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An interesting theory on the 'Greys'...



An interesting theory on the \'Greys\'...

First of all I will say that I do believe there are extra-terrestrials out there, the universe must be teeming with life if it can form in this system alone. But like many others I feel that these 'Greys' that visit may not be Aliens, but time travellers of this planet FROM the distant future.

Okay, this is nothing new, this theory has been around for ages I know, but if these Greys are possibly 'us' in aeons to come, why the physical change? I donot believe in typical evolution as such, like I don't believe our heads will get bigger just because we do more study these days.

Rather, species only evolve by process of natural selection (e.g dinosaur breeds with longest necks to eat off tall trees were more likely to survive etc)

I believe, *if* the greys are future earthlings that they are genetically modified beings, severely altered DNA or possibly completely synthesized DNA. I cannot see humans naturally evolving INTO this creature.

This tecnology is already getting closer within our grasp, and teams of greedy scientists and geneticists alike will probably one day strive to create a 'perfect' human or humanoid being, smarter, healthier, etc.

Whether they are modified descendants of humans, or possibly a race created by humans that overthrew power and took over civilization, who knows?

This is just one theory, and for all we know, it is perfectly possible. I am interested in anyone's thoughts on this.

RE: An interesting theory on the \'Greys\'...

I agree 100% with the theory that "greys" are human time travelers. It explains why the "greys" operate in a stealth mode.

I have yet to see a substaniated UFO cases that could not be explained with this theory.

Your thoughts on mankind not naturally evolving INTO greys is a logical theory. Whether greys are humans or a race created by humans or a race created by humans to act as Time Travel Police or a race created by humans act as workers because it is neccessary to avoid paradox's, it appears that greys are not hostile.
RE: An interesting theory on the \'Greys\'...

I also believe that UFOs are time machines FROM the future. But I do not think the Greys are genetically engineered. I think those are just suits, as do several abductees, Whitley Streiber among them. Some have a suggestion of a seam in the backs of their heads. Anyone remember that scene in Back to the Future where Marty dressed up in his radiation suit and told his dad he was Darth Vader, an extraterrestrial FROM the planet Vulcan? Well, it's possible that the Greys are midgets or children disguised as aliens, because if everyone knew the truth, it would change history too much.
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do not make the mistake of confusing the greys with the zeta reticulans. I do believe they are related but have 2 totally different agendas. the greys are phycotic and have gone to far with science and I believe are desperate . the zeta's on the other hand are merely scientist. The universe seems to be all mixed up AS ABOVE SO BELOW. It is impossible to judge on looks alone. Can you point out all the criminals when you walk down the street? clara
RE: An interesting theory on the \'Greys\'...

I thought that according to the ETH (extraterrestrial hypothesis), the Greys are FROM Zeta Reticuli.

Anyway, I have a few problems with the ETH. I am not criticizing you; I would like to know how the ETH explains these things:

1) Why do they look so much like us? Convergent evolution cannot EXPLAIN it; they look more like us than a dolphin looks like a fish, than a bird looks like a bat, etc.

2) Why do they come so far just to abduct people and mutilate cattle?

3) If time travel were ever invented, we in the past would probably see something similar to the UFO phenomenon.

4) Some "aliens" claim to be FROM a city on Mars or the forests of the moon. Everyone knows that neither exist. But in the future, it will be possible to make both (under domes, of course).

5) Some have names that mean "visitor" or "searcher" in other Earth languages.

6) Some look just like humans. Also, they can interbreed with us. Mr. Spock nonwithstanding, it is impossible for alien DNA to be that similar to ours. Heck, we can't even mate with our closest evolutionary cousins, the chimpanzees.

7) More UFOs are seen on the 24th of each month. How likely is it that aliens would be that familiar with our calendar? It's more likely that the 24th is a default figure (like 12:00 on digital clocks) for time machines.

8) Why don't they have colonies around the stars nearest us, like Alpha Centauri? If they did, we would detect some kind of signal FROM them. Even if they don't use radio, we would find that the absence of such signals is unique to our star. We don't.

9) There are human footprints hundreds of millions of years old. The only way this can be is if humans were there in the past.

10) How did some people (like Jules Verne) know so much about the future? You'll probably say that the aliens know about the future through psychic means because they're so spiritually advanced. If they're so darn spiritually advanced, why don't they "modernize" us? Surely a spiritually advanced species would have compassion for us primitive humans and try to diminish suffering by bringing us to their level.

