"The future ain't what it used to be."

Anybody have any dreams of timetraveling? put them here:


I have had so many, but i just had this one today. so I will post it. most of the time before i have this type of dream I will be unusually tired and not be able to stay awake. must take a lot of energy to dream of timetravel! heheh.

Here goes:

I was walking down a deserted hallway as if it was in the lower level of a building. to my left I seen this tunnel at the end of this hallway. It was slightly up in the air with a wooden platform at the end of it. It was pulsating with life of some kind. you could feel the energy. and it was kind of on the misty side. The tunnel seemed as if it was lighted by the dimension it was hooked to and I could see it spiral into it. In the center was the other dimension and you could see it. trees , grass, sky etc. as the tunnel came out it either reflected this image on the sides of the tunnel or reality was stretched into a tunnel. it is hard to describe.

I walked slowly up to it and then I seen a woman wheeling like a cart with supplies in it coming toward the tunnel. she was tall and skinny and had short brown hair that was fluffed up to a nice style and she was unusually calm.

She saw me and then I noticed shadows forming within the tunnel...something was coming through. The lady dropped the handle on the cart thing and took off running and I ran with her thinking what was coming through was not good if she was running.

She ran into the bathroom that said "ladies" on it. I think whatever went through the tunnel had to see us. and we were inside the bathroom. the door didnt lock and I was afraid. I wanted to put myself or my foot up against the door. She told me really calmly" stay away from the sides of the door.."
so i did and she just stood there and waited.

You could hear them on the other side of the door talking in undescribable gibberish language. I wondered what they were. and suddenly the sides of the door were pulled back a little ways and light shown in on both sides and then there was silence.

After a minute of silence the lady said "Ok..lets go."
I was thinking well wait a minute that wasn't enough time they are probably still out there. "Shouldnt we wait for a couple more minutes..." I said.

She opened the door and was walking toward the tunnel again.You could hear them again the gibberish coming around the hallway they had heard the door to the bathroom open. I didnt look in their direction they were small whatever they were I could see them out of the corner of my eye.

I said "I know...thats a time tunnel isnt it??!!"
"Yes it is..." she said calmly. as she continued to walk extremely slow toward the tunnel. which i couldnt understand because those things were running toward us on their little feet with thier gibberish. I wanted to run so much but she looked calm about the whole situation.

"Their coming!!!" I panicked and she just looked at me and comtinued to walk slowly up the platform to the tunnel with the cart following behind.Those things were right behind us -I didnt look. One reached up and put his little hand on my back and we continued to walk in.

After you were off of the platform it was very strange. those things didnt make it. I dont know if they disentigrated or what. I felt as if they had fallen or something like fallen off was the feeling of it as the hand left my back and you could hear the gibberish fade away. like they had fallen into another hole or dimension. it's like they dropped through somewhere else.

All of a sudden we were just back in time. no flash of light or nothing, we were just there.

She was wheeling her stuff into this bar. can't tell what time we were in. we were not even dressed right. but she sat down and ordered a drink. I was shocked. The bartender I think was a timetraveler also. she knew him.

She looked at me and turned me around and looked at my back and said calmy,"hmmmm...you didnt even get burned..first timers always get alittle burned or have blood trickling down the back of their throat."
I felt fine " oh well...I have timetraveled for the government before."
She took a sip of her drink and said "figuers....we are getting more and more people involved now a days."
she acted like timetravel was nothing.

I said to her " about those things that were following us..."
She dropped a thing in her drink and said "oh....them....hey i tried to help them once....but you know," and she dropped the subject.

I looked over the supplies that she had brought boxes and bags..and a guitar. a guitar with two strings loose on it. I couldn't beleive it. she was talking to the bartender and then I woke up.
OK this is what my latest Time Travel dream sounds like. It's kinda patchy, it's been a few days since I dreamt it and I forgot some portions to it. So here it goes, sorry it may not sound so good:

It was the year 2004. I was assigned to deliver a Message. My memories in that time where that I was a messenger and was very good and proud of my job. I would deliver messages to specific groups in the past, telling them of things to happen, and where to ease up in, or else... Groups that I was very close to, like if they were my family. They were young adults, just out of their teens.

I was taken to the year 1988 I think, I had a pretty nice attire and very grown up look. Anyway's, as the dream goes, I went back to get my cat, because it had some immunity to cure my friends disease at that time.

Ummm, let me see what else I can remember. There was this guy, who was a friend of mine, he was hiding his intentions from me. But I knew he wanted to stop me from my mission. Before he came close to even striking me, I ran with my cat in my hands looking for a way out of what seemed like my old high school. Luckily for me, an individual, not really a friend of mine. More like a colleague who I just knew, appeared as I turned the corner. He was like "What's going on, why are you running."

Then I said, "Quick, we must get this cat to __________ (I forget his name) his life is in danger."

"_________ is after us" forgot his name too.

So we ran for a few more and came across my group. They were in their Football uniforms, I don't know why. Must have played football, I don't remember. They didn't recognize us at first, since this would be before they ever met any of us. Or I don't know. There was a slight conflict with one of them between me and him, he didn't seemed to recognize me. But one of them said "You guys look familiar."

And just then, he remembered things that would happen in the future. He knew who we were. He asked me how his brother was, and I told him, "Not so good...we lost him. I'm sorry."

Then a lot of more dialogue goes on. I don't know why exactly my first cat was doing there. It was supposed to carry a cure for a disease or something.

Anyway's, in reality my cat disappeared one day when I was 8 years old, and I never saw her since. Could this have really happened, and I finally remembered the memory of actually coming from the year 2004 and taking my own cat to cure a friend of mine? Or is it just my mind trying to find closure for a lost friend whom I was very fond of, and needed to know what really happened that day she disappeared.

My cat was not there when I came home from school when I was 8, and I been wondering what became of her since then. But then again, I might have sacrificed her for something else in the past for the future where now that I am getting older am now capable of taking responsibility for these actions. I don't know.

But now today, I have a new cat. Same breed as the old, same sex. Will something happen to my new cat how it happened to mine many years ago? I don't want my friend to disappear without one day when I come home from work.

Anyone have any ideas what this dream might have really been? There is so much of this dream I don't recall. I usually dream of a lot of cool and weird stuff. I see blue prints for devices and talk with a lot of important people. I spoke with Einstein the day before. But the thing is, I just can't remember any of it. My memory is purged when I wake up. All that's left is my senses of dreaming of something along those lines. It's like describing what a bubble feels like if you were to be blind. As soon as you touch it, it's gone. And there's no way to know if it was round or square or whatever shape. I hope someone knows what I'm talking about.

Well, it's late. I gotta go now. Reply and tell me what you all think.

Javier C.