"The future ain't what it used to be."



I have been counselled by a Site Admin that my posts have been less than productive. While I happen to think that inane nonsense, misinformation, hubris, and outright lies are unproductive, I rather took his PM as a reproachment for my personal attacks on creedo.

He's right. They weren't very nice, and will stop immediately.

However, creedo, this doesn *NOT* mean you are off the hook. I will continue to counter tin-foil hat fodder with reason and science wherever appropriate... just in a more polite manner!

Cheers! /ttiforum/images/graemlins/devil.gif

Good for you Siegmund! I still say Creedo is a nutjob though.
I'm actually glad I left this forum for a much better one.
And I will not say where, because there is no Creedo (nutcase who lies and makes up nonsense) and it is goooood.

I'm actually here today because I was curious about a topic and thought I would research.

And to you Creedo...I say:

The glor-bon is in the seventh position on the eastern
Seals have soft fur yet dna with a reverse helix-strand
Why have associated wall paint?
Garfon Lorex calls the Targenter with the sixth harmonic cycle
Cats are rodelioscrotatious
Just a little Titor research. Actually, I'm sure you could check. This is my second post in what...three months?

Peace out.
Maybe someone should look into adding another forum to this one, maybe a "joke" one or one for "annoying lame-assed whiners who can't accept that somone thinks differently than they do and must try to discredit them any chance they get", but hey it's just a suggestion.
Re: An apology. But to who?

The nature of time travel discussion, is dualistic by nature, within its mental set.
(Why didn't Sigmund attack Pamela Moore, as she also thinks dualistically).......?

The boss that Sigmund came from in attacking me, is medical hierarchical, however in a mono-belief system?

The statement of Keven being, ((one of my boys)), so to speak; does not categorize him effectively.This said, as maybe Keven himself, had issues involving a search, that he came to this board, outside of any effect I could have placed?

The key elements now are, effective future designs and whether catastrophy will inceed and color the issue of design?

(I don't wish to engage Sigmund again. You will receive not response from me, there has been an MOP interparting, to ref. any such future instance. :oops:
Re: An apology. But to who?

creedo... I'm not sure you mean "dualistically"
Websters Online Dictionary said:
Main Entry: du·al·ism
Pronunciation: 'dü-&-"li-z&m also 'dyü-
Function: noun
1 : a theory that considers reality to consist of two irreducible elements or modes
2 : the quality or state of being dual or of having a dual nature
3 a : a doctrine that the universe is under the dominion of two opposing principles one of which is good and the other evil b : a view of human beings as constituted of two irreducible elements (as matter and spirit)
- du·al·ist /-list/ noun
- du·al·is·tic /"dü-&-'lis-tik, "dyü-/ adjective
- du·al·is·ti·cal·ly /-ti-k(&-)lE/ adverb

Also... "inceed" is not a word. What the blue blazes are you talking about? Perhaps if you edit your post and re-write it using standard English sentence structure, we will all be able to understand you.
Re: An apology. But to who?

Edit note, succeed

Conjugative form, inceed, would mean to occur within its own boss.

In English contraction rules, one can conjugate forms to construct a word, if this word is not offered.En, internal, however in, could also be possibly used?

Word forms, can be constructed from their own parts and not solely be definitive terms offered.

>Oh by the way, your appology is to who?
Re: An apology. But to who?


Just because you like to make up words doesn't mean that it's the proper thing to do. In human language, we have standarization, which allows person A to understand WTF person B is saying.
Re: An apology. But to who?

Ed. note, conjugatives, to express logic, were permitted within English exposure.

On others; Sig still has not expressed who this apology was too.?
Re: An apology. But to who?

Or maybe english isn't creedos first language?

So? English isn't my first language either. Since his said (hehe /ttiforum/images/graemlins/smile.gif ) location is in Washington State I may presume that he can read, write and speak proper English. I'm not trying to offend creedo in any way. If he would only simplify his posts a little by using less difficult words, we'd all be able to understand what he was saying. Even difficult words lose their meaning when used in the wrong context, you know.


edit: Yes, he uses imaginary words as well...
Re: An apology. But to who?


My apology certainly wasn't to you. It was to the site Admin.

And it's not that creedo uses difficult words... He uses MADE UP, IMAGINARY words, like "inceed".
Re: An apology. But to who?

The conjunctive is permissible in order to covey an idea.

In this respect, this is why they teach the joining of certain forms, within English sentence usage, within practical English.

The uses of the conjugative, does at times, exceed what is put forth as proper within the dictionary.

I'm sure everyone knows this; this is why the nature of the dictionary changes, with new words being put into use every year.

There is no being nice to you and your sort.

I've never written f**k in any private e-mail within this forum, as you have to me.

It is clear that you and your kind are assigned to do nothing more than make trouble all of the time.

This apparently is why you also posses no moral recompense for your actions?

This conversation is over.
Re: Heed ignorants not


Pay no attention, there are many persons out there who can not even begin to grasp the delicate concepts we here in this forum often divulge about. So, my counsel, not to heed their ill witted voices. They are not the first and will certainly not be the last. They are but particulates that make up the flodsam of knoledge, these go away, but there are others, many of us here in the forum that are not. We are different, some more beligerent and flamboyant than others but the same, these are the ones that truly make up the inner matrix of this forum. So Creedo pay no attention to them, think of them as smaller varaibles in the grand scheme of things. