And he spoke...


Temporal Novice

If it is to be believed that on the rise of the jupiter moons that a great force of fleets has arisen from the temporal gate that abides silently in the rings of dust surrounding the silent planet in its helpless spiral around our sun,then you must!!!

what must we believe, is that a battle is not taking place.


Rise rise sons of dust.


If someone is to ask a question,isnot the answer best found in front of ones nose, who better to answer than he who knows all questions, who is but not like XANADAR can call foul of the scent that rides high on the breeze of ignorance, the answer cannot be for XANADAR will only command what is and always be!!!

Hail his rise!

I'm to the sons of dust as you are to leading the sons of xanadar o great Xanfadar! Let us throw you arms up in worship for prime liability!


To the knife I cut skin and offer the blood of sacrifice to great leader! Where is your god now? I'll tell you!


Take up these Olive branches but spare not the barley and an 8th of the tofu. And offer them to our heaving representitive Xolifar!




This is the language of the ancients. The benifactors who originate from the moons of Xupiter! If you are all so smart than why do you kneel before XANAFUNITICKENECARS now? I will tell you why!

Man, your to much :D very funny but crapy poem... you need help though.

Seriously, I think you should seek professional counseling, take Creedo along with you.

Tell them you got this thing about serving your Alien Masters

And a time came in the present when all men would be subjuagted by the "TIME ENFORCERS" they would use their powers of control to wipe minds and create a society of dimwitted drones and meat slaves.

The TIME ENFORCERS would think they were working towards the common good of mankind,but the victims of the atrocitys would call out in terror and speak forth in ghostly voices "humanity do not be swayed by one who uses so much vile anger to portend his ideas."

What was to be for all mankind ,the method of free travel through time ,the method of free thought freed from our flesh or energy souls calibrated and sent on journeys into all regions of existence , these things were squashed by the TIME ENFORCERS...

do not be fooled by the TIME ENFORCERS ,those who need to use enforcement to control what can be taught through kind words and understanding, are the true invaders.

"and man was not at war with "them" but with themselves,and the greatest enemy of man would come from within themselves,not from without, the blame could not be passed for humanity's ignorance"

I seen this play done before… Some New Ager (I don’t remember who) said the same thing about the TTA once. But it wasn’t a vision of their master communicating it to them no, it was only because I was whooping their @$$ in helping to uncover the truth of their character

Much the same how I have done with you.

It’s pathetic the way you want to come off sounding as if your Alien Master has been supplying you with insights and enlightenment.

But your not fooling anyone.

It’s been clear from the start where your loyalty for humanity lies… only to talk a lot of crap about how much elevated your family is for embracing these demonic entities (forces) has made you.

Let’s face it Xanadar, you’re desperate… the TTA see’s that, everyone see’s that, the truth is plain to see.

Your conspicuous attempts to discredit the EOT in this way only proves it.

And their ain’t nothing, and the TTA means nothing that you can do to convince anyone to follow your families demon masters.

Not your cartoon visions, not your cardboard demon board you got at a flee market, and especially not your poor attempts of religious scripture attempting to pass it off as your Alien Masters rhetoric.

That’s so lame :D and so are you.