An alternate Earth´s story


Quantum Scribe
Friends of TR125.0121

The following is a short story about what transpired at EarthTR075.0849

This Earth was very similar to ours but in that reality no country had achieved chemical propulsion, so up to 1987 no one had really gone into space. This frustration kept many looking up into the skies, as if expecting an answer to fall down on their heads. Well it did.

Exactly at 3:14 A.M. on March 23rd of 1988 several countries, almost simultaneusly, beheld a massive spherical object on a slow trajectory to Earth. They immediately figured out that the object must have been made an intelligent life form, and almost all of the different nations decided that they would try and get a hold of it before the others did.

By the time the object was several million miles away from the orbit of Earth, EE.UU claimed it as theirs under penance of war. Well the Holy German Empire made a similar claim as well as the Republic Of China.

Since no one backed down, they started a horrible war. It ended when the Russians decided to atom the US and the US, almost immediately, sent a retaliatory strike at the Russians. The nuclear winter was over their heads in less than three months. By that time humanity was diminished to 1/3 of it´s original number.

The object, roughly 100 feet in diameter, swiftly landed in the Sahara Desert. Sadly there was no one there to witness it. The sphere, opened up its upper hemisphere and it started to broadcast a message that said, "Share and Do no harm unto your neighbor"

This message would repeat itself over and over until a sentient life form would get near it. The message has been broadcasted uninterruptedly for the last fourteen years.

I hope that does not happen to us in this world and in this forum.

Until later becomes now.
Very interesting encounter or story I like it anyways why do you not want this incident or event happen to us as a whole also what was the craft or ship that arrived there also where did it come from? Well I got to go!

I understand the moral of your story here and the message you are putting forth. At certain times I can feel the weight of a huge boulder rock on my entire body when I lay down to rest.

I wanted to at some time address and get back on the subject of musical vibrations. Are you familiar with the musical vibrations of Psalms in Hebrew? It is very mysterious as it has been shown and felt to have healing powers. If I'm not mistaken biologist at the Hebrew University are calling this DNA Repair Frequency.

Codes have been found in Numbers, Revelations, including Electromagnetic Frequency codes that have been shown to help repair damaged DNA.

Six repeating codes can be found in Numbers, chapter 7, verse 12-83 when deciphered using the ancient pythagorean meathod of reducing the verse numbers to their single digit integers, the codes reveal a series of 6 electromagnetic sound frequencies that correspond to six missing tones of anchient solfeggio scale.

In Psalms 148 (Hebrew) a imprint of the star of david (the Merkaba) would apear in a visual sound graph at the sound of the word "Hallelujah", the six pointed star shows around the fourth syllable.