An interesting view of time.


Temporal Novice
One thing I have noticed is that many people make theories about time travel without actually trying to comprehend time, which is like trying to build a boat without knowing anything about water. Ten to one, the boat won't float.

I've taken a look at a few of the posts here, tried to not laugh at a couple, and decided to join and share what my theories are. I mean no disrespect with my nearly laughing, just that I know many of the views that scientists take of time are actually based on their inherent ignorance of it, just like my inherent ignorance of the proper spelling of some words, and I've noticed many people furthering those often incorrect theories.

First, a statement about myself: Unlike most people, I actually have no problems with looking at temporal theories. I never get a headache when reading about temporal paradoxes, look at millions of years as most people look at a day, and often find myself thinking of what most people look at as an incomprehensible point far in the past as something barely before my time. I may have been born in the wrong time, but that could be true of any period that has or will exist as well.

Now, my theory: I have come to the conclusion that time is a radiation instead of just some incomprehensible energy. Much of my research comes from actually studying the most easily observed result of time: Aging. The rest comes from my study of physics.

I've noted how various animals and plant age at different rates. In fact, you can take two rats who have the same mother and feed them the same diet and they will both age at different rates. Over time, my conclusion of time being a radiation, which first started out as a joke, came to fit the evidence perfectly.

My theory states that time, besides being one large field of radiation, is split up into smaller fields, each of which is eternally connected to the eras that field has touched. Time travel requires merely figuring out how to access that field and travel to the other areas it has touched. This, of course, limits time travel to what temporal radiation fields are nearby. Of course, these fields are always moving, meaning that the eras they touch are rarely the same location. So, to meet an actual pharoah, you may have to start out in Antarctica in 2495. This also leaves open the possibility of travelling to other universes, although the effects of which may be disasterous, depending on the universe.

I am, of course, assuming that nothing in time is set, including the past.

Now, about the aging: My view of it as a radiation suggests that it is why people age and increased doses, caused by actually entering a temporal radiation field without the shielding inanimate matter provides, would be close to instantly lethal. Opening a portal to one could kill every living thing within one hundred miles of the portal in mere seconds. There are other possible side effects of exposure to temporal radiation, of which I can only give an uneducated guess. It is possible to create an actual shield against the radiation, but it may require using EM shields or more powerful, of which we are not of the technology level to create yet.

At any rate, I still think Einstein and many others are wrong about what time is.
Now, you may be thinking that time travel will invariably result in landing in an alternate universe at soome point. However, a simple theory will cover that: In the energy that makes you up there is a signature that tells where in time you are and what universe you are born in, keeping people from travelling through time at will as well. Therefore, you would not travel to a different universe except through an accident or a rip in space-time that allows it.

Now, what about lifespan? THat same energy that makes you up, according to one theoory I have seen, also determines your lifespan and how much temporal radiation you can absorb before your aging increases. Obviously, there are certain trees that can absorb a lot and flies can't absorb all that much. Humans may just be in the middle on this.

Now, what aboout paradoxes? Do you switch universes? No. The universe signature prevents that. Instead, the universe you are in merely switches timelines with a different universe, one where history matches the changes you made.

Now, what about paradox results? If you travel back into the past, the temporal part of your energy signature prevents you from being affected by channges you make AS LONG as you stay before the time you left at. If you return to the time yoou left at or later, you are affected by it because your temporal signature will then align itself with time again. No matter when you are, however, the temporal signature will not allow you to travel through time at will.

Then there are those who are temporally unstable, people who are affected by an unusually high amount of temporal radiation for their species and, as a side-effect, have had time change about how it affects them. I will expand this later.