anybody see the new movie FREQUENCYyet? its a good one.


Dimensional Traveler
two ham radios link together within a 30 year span,
because of a freakish wave of energy coming from the sun and creating an aurora borealis in the sky. the two radios frequencies are hooked together in time and the son talks to the dad. as they do so they suddenly find the past with the new information from the son is changing the future.
quantum physics and string theories.
reality keeps changing for the son because of what the father does in the past with the sons information from the future.
he is the only one with two sets of memories.
things around him appeared and disappeared as the future was warped back and forth to new realities.
it is a really interesting movie.
wont tell you no more dont want to spoil it for you.
I saw it about a week ago (Sneak Preview)

The storyline doesn't hold up if you really think about it, but it's just a movie.

I liked it!
I have this idea already long time ago before they made this movie. They steal my idea..... =) Actually, this is an interesting subject.
Don't worry, your not the only one whom they been stealing ideas from. It's almost like if there's a radio inside my head. Every Time I get a genius idea for a movie or book, the movie is made within 6 months. Always!

But as for Frequency goes... I saw it, I thought it was very good movie. Just a few things that were contradictory towards the end that I feel didn't add up.

Here's how I figure it to be: You have a linear time line let's say- A (past), B (present), & C (future). In time line C, you have already gone through time line A. But as time line A & C, are constantly changing, the changes to time line A & B are made into C, warping at an incredible rate through time. As if it just appeared through thin air. But in fact taken 30 years for it to occur. How else would there be a future, if there was no present time for them to live out their lives and grow up, Mother, father and Son.

This if in a way just instantly injected into the future observer as experiences he's already lived through, taking in 30 years of memories in a matter of seconds. I don't think that is quite possible. But then again, maybe it is... =) could explain where I been getting some ideas and dreams from. Something to think about.

What does anyone think about this? Does it make sense? Please post your thoughts.

Javier C.
You should check out the Frequency site, I think it's on New Line Cinema. It's pretty good. Has a whole load of info on the theory of time travel (for layman!)