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Right here, in this reality our scientists are struggling to uncover the yet hidden powers of the atom. In my opinion they have achieved pretty much in the last 55 years, however, they have still a long walk ahead of them. I explain.

So far, in this wonderful and glorious futuristic world of ours of 2002, most of the common energy sources are made out of chemical fuel. That is not only embarassing but sad. All those experiments going on and not even the so called space ships of our time move by any means other than chemical thrust. It really makes one wonder what is going on with the tax money they collect.

Why is this happening? I do not know. However it becomes sad when you know that there are plenty of projects going on and not one single advancement seems to be made.

For example, when a hidrogen nucleus is split the liberation of energy is incredible or any other elemental nuclei for that matter. But why are not the scientist of this world trying to split an electron, or a proton, or a lepton. The amount of energy that would be liberated by such an enterprise would be boundless. Giving a solution to most of the world energy crisis. But then again most of this world is capitalistic and does not give a flying boot what happens to the next door neighbor.

Another example, scientists of this world do know of the existence of tachyons, why not try to find a way in which this or other faster than light particles could be gathered, thus creating a permanent time/space event. The chronotron emission due to this containment would be large enough to power a descent sized temporal displacement unit. Well maybe I am going ahead of this time, but keep those ideas in mind.

Until later becomes now.
Hello friend Transient,

Politics and money and greed.

All ideas for self-sustaining fuel sources and means have been subverted by people who have more to gain if we stay dependant upon fossil fuels. Recent Mother Earth News articles talk about how when fossil fuels became so expensive last winter (in the USA) that solar energy actually became a profitable target for many utilities companies. So more solar farms were developed because of it.

Of course, it helps to have an administraiton, locally in our government, that supports alternate fuel sources. Scientific research is very much dependant, even in universities, upon government policies.

Dreamers like you and I can easily imagine so many ways in which our destructive energy practices could be improved upon, but we are collective beings. The ones with the money to support reseacrh are ultimately the bodies in charge.

Cold fussion. For years growing up I heard the rumors about the self-sustaining possibilities of this method of enery production. Some say that it was figured out only to be burried by the people who would lose out on charging Joe Schmoe for his electric bill. Who knows, conspiracies are rampant. But it was curious in the mid nineties when a dozen or so European scientists were all systematically "silenced", or died by mysterious means.

I do not like to dwell on such matters, but I do not ignore them either.

"The appropriateness of chance is astounding"
Re: Fule celled engines

I did not want to start a new thread, on fule celled engines.

I would only care to mention, that held in Discovery Magazine, for the month of November, is a stroy on hydrogen fuel celled motors.

This is a complete chassis with everything in it, by G.M., which is kind of like a car stile to go, as you can add what type of cover that you wanted to put ontop of the chassis.

The problems as far as enginerring design go, are crash and safty to passingers and enviroment protocols.

Emergency needed and rough terrian desing on demand situational senariors.

Acceptability by the oil cartel nationas, as this it seems is a fule hydrocarbon burning civilization?

Price, public acceptance and ease of servicability for this vehicle?

I feel that this proto-design needs a lot, no let me say, a fantastic amount of extra engineering to it, in order to get it off the ground.

It was mentioned be fore, by people who are from elsewhere, howevewr the oil reserved that are in the ground, act as sort-of shock absorbers, to geological movments, such as earthquakes and volcanic happenings.

It is vitally important not to deplete all of these reserves, "as the Earth for humans unless we are transplanted", would geologically, become a much more violent place.

We should be /ttiforum/images/graemlins/smile.gif going after fule, as well as other associated technologies mentioned within this string and section, as if our collective general welfares had depended upon it?

With all I know, even I am not sure as to what tomarrow will bring.

Thanks for allowing me this additiuonal imput as well, P & T.

Re: Fule celled engines and more engines:

Note this thread will be filled in as edit, on solar celled engine technologies, past this noted point in time.
Re: Fule celled engines and more engines:

Note due to obfuscation techniques, used by some who post on this board, Anomalies, as well as the yahoo groups, technol;ogies within the range of solar, induction electrical, and other power starts, as well as utlizations, are not being discussed by me here.

The obfuscation techniques, indicate something somewhere is either impenging on these concerns, or that there is a worry within their court?

Please check local library souces or links on your web.
Re: Fule celled engines and more engines:

People are always researching alternate fuels and whatnot. And theyve found lots of ways. But the current companies will not allow it.
For example... 2 men managed to design a car that ran off water, they were both offered money to keep their mouths shut by the big oil corporations. One accepted and the other didnt. The one who didnt except "mysteriously dissapeard".
Re: An alternate Engine - Solar Reality

Good Day, Transient:

Right here, in this reality our scientists are struggling to uncover the yet hidden powers of the atom. In my opinion they have achieved pretty much in the last 55 years, however, they have still a long walk ahead of them.

I agree. There are much more efficient means coming in our very near future. But things can be done, right now, to reduce our fossil fuel needs for energy. It will, however, require a "what can I do for my fellow man" mentality. I refer to solar & wind energy production systems.

Not trying to sound too altruistic here, but do you know that on an average sunny southern California day, my home provides about 32 Kw-hours of electrical power to the public grid? And most of the time, during the work week, I am not even at home to use much power. My monthly power bills have gone from about $150 down to a few dollars, and may become negative in the summer. In less than 10 years, it will have paid for itself, and then produce free power for me for another 20 years, at least!

Now imagine if even 20% of other homeowners around me in SoCal and the desert southwest also decided to chip-in and generate solar power for the grid.....and then look at 30%, 40%, 70%...

And the circa 2003 technology solar system I have installed will only mature in the coming years. In fact, the cost per installed Kw will probably go WAY down in the next few years. Even so, I am still glad I did it when I did. If I can set an example to convince others to invest in such a system and give to the grid, such people will become part of the solution, instead of those who just whine about the problems. :D

Kind Regards,
Re: An alternate Engine - Solar Reality

You are talking about something very feasible to achieve. /ttiforum/images/graemlins/smile.gif However, it can be more easily achieved by nuclear fusion (and you'll know why if you read my thread: "a new concept of fusion"). Fusion is potentially cheap, portable, and and safe. Privately-powered homes may be the ideal source of energy for small towns or suburbs (or maybe even cities!)
Your ideas are always welcome here. /ttiforum/images/graemlins/smile.gif