"The future ain't what it used to be."

An open letter to Pleiadean Cosmonaut Semjase



Dearest Semjase'

I would like to thank you for writing me the other day on the time travel section, of About's posting boards.

The reason I suspect that this was you that had posted, is the green face, by CAT's name, as in the proposal of lended genes for human manufacture, which is afterall your way of procreating.

Earth humans arn't use to the way Pleiadeans as well as other species procreate and some of the social technical points, mystafy them??

I don't think that it would have been Pamela More, or Clara, as each one of them do not have designs on me, that I know of?

So I do think that since your my fraternal twin, at this prospect of us mimicing you, the expression of jellousey came forth and you had appeared in letter form.

I don't have the option of not putting this letter out of the public eye, due to past unilatteral agreements put foward by expresident Ronald Reagan.

These agreements have said, that one major power on this globe, must publically state in a posted publication, what they are doing, so that the area of mistrust is conqured. So dear sister this is why I have but no choice, but to publically put this letter here.

I hope that you are doing well.And in what areas that you have visited Earth, that you have enjoyed this visit and are enjoying the view?

I know now that you constantly follow me, as a number of times, you have interfeared with my i.p. protocols, when no other device could have.

I must clear a few things up with you, as we have not had the face to face sit-down meeting, that I had so very desperatly wanted from you.

I must let you know, that because of violaited areas of transgression that the Pleiadean heiarchy has chosen to make, within their landings and assoications here, that your race is equal to our.

Even though your life spans might ber greater and your technology ten thousand years ahead of ours, there is still virtually no differnce between the quality of your race and ours.

Secondly your civlization is guilty of a number of crimes and this registers within the legal areas of complicity, concerning said assoications with Grays, who are also in realtionships with the reptoid Dracks.

If at any time a human is consumed within any labourtory, for any said scientific expierments and the Grays are involved which are in-tune assoicated with Pleiadeans, then the entire Pleiadean races should be considered within criminal violation.

I am sorry to have to mention this, however at the 1975-on Swiss landings, your ships in print and mentioned in the book of Gary Kinder, Light Years, is told of hosting the Grays in an ambassadorial mode of visitation.

Secondly your father had said and I quote, "The said Grays are a figment of Earthling's imagination and we as the Pleiadean race, have no idea who, or what they are"?This saying of Phtaat's was reported on the billy meier Los Angeles web site.

This is not a verbatin said quote, however near enough that this would stand up within a galactic court of law, if contested.

For the people that have been killed by Grays and this link is with the Pleiadean realm, then what I have put foward here, is a very, very serious human rights charge, leveled at the Pleiadean continum.

You know,.. that I am right and correct here, don't you Semjase?

Any other guest alien race, such as the many listed in the many books on E.T.s after seeing this letter, will also know of the potnetial violations made by the Pleiadeans.

This grand charge, consolidates to an overall chrage of attempting to raise the human race, as a type of cattle and useing the souls of these beings, for their pourposeed only.

This violation can not be protect under any sort of heavenly concept, as it is a just right of law, now, that these inequities be exposed within this forum.

I would simply ask your's and my now addopted race, to step out of the way, and peacefully let Earth peoples colonize and explore space, without interfearance from the races that are now involved in interfearing with mankind.

Spiritually speaking, if the Pleiadeans do not yeald on this now qualifed request, then they should reap a most foul reflex karma in the spiritual realm in reaturn againsts them.

I am you and you are me and what you think and say, we both share.

You can not petition Gabereal of the heiarchies to terminate me any more than you can hold a knife to yourself.

If you petition to kill me, then you petition to also kill a part of yourself?

I feel that you were set up to fail in comeing here by your own Pleiadean heiarchy.They knew this ahead of time and you were also set up as a scape goat.This is why after you were her a while, you became subject to emotional outburst.

I remember these in the writings printed about you, do you?

I'm sure the biggest mistake that the Pleiadeans had made in publically letting Earthlings know that they were finnaly here on Earth, is that you and they had woefully underestimaited us as an inteligent species.

In this move, your culture was very, very ill equipped to both look at itself as others see you socially and not respective to your own airs of self inhearent corruption, which invovling Earth humans, is an apparently very wide problem among Pleiadeans.

I wish that we could have spent social time togather, just to be with one another.

I think the thing that you are not mindfull of, is the biotelepahtic link between all Earth humans and Pleiadeans?

Because of this non-recognitoion factor, I feel that the Pleiadeans are now bumbbeling and stumbeling around, socially and biotelepahtically in the dark, as compaired to their supposedly less developed Earth brothers.

Note in closeing, my door has always been open to you, however because of the pride issue, or some other hidden agenda issue, you have chosen not to be with me.

My seperation from my Earth family here, was due to political, religious and economic reasons.

I had to relocate, plus the biological change that took place in April 1982, or its inner feeling prompting, was one reason I had to seperate from my family.

There is no reason for socilaities sake, that you need to, or that we should be seperaited as brother and sister and at least spend a little time togeather?

For all Earthbased man's faults, he still wanted to become part of the greater galactic community.

We as Earthlings should have the unfettered right, to move off into and explore near and outter space, without any extraterrestials culture's intrerfearnaces?

In closeing, I love you, what more can I say?

Your twin brother Daniel;
Note I made e.t. contact with out of frequency light energy beings, that were highly raidoactive, to be close to.
This was from a distance of about one hundred yards, at a thousanths of a second one two thousanths of a sedcond to be exact, due to cosmic duality, in South Omak Washinton, about eight years ago.

They were nice and had recontacted me, only to blink a "hello" to me?Not bad for an Earth-bound person, wouldn't you say sister?

p.s. You had also better appologise to Gabereal, as I'm sure that Pleiadeans and the Angelic heiarchies do not carry out assinations, on the premice of jellouseies?

You know this, or at least realize this now, don't you dear sister?

Please don't stay away too long...?There is a reason I have said this.
creedo, I went back and read what semjase said in her post to you . It seems she thinks you have been turned over to the dark side. could the reason be that you said someting about my uterus. It has been hard for me to figure out just what group did abduct me for baby making purposes.Is semjazes group responsible for this . I have had dealing with others who claim to be plieadians and I can't say I completely trust them. it seems they think they can use us because we carry there genes and in essense are their brothers and sisters. They seem to think this is a positive thing. Heve they gone so far to the positive side that nothing they do can be said to be negitive . I have learned that you cannot be either positive or negitive this poses an imbalance. These two forces have to be balanced in order to be sane . could we say that they are as insane as those of the dark forces just of the opposite polarity. I have been ask if I would like to meet these children I supposedly carried for them and at this point have refused. I have meet another women who did not refuse. She came to the conclusion that the instigaters of this were not to her liking . Please creedo do not be afraid to tell me what you know. clara
RE: An open letter, comments Clara:

There is a grouping of Grays that do this type of cell and egg harvesting, however they are not listed on a roster that one can redily pick up and say who is responsable.

In the many works which have been produced on E.T.s and abductions, you can get a better graphic, however the exact presice group, I would venture to say to find, might be elusive.

As I had said this is a racket and it seems that moden day man as we know him, is always given some level of progress, then for some mysterous reason thrown backward.

Forinstance look at the many thousands of stock shares sold short on both American and United Airlines prior to the 9-11 disaster.

These shares had been sold about a month to two weeks prior to these planes being flown into the trade centers.Some one thousand shares and over this?

How is it that half the Arab world knew about the eminant catastrophy comeing to New York, when supposedly American inteligence knew nothing?

Cynthia McKinney who is an Afro American Congresswoman, is demanding that a formal investigation be allowed to go foward, however this president is keeping a tight lid clamped down on the makeings of the 9-11 disaster, why?

The war is almost certainly over.The information is over six months in length of time and the enemie's strength centers have been hit if not destroyed.

Why then, is not a formal investigation of the circumstances surrounding 9-11 allowed, to be put foward by formalized government?

I'm not promoting this here, as the powers that be, certainly would balk at my request and you know then what might happen to me?

I guess the reason that a 9-11 disaster circumstancial investigation is not going foward, is the same reason there was not a more detailed investigation into the death of Vincent Foster at Battery Park.

Or why Congressman Gary Condit is not in the same boat as Robert Blake the actor.

Or why Martha Mitchel was sent to a sanitarium, when she was saying that her husband was implicaited in some fashion with the Watergate breakins.

These are political however did you know an astronamer told of seeing a very bright flash over the area of where there is supposedly a face on Mars?

This was just before NASA had reissues new supposedly enhanced photo immagery of the new Martan platia.

It was just not just one astronamer who saw this flash, but quite a few that had written in what they had seen through their telescopes.Howmany astronomical private log books was this observation written into?

So now they say they are trying to explore Mar.

What will be the general supprise when the go to the face on Mars, if Earthbased man lands there and finds that this face is highly raidoactive.

I mean did someone set off a multi-kilotonne weapon, in order to change the nature of the truth.

It seems that the only aliens that the government wants us to see, is the U.S. Government, or formalized government at all?

This is not histroy, however the rewriting and or glossing over of history, in order to sute the needs of something or someone hidden.

I mean you could never say that Benjerman Franklin, who was a wonderfull inventor as well as a founding statesman, secrtetly killed and then burried prostitues within his household basement.

I mean what would this do to the coinage that his profile is stamped upon?

Truths and deeds are convientially arrange to secretly sute the pourposes of those hidden as shadow puppit masters.

I mean you look at the Firemen's video on the Art Bell web site and the plane that is tearing into WTC 1, seems to be going to fast and sound like a small busniess jet.

However the CBS shown video, shows another version of the first plane to hit, where a deeper throated growl from a much larger aircraft is seen by a hand CAM on the street right benith the WTC 1 tower.

I mean which is the corect hand held cam video?

Which one is a product of some mysterious video mixing and still the other might show a small busniess jet, loaded with explosives, hitting the WTC 1 tower at high speed?

The film versions certainly don't match?!

I'm going to put this to bed, as someday, somewhere, some future race will say of our supposedly pure leaders, "Gee' they were a bunch of deceptive God damned liars"?

What they will say in time to come about your cheerish and wonderfully private and sanctified peice of anatomey, is that a group of Grays was crossing your bedroom, they had tripped and fallen on you and their insturments accidnetaly went into your unterus.

Furthermore they will say later on, when the insturment was extracted, lo and behold an egg was on this instrument, so rather than wake you, they took it back to their labouratory, and used to egg to make a person, so that the egg would not be wasted?!

Do you see now how I've sanitized this past event to make it look more like a mear accident?

How wonderfull rewitten hindsight is and how it puts the watchfull eye of the public at ease.
RE: An open letter, comments Clara:

sweet lord what's next, space herpes?