Amateur theory on time travel


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As a new member id like you all to know that i am not a scientist or someone who has spent much time in school as i have been forced to devote my energies to surviving.So with that in mind bare with me and please read on..

Take this (a hypothetic situation) into account:
There is this man (John Doe) who lives in the year 2002 and suddenly the secrets of time travel have been revealed and he is capable of going into the past.He sets his "time machine" to go to the year 1940 and to appear next to the statue of liberty.Now if John is capable of accomplishing this (which proves that time travel is possible)wouldn't it mean that all the other future dimensions of John are also capable of doing this and they would have already done what John is about to do?What would John see at the statue of liberty?Would this not create some form of paradox with an infinite amount of John's appearing in front of the statue of liberty?I base this theory on the hypothetical fact that if you could travel back in time that you would surely be able to travel to the future.If your capable of traveling to the future wouldnt that mean that there is another you that lived the exact same life as you and is yet a seperate entity?These multiple John's would prove that like the universe, time also expands infinitly and on another dimensional level(since just one millionth of a second is another John...and just how far can you possibly break down time into measurments?).As i said this is all based on the theory that time travel and my theory of there being different time dimensions is true.This leads to a set of another two theories A:Time travel has been discovered by future humanity but cannot be put to use due to the fact that it would create a paradox or B:Time travel is just impossible and we all live in one dimension once and history is made once not infinitly.Either way i dont see any possible way of traveling in time without instantly creating an infinite amount of you's.

That is my theory and im sure someone will have a comment which ill be glad to share my thoughts on.If someone already came up with this theory than id definitly like to meet that person or would like to be directed to him/her.I hope i have made my points clear enough and hopefully understandable enough.

Hi Prana,

Lets supose that all dimentions are not the same. They are different, maybe wave lengths of light with entirely different worlds. There could be a neighboring demention right here on earth or Mars or in the Pleadian Galaxy or perhaps somewhere in the middle of space ANYWHERE!

Now supose one discovers a way to open and access these other dimentions or worlds, they could travel back and forth making new history in each and every place!

Lets say "IF" it were possible to have traveled back in time or future to ones given "progression of life" there would to have been made from the beginning "Twins", Triplets, Quadtriplets, etc etc...One can look at the division of an human embrio to learn what takes form at the first cells division and instruction of life.

So lets jump a thought (back and forth here) and say that the dimension that we live in has 2-16 twins demension. Everyone knows that even though twins look alike they are not the same, (also in reference to dimensions) there are subtle differences as they grow from birth to adulthood and are influenced by other enviornments, directions or exsperiences in life but possess some sort of psychic mysterious connection to each other where one can feel and knows the others pain. So in my oppinion this theory would imply the same principles that are evident in all life!

So lets say one was able to open a hole in time and transverse to the other twin dimention (but not entirely the same, remember slightly different.) This person may find his self, older or younger and with a completely different lifes set up, if he even exists at all? or any number of his residing family members. By his presents "YES" he would be able to alter any future relative or self beings future. This TT may also be able to travel to infinite other worlds and their neighboring dimensions and start a new life and history for themselves. The options are numberous!

Just something to think about...


The operative word in your theory is the word 'theory'. There is a theory that the universe is constructed entirely of/by one time traveling electron. What we need more than a good theory is the facts to go along with it.

And welcome a-board.
Why suppose that Time Travel is symetrical? Why suppose that if you could travel back in time, that you could travel forward in time?

Point in case, the assymetry of time itself: the second law of thermal dynamics (entropy).

Well ive done some research on my theory and all ive seen is speculation.No one knows the truth and like shadow said we need facts.I wish i had some to offer but time isnt exactly "accessable" to be experimented on.Although i did have one thought...we perceive time due to our general nature which is the knowledge of the fact that one day we will die.That being the case we begin to measure our lives and develop the basic conciousness of time and that we move forward not behind.The funny thing is that we already go back in time quite often in our every day lives..ok maybe not thousands of years but just remembering what you had for breakfast yesterday.In essence our mind is working in reverse and flipping through our "pages of the past".My point is that if were capable of realizing that time exists (which took quite a long time in human evolution) and that we move forward who is to say that we will not eventually find a way to move backwards?

The best evidence to this way of thinking is taking a look at the most ancient piece of scripture we have.The bible.
The story of adam and eve and the tree of knowledge.With knowledge came the realization of death and from that day humans aged and became old..although according to the bible people were aged almost a thousand years old .Another example of the power of the human mind..we are capable of more than we imagine..even our own demise.
Does death exist if you dont know it?
I think my most favored theory on the nature of time itself, is that all possible pasts, futures and nows exist simultaneously, in layers and branches and in ways we can not even fathom with our puny brains.

And since everything (pasts, futures and nows) all co-exist, it is only our perception of experiencing each now, to the next now, to the next now, that creates the illusion of linear time.

"Time" is a concept we have created to express our experience through life. And our memories, stored in the neurons in our brains, are this evidence that we have "moved" through time.

As to what happens after death, maybe our experiences become more intune with the way the universe really is, omnipresent or "timeless"? But of course, we can not really know this, but can only therorize and imagine.

My ideas have arisen from reading lots of books on the physics of time, and of metaphysical studies. But mostly I credit my recent ideas to Julian Barbour's book "The End Of Time: The Next Revolution In Physics", published in 1999 by The Oxford Press. I recommend this reading to anyone interested in the nature of time.

I believe thorough study of the nature and physics (hard science) of time is key to discovering the posibilties of time travel.

Beyond that, there most certainly would have to be discussion on the ethics of time travel. All the possible time paradoxes, and the inherent responsibilities of such a powerful "tool". Maybe there is a "Council of the Ethical Matters of Time Travel" somewhere in the universe already? Ha, ha, /ttiforum/images/graemlins/smile.gif who knows?

Friend Persephone

I agree with this, the human mind is particularly powerful. If you add to the organic device of the brain the fact that there is a consciousness you have mostly all that we need to phase through time. I read that you have done a great deal of studying physics and metaphysics, I believe that you will find the truth about, not only time travel but many other things, soon enough and by yourself.
Right now you are of the belief that past, present, future, they all exist at once. Now consider this, you are an observer outside an ever expanding universe. It does not matter how much it expands you are always immense in comparison, yet it is not size the regulating factor between universe/observer, but the resolution of your consciousness. By being outside this frame you are capable of tuning in to one particular and now observable frame of the time and then phase right in. This is what I try to explain when I introduced the Prime Temporal Point concept. It is a launch pad fro our minds, from where everything can be experienced.
Regarding the Council of Ethical Matter of Time Travel, yes there is one that I know of, there might be more if the concept of alternate quantum realities is applied.
Until later becomes now.
We seem to be thinking on similar terms, Transient. Through reading books by Carlos Castanada, a few years back, I had some pretty peculiar experiences in altering my perceptions. My frame of reference seemed to change. It was both frightening and quite intriguing. I do not know if it truly catapulted me to another dimension, ( I know this line of thinking would sound very odd to some folks, and I am pretty skeptical myself), but something did occur. I tend to think somehow I was able to alter my brain's abilities, and saw things that are always present, but of which I had not noticed before.

I believe in this sort possibilty as being part of humanity's potential for the future. If only we can overcome our destructive nature to achieve this evolution.

Also, I too believe it is important to be able to "step out of one's own existence" so to speak, to perceive of the universe in a truly objective frame. It would have to appear to work in an entirely different manner than our perceptions of it from our small framework.

Please, tell me more of the "Council" if you are able to. I am curious. Did you have first hand knowledge of this? How did it, or rather they, become known to you?