. did anyone notice that.

Nobody knows for sure exactly when Daniel Pearl was killed?

But yes, it was printed and confirmed in the Wall Street Jounal on Friday, February 22nd.

It stated a videotape obtained by investigators in Pakistan indicated that Mr. Pearl was killed at some point in the four weeks since he was kidnapped.

This day was also the space aniversay from 1962. On this day John Glenn was the first and oldest astronaut to "orbit the earth."

Also on this day in 1792 the U.S. Postal Service was created.

did we really go to the moon or was it faked. Did you see the show about the moon landing being faked and all the evidence pointing to this. It is hard to know reality from fiction these days. I thought one time that all the aliens and gods and stuff might be some scared little species that is afraid we will get off this planet and find them and destroy them so they make up things to tell us and scare us with mind control. sorta like the wizard of Oz. The wizard was making out like some all powerfull being that was in control of everything and in reality he was just a little man behind a curtain with a lot of gadgets. It took toto to find out the real truth. Dogs really are the smartest species in the universe we just never knew it.
I remember that show about go to the moon or was it faked. They say that the shadows are in the wrong place, mysterious objects, numbers on rocks, etc. In my opinion, what they think is BS, in capital letters!! The shadows being in the wrong place are merely an illusion. The numbers on the rocks are reeally just identification numbers written on the original print of the photographs. And c'mon, all of you know how the cameras were back in the sixties, the "mysterious objects" in the background are just fizz (or whatever they call it) and scratches on the photos from age. They also seem to appear because of the bad quality of the cameras back then. I could go on and on.

I really don't particularly care for all this mind control and alien mumbo-jumbo (don't get me mistaken - I DO believe time travel is possible). I mean there isn't even any proof for all of this. Sure there are all those old photographs and documents. I will say this in one word - BOGUS, that's right B-O-G-U-S. I really don't feel like explaining this now.

If anybody has anybody has any REAL proof for the topics I mentioned above, please contact me.

P.S. - Clara, what is that about the dog being the smartest species in the universe?

-- Maciek
I think what is of question here clara, is should your drug addict brother have the legal right to reatin his head?
I mean should his head be surgically excised and placed in a labouratory vat, so sustaining him?

Your posting comment above does not surprise me about you! I bet everytime you blink you get lost!

Does it take you 2 hours to watch 60 minuits?

Push your spectacles up on your nose and read a few posts up! He is implying that about Clara's brother! Du?

What I am saying is my brother has made his bed now he must lye in it. You can lead a brother to water but you can't make him drink.


I'm new to new to this board and I am not capable of reading all the posts on this board in two minutes. You don't have to call me ignorant and idiotic! I'm going to leave if you're like this.

-- Maciek

Whats on your mind Monkey Butt? (Hee Hee Hee!!!)

Ok, Ok, I'll let this one slide! I'll try and contain my smart aleck rhetoric!

But be on the L OO K out because next time I'll be ready and waiting for some fun in your Next slip up!

Is it just me, or is this CAT person a big fucking dork?

And who else here thinks that CAT and TTA are one and the same?

It's either that, or she's just the poor soul relegated to sucking his dick.

I feel sorry for both of them, either way...
I agree with you. CAT and TTA have many things in common and are always good friends - to the extent which it appears that they are the same people. I apoligize if I have all of this thought out wrong, but for now I can agree with you.

-- Maciek
Excuse me @asshole (who ever you are?) are you jealous?

No infact I'm not TTA I am the CAT...

If you don't believe me, give me your email faggot and I'll prove it!

I live in Wisconsin and supposedly (from what I have read in his posts) TTA is from California! Our postings might be for fighting the same cause but are a completely different style from one anothers!

I will back TTA because I know what he is saying happends to be correct in all aspects of Time Travel!

Why don't you contact MOP to verify this Jerkoff! before mouthing your arrogance on this site!

P.S. Your not even brave enough to give a real name, who the hell are YOU?