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As I have not seen this in the forum I thought it may be of some interest. If it has already been discussed please accept my apologises. A very interesting analysis was undertaken in 2019 concerning the flight kinematics of UAV's (that apparently violate Newton's Third Law), which in itself openly confirms actual solid objects as distinct from the swamp gas, ball lighting, lenticular clouds, star scintillation and optic effects passed off by the later USAF Project Blue Book reports. In general the UAV's exhibited similar estimated characteristics, approx 40-50 ft size, very high instantaneous acceleration (approx 76 to 5,300 g) and high speeds up to Mach 55, more than twice that of the Shuttle maximum during re-entry.

The 'Tic-Tac' UAV for example was estimated to have an energy equivalent of 100 tons of TNT released in 3/4 of a second descending from 28,000 ft to sea level in 0.78 sec. Absence of any compression or interference shock effects and kinetic heating are not presently understood. Conclusion was UAV's are autonomous drones, requiring an estimated 1100 GW of power [exceeds the total nuclear power production of the United States by more than a factor of ten]. Keep in mind that these are fudge figures with a high error factor and based on an estimated UAV weight of 2,200 lbs that could be way off. Findings: "..It is not clear that these objects are extraterrestrial in origin, but it is extremely difficult to imagine that anyone on Earth with such technology would not put it to use.". I have attached the study report if anyone is interested. Maybe some of you might know how these 'things' do what they do because I certainly don't.




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