An other time traveller stock in our time frame!


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Few days ago, I was chatting with Trott (David) at the DP Live Chat, and we met a guys, comming from 2043 or something, he was very interesting. I invited him many time to participate to the forum, but he refused. He mentionned that he was "stuck" in our time frame abd his "team" from the futur was suppose to recall him 3 months ago, he was efraid to come to the forum and modificate things in the continuum time-space. He was here as an observer (...).

I told him (am I logic?!) that if we was really stock in our time frame, this would probably means that he mess up something that will modificate his futur or the planet's futur - so he won't be able to do that "travel" again, kinda paradox. Yes: if he's so mess-up and the bad have been made, then, there's nothing else to loose, Hey TIME2043! - WHY DON'T YOU COME HERE SPEAK ABOUT YOUR TIME STUFF!!!

-(if he doesn't come, that will proove that he's not real) I apologize.
We had one time traveler...whats another?
He probably won't change anything. Nobody will probably believe him anyway.

Imagine....if there is even one real time traveler...then there are many. How can you be sure of any outcome?
Its as John said....when mankind developes time travel there will no longer be an absolute truth.
The answer is complicated.
If you are asking from "a" future beyond 2001? yes.
why? I think I will keep that to myself for now.

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I agree the answer is complicated. John told a good story and I believe you very much wont to believe in the reality of time travel.
Maybe as a result of John it will be harder for other would be time travels to convince people that they to are time travelers. I hope in time he will tell you the truth.
Now If I may ask you a question..what is it that has you convinced that John was NOT a time traveler?

Your a very nice and sweet gal, but don’t you think this whole Titor story has you divided, thinking whether he is or isn’t? You remind me of Mulder from the X’s Files, he wants to believe so badly in everything anyone says.

Why though? Personal reasons? I can understand that if it were. But John Titor, your friend is not a Time Traveler. And I can prove it, I am however, well you know

Just hate having to see you sound like this. You sound so devoted, but what are you really hoping to accomplish? I’d hate for you and anyone else to be brought down by this
. Especially by a liar.

Please, try and not be so 1 sided about Time Travelers. They are not the friends you may deem them as being. They have hidden agendas Pam, they are 2 faced. DO NOT BE FOOLED!

It’s that kind of open attitude that you have Pam, that welcomes them, and allows for the majority to accept that. Please, don’t do this without knowing the facts. Or experiencing exploitation first hand. You bring everyone down that way, can’t you see? Haven’t you seen that? You been apart of the boards since I arrived here, and I stick to my story. If others only knew and understood the knowledge that I proposes. It’s not so much about believing in science or keeping an open mind. It’s about Principles.

Would it hurt you so much to communicate that in your message? Or are you really one sided on this issue?

Javier C.

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Sure why not, The device John described will not produce the effect of time travel. John did his homework well, but not good enough. A micro singularity will not have a gravity field big enough to use as a time machine.

I think he's making a reference to the Terminator movie.. where the terminator that came back from the future was looking to kill Sarah Connor because her son grew up to to do something. I forget what exactly.

What is important abpout John Titor, is that he did come here from the future.

The General Electric Time TravelUnit that he did use, was a factual peice of hardware.

What is very very odd to me, is why did Titor appear within this time, when his busniess was in the 1970s?

I think that it is a maturation point, as to why John had showed up here in year 2001.

You see extraterrestials are starting to come out now.

I think within this fold,Titor had wanted to gather some inteligence on what he could about E.T.s on the web, as there is so much information about them here in 2001.

The particulars of the Billy Meier web site inparticular, for one.

We find now in year 2001, over the 1970s, when the landings had occured in Switzerland, that Semjase the Pleiadean Cosmonaut had suffered a familieal loss,of her husband.

That the Pleiadean Quetzel, of the Pleiadeans not living five miles from the Meier Farm, is practicing polyandry, having more than one wife.

That the Pleiadeans living there in the intermoutain bases, certainly lie.

They not only lie, but they play with laser rifles as well, as if they had been toys.

There is also the descemination of information, by Semjase's father,m that the Grays do not exist, when they do.

For Pete's sake, the Pleiadeans even trade with the Zeta Reticulans, this was bought out, in the year 1983, with Gary Kinder's book Light Years, saying the the Grays had indeed accompaied the Pleiadeans to the Heinwel area.

Maybe in some way, offworld forces had effected the every month catastrophies, proior to the 2005 American said revolution, that Titor warns of?

I don't know, maybe there was an inteligence gathering pourpose to John Titor, that is redily not told to this board.

I know that the Grays had wanted to engineer themselves, so that they were not dependent upon humans, as food, or as an emotional crutch.

I was inback of this one time proposal, which would have made all Grays depending upon hum,ans here on Earth differnt and not so depending on humans any more.

This proposal was not accepted by the U.S. Goverment, but it was sent to them by me.

There are also the Dracks of Alpha Drackoinis, who want Earth as their old war-base stageing area again, however our sun is astable and this is not a good property bet for them.

The other set of Dracks, are the Blue Dracks, who live on the reverse side of this Earth reality.

They are very concerned about us and the Blues are also kind, considerate and benifical.

This is maybe some of the backround that Titor was looking for.

I had tried to contact him, but could not get through.

This machine of his, was not high technology enough and was prone to fellons of particle matter and force, which may have come through the T-event shell, of his jump?

Any retrurn comments welcome?
Great, another Titor follower.

Bathrobe, (strange user ID by the way, how long it take you to think that one up

What convinced you that Titor is real? Let's not jump the gun here, he said that there would be no way of proving he's real, only entertaining. And as far as I'm concerned none of his predictions have come true. Yet, your convinced that he is and have all this speculation to cover it.

So, what pray-tell makes you believe he, his machine, and purpose are real? Share with us, maybe everyone else here can to become a believer like you.

-Javier C.

"For what was, for what is, and for what will be. I will fight for it's preservation."
I had gone over every aspect of every peice of the Titor information, plus pulled an ortho dimentional representation of the G.E.time displacement unit.

The only part that I do not have full visualization on, is the impeller rings, as to whether or not they are toothed or what type of configursation?

What I'm getting at here, is it may not solely be the structure of the Trippler Cylinders, but how they would function under load?

This is as one, a solid state impulse rapid switched unit, or my electromaging the impreller teeth and the allowing a rapid pulse zero point, which would be your two kerr black hole singularities.

It's one of the two and I suspect the second, as this would be rotation at such a fast rate, that the electromag pulses, would become a blurr, instead of a choppy stile of an affair.

Every other part of that box, can be produced elsewhere.

I'm sure the laser sequence is correct also, as to my knowlege, they can not as of yet, bend a lasrer beam such as was done in the supposed jump videos.

A simple peice of machienery really.

What do you have to say for yourselves Dr. Anderson and Time 20110?

You think what your doing will have no repercussions from the future Pleiadean time travel consortium?

The CIA has built false futures to hide in, but I'm not allowed to go into that here.

Did I tell you about my phone call from Eddie Sosa, who is an Elders contactee, in the year 1994?

They knew then of you two.

I like to joke, when I say, that God wants to see yout two in his office.

Now let's see, make a left turn onto the ocean and once you go below a certain level, you hit this cave system, which is about a mile long.

Go through there and then you come to God's office.

Ask one of the Angels for an appointment and I'm sure God will send a represenative to speak with you.

Don't mind the Angels being seven feet tall, their basically very nice.

Have I hit any cords of responsability here?
I don't know whether your actually trying to sound serious, or sound like a nut. Well with a user ID "Bathrobe" what can I expect

So is this your story, this is what convinced you of Titor being real? This is why you believe so much in him and the grays?

LoL, I'll get back to you


"For what was, for what is, and for what will be. I will fight for it's preservation."
I never said that I had belived in the Grays.

The Grays are kind of attached to us, whether we like it or not.

This is because they are a dieing race and in some instances have used us Earthlings as a crutch for food and so on.

Just goto and enter in hidden alien bases and youll see what I mean, when you get your web hits?

I don't belive in John Titor.

Imean hes not a religious phenominon and neither are the hormone ridden dope head Grays.

For me this is like catching someone coming in my back storrage rooms running away with a couple cans of peaches?"John is that you"?

What's wrong as I point by rifle at him, "Can't you get peach trees with fruit safe to eat, to grow in the future"?

Hey' there according to John Titor of zee future, is such prosperity and austerity that they are worring about radiation effects from the last big war and how to cure other big leftover problems.

Meanwhile there are Alpha Drackoians Dracks driving around in future Los Angles yelling at one another,"Well were are all the captured teenagers and kids to eat now"!

Real brilliant move on the Grays part, teaching humans how to build atomic bombs, now they've nuked off all of our food and the polution thats leftover,doent make humans a good food source any more!!???

You had asked Banana-head, why do I belive in the Grays and John Titor?

I don't,I mearly profess that this situations exist.

Are Earth humans trash?

I mean if you go to a few site, everybodies coming on everybody and a safty device known as a condome, is nowhere to be seen!

Like the AIDS report and why AIDS is so rampant??

Not to mention the Russians and how ranked their porno web sites are...

"Teardown the wall Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall"!!Reagan shouts in Berlin.

So they tearn down the wall and let all the criminals out and woola!, now you have underaged girls being forcibly raped and the Russian mob is making loads of money off of it.

Meanwhile the goverment and those well to do, are in such delusion asking themselves," Oh why are people so discontent and what's wrong with this world"!?

Camon, they made money of a drastic dire situation and all the while in the backround,in underground bases funded by goverment, the Dracks and the Grays sit there ands say,"well how can we either profit, or make better off this situation"?

We can go to the moon and use the some five bases they have their now you know?

Well is this true?

And as for Planet Mars, we Earthling from Smoltz Street, can board a space craft at the airport and go to these bases and live too.

Is this not true?

Nope it is not as well all currently live in an ever incroching Hell, which will finnaly result in a the social civial war of 2005 and then a full scale exchange of nuclear weapons, in year 2015.

Meanwhile Questzel of the Pleiadean basse near the Billy Meier Farm says to wife number One, your done sucking?

Please move over and message my back while wife number two takes her place?

Please spare my of this drastic DOUBLE STANDARD.


The first intelectually sodomize us all in year 1968 with A Space Oddesey 2001 shown that is so intresting,you can take your mother to see it.

Then get you up the rear with Vietnam and the cost that it has taken out of funding the space program.

The chunk that Vietnam funding took out of the space program,was such that it of course had flattened all efforts to make space travel for the average citizen impossable.

This sleaze factor is like an infestation too.

There a famous president getting sucked off, as well as the primary back-engineering canidate Robert Lazar, going to jail for an attempted sexual solicitation of an 18 year old girl, into prostitution??

It is as it was said in George C. Andrews book, Extraterrestail Friends And Foes concerning the Regilian society before it moved to Zeta Reticula One and Two.

It was sex and sex, mixed in with high technology, till the big war with Procyion and Reigel got nuked.

This pattern was again repeated on Lyra in their atomic war and then on Earth, in the Atlantis and Maldeckian War.

It's going to happen again as too many people are complaicent and those who are working to get the word out, so that the pattern can be changed, are shoutted down, within their attempts.

What do we do next, get machines and robots in on the act.

Recipe for love:Take thirty people, add over two thousand robots and electronics machine parts.

Slice and dice gentically and surcgically to make all parts sute to fit.

Now add mechanical servos and cables.

Now for the reciveing data base, ad forty pronographic films on CD prime data base imput.

Add one large smoke stack and a coal fired steam boiler.

Add one big throw old stile locomotive switch and give-er a crank!

What does it do?

It goes uppity uppity oomph ka-do and says,"I fuck myself, I fuck myself" as it undulates up and down blowing black billowy smoke out the top of the stack.

Real wholesome picture, isn't foldks?

"And by the way, will somebody PLEASE! feed that Alpha Drackoiian Drack another uncooked tennager or little kid!

Our Drack guest must be fed at all times!!

I mean what would the galactic community say,if we do not feed our paracites well?

And Questzel says, uhhhmmm!?

That's good,wife number three rub that are a little harder and get me another glass of juice, would you?

You know the homewolrd is going to recieve another shipment of goods from the Grays, I have to be there as this is really somthing to see.

Human heads, stuffed with cottage cheese and large cherries in place of their eyes, with avacados stuffed in their mouths!Of course all lightly chilled for the Dracks culinary taste!

Oh my' this will be the talk of the galactic community today!!

And the self fucking machine still goes up and down and screams out its trainlike whistle,"Oh fuck myself fuck myself"!

Fuckity fuckity, there goes Kentucky!
you would probably be interested to know
I rented the terminator II out of curiousity.
Can't believe I actually missed seeing a time travel movie! hahah
Am I like Sarah? hmmmm well my hair kinda looks like hers but it is a little darker.

I am determined like her. Once I put my mind to do something-I do it. I will protect someone who is important to me or who may be important to the future. I would plan ahead if I knew something was going to happen.

Its funny though as I was watching it I noticed there were similarities in the movie and John's story.
computers, 3 billion dead, war, famous leader in a war, 35 years in the future...

first time I seen wasnt that bad of a movie.

Don't worry, I don't have any kids yet! LOL.

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Glad you finally got to see the movie, I've always thought it was one of the 'kickin-est' movies ever made. You need to see Terminator 1 also. I've wached them both 20 times and every time I see something new. ( I just got zapped by another synchronisity: While reading your post and listening to internet radio they were playing an advertisement for the 'Terminator burgular alarm' system.......go figure.)

John; 'The police are here!'

Sara; 'How many?'

John; 'Ah, all of them I think!'

Those guys made Bruce Willis look like a wanna-be.