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if there were equal amounts of matter and anit-matter created when the big banged happend then why are there only small traces of anti-matter and there are huge planets and galaxies of matter.....if one particle of matter hits one particle of anti-matter then it "explodes" why did matter overcome anti-matter....they are the same in everyway except in electro-magnetic charge...why?
The reason for this is a theory, or better yet, hypothesis recently discovered. One problem with the big bang theory was the fact that is seemed to violate causality, or that an effect can be known before the cause. Then a theory presented itself which also showed that for every 100 million quarks of antimatter, there are 101 million quarks of matter - presenting the abundance of matter over antimatter.
I don't beleive in the Big Bang theory. That solves the question in my mind. Why does anti-matter matter(no pun intended) anyway?