11) How likely is it that an alien civilization is as close to our level of technological development (probably a few hundred or a few thousand years ahead of us) as the alleged Greys? Let's say every intelligent species lasts a million years. The probability that another civilization would be ahead of us, but less than 10,000 years ahead, is 1%. And a million years is a conservative estimate!
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boy you got a lot of questions. Let me see they do look like us which ones are you talking about? the nordics maybe. What about the ones who don't look like us.Maybe they made us a long time ago through genetic manipulation. Try checking up on Zachariah Sitchen. His theory suggest this very thing. God made man in his image . that was suppose to be gods with an s. And who might these gods be . I don't believe they created the universe but to them genetic manipulation means they created us. When a potter makes a work of art he is the creator but who made the clay certainly not the potter right. which came first the chicken or the egg . Didn't you ever ask yourself if God made us then who made God . Go tell that to the sunday school teacher.

Your theory about the moon is interesting . have you ever seen a geod ( I think that spelling maybe wrong ) We have plenty of them where I live . if you bust one open It has a crystal center. I believe the moon is a giant geod and the center could be a crystal city. We would never know because if you never saw the inside of a geod you would think it was just a rock. Also did you ever see the movie the Martian chronicles. there could be thousands or millions of martians and a whole civilization. They just maybe projecting an image back to us that nothing is there. they very well could be master magicans.
Your perception of reality could be just an illusion.
RE: An interesting theory on the \'Greys\'...

Why would they genetically manipulate us? And if they did, why do most of us not have blond hair and blue eyes like the Nordics? Who genetically manipulated them? And how can we be so similar to other Earth life and yet so similar to them? That's about as probable as the Spanish language HAVING evolved independently in Spain, Latin America, the Philippines, etc.

Besides, if time machines were ever invented, we in the past would probably see something similar to the UFO phenomenon. To say that they are not time machines is to say that time travel is impossible.
RE: An interesting theory on the \'Greys\'...

well there are a lot of us who are blond. How do you know they didn't take a monkey and give it a little of there genes. Like I said there gods with an s. Maybe they all look different , some dark skinned others light skinned some with slanted eyes some with round , some short some tall. they all got together and said lets create man in our image. but guess what they needed some clay , some base form that was already here on earth . they are creators. gods with a little g . But who made the clay . Evolution and creationism are both true we have been fighting over somwthing that was never intended to be a duality . Its like saying oranges exist therefore apples cannot. How stupid. One day man will wake up an say ahhhhh what dummies we have been. You see both are true. evolution took place then came genetic manipulation. So which one takes predence over the other which one is god with the little g and which is God with the big G. As long as you are unable to take responsibility for yourself you will need the god with a little g. When you wake up and realize that all that exist in the universe is God with a big G then you will have attained your freedom. clara
RE: An interesting theory on the \'Greys\'...

If we saw monkeys on another planet, would we genetically engineer them and turn them INTO humans? I doubt it.
RE: An interesting theory on the \'Greys\'...

of corse we would if we wanted slaves to do our dirty work . do you not think there are those on this planet who would so such a thing if they had the capability.Just look what was done to the jews in world war 2. clara
RE: An interesting theory on the \'Greys\'...

There you go again Clara, making absurd generalizations. Didn’t you learn you lesson yet on the Time Travel threads? Just because we have the power to take over other people and their countries, that doesn’t mean we will use it to that end.

What Hitler did, everybody saw it coming. That was his agenda FROM the very start, and it was obvious.

What your proposing is that mankind would exploit another species to make INTO slaves, I don’t quite see the logic in that.

Why do that, when there is a far more benevolent purpose? Just ask what your Alien friends are doing with us. Oh I forgot, it’s Jesus Christ this week. Okay, I see where you place the credit for manipulation at then

Clara, you’re a maze of confusion and fuzzy explanations. Try letting your true self speak once an awhile, instead of giving your channeling friends an all day free pass at the amusement park that is your mind.

After all, it is playing with fire; inviting influences you don’t quite know it’s intentions.

RE: An interesting theory on the \'Greys\'...

you pimple head it was just 150 years ago that white men owned slaves . And you think we are so intellegent . why don't you get your head out of the sand and take a look around. The only reason we still don't have slaves is because of our dear friend abraham Lincoln. Oh ya I do believe he saw a vision of his own death . phychic maybe . I find it funny that you can say what ever and we are suppose to believe you . I was simply stating a fact who cares what you beleive . clara
RE: An interesting theory on the \'Greys\'...

Wow, what’s up with you Clara? Can’t someone just want to clarify a few facts? Perhaps if you were to speak clearly in the first place. There won’t be any confusion about figuring out what you’re saying
. Bytheway pimple for brains, wasn’t it you who said that: “An attack on another is an attack on your self?” What a hypocrite.

<< I find it funny that you can say what ever and we are suppose to believe you.>>

Ditto… But unlike you, I don’t think I am the one who keeps changes faces about what I am saying every week.

<<I was simply stating a fact who cares what you believe.>>

Apparently you do, you don’t like being shown off at your own game, do you? Where’s your spirituality at Clara? Has it so easily abandon you when confronted with logic? Go through your childish tantrums else where if you can’t handle playing with the big boys

RE: An interesting theory on the \'Greys\'...

pimple head I wasn't calling you a name just stating the facts of how I see it isn't that what you have been doing. I thought you didn't agree with spirituality . remember you said it was just alien bullshit to come to some end without justification . Now you are asking me what happened to my spirituality . You should be happy for me to lose it then I would be on your side.
I think you have made it perfectly clear who is confused here YOU. that is my last statement to you as I do not find it pleasurable speaking to a wall . clara
RE: An interesting theory on the \'Greys\'...

Clara, you said:
<<pimple head I wasn't calling you a name just stating the facts of how I see it isn't that what you have been doing>>

So what’s all the fighting about? I was only calling up the facts too. You’re the pimple for brains. And you’re the one who keeps getting upset and hurt by it. Hey it’s not my fault you’re so full of it, and some people actually take notice

<<I thought you didn't agree with spirituality.>>

I never said to you that I did. I am merely stated that for someone like you to say that you are, your sure not showing it, and that makes you a hypocrite above all else.

And me, as for someone who is noting like you, I sure am
. But to me, it is more of a need to be human with principles, then anything else. I don’t strive to be one with the unknown like you do. I don’t need too. I am perfectly complete in my self, as long as I can fight Time Travelers with my friends here, there is nothing missing in my life.

<<remember you said it was just alien bullshit to come to some end without justification>>

Alien crap, that everyone has to put up with hearing every week. But now you’ve changed you tune, switched sides, and switched feelings about who’s been doing what for you when all the time you’ve always said it were your Alien friends. That’s the bullshit that I’m talking about now, before it was bad, but now it’s just drastically gotten worse.

I don’t know why your making a big confusion out of something that’s so simple to understand. You’re a hypocrite, plain and simple
or have I not proven that about you many times before?

I mean, you make others say “How can she expect us to believe her, if she keeps changing faces every week, literally. She says one thing about her beliefs, and accuses every body else of being wrong, and then changes her mind, and expect everyone to follow along with her.”

Listen very carefully to that Clara, because that’s spelling it out, right there. Don’t get confused okay
. Let me know if you need an interpreter to help you understand.

<<Now you are asking me what happened to my spirituality . You should be happy for me to lose it then I would be on your side.>>

Clara, if talking with you these past few months have taught me anything about your character, is that I don’t want you on my side. Not someone who is unreliable, and capable of turning on you at a moments notice. Because that’s how you’re like, and no body wants to have someone on their side (good or bad) who is like that.

<<I think you have made it perfectly clear who is confused here YOU. that is my last statement to you as I do not find it pleasurable speaking to a wall .>>

What’s a matter no channeling friends to talk to this Sunday? They must be over at the church, saying hello to their loved ones. Maybe you should go, anything to give you some mental clarity. You’re obviously very confusing mother & wife to your family. If these posts are any evidence of your behavior with them, I am feeling very sorry for your husband and daughter right about now. They really don’t deserve this level of incompetence FROM a parent. I pity you Clara, I really had hoped you changed for the better.

<hr size="1" width="80%" color="#000099" align="left">"For what was, for what is, and for what will be. I will fight for it's preservation."
RE: An interesting theory on the \'Greys\'...

Well, aliens that advanced could just use robots to do their dirty work. Also, we don't seem to be enslaved by any alien species, unless they are doing so by controlling our minds. But if that were true, you would think that we would be in their ships right now cleaning Martian mold off their toilets with toothbrushes. And if they're letting us develop on our own because of laws similar to Star Trek's Prime Directive, why the heck would they have engineered monkeys instead of colonizing the planet themselves?

And by the way, do you have answers to any of my other questions?
RE: An interesting theory on the \'Greys\'...

Nanotechnology. Somehow they must all have some means of controlling the masses, and getting them to think alike. Perhaps these atomic size nanobots do their bidding, which in turn makes us do theirs. I doubt they would want to use us as slaves though; a highly evolved race wouldn’t need to lower them selves to something that primitive.

But instead, they would need to elevate them selves to a level of perfection and unity, but when you realize how they do this, then Yes, I guess we are slaves to them. That is the hypocrisy
the culture may be millions of years, and they can still do something so primitive as to manipulate, lie and cheat.

And that is where we come in the picture. We are the missing link in their evolutionary scale. We share something similar, though so distinctly apart, that they need our support. There is something they want FROM us, and will continue to exploit and manipulate us for some inevitable end. ~Spirituality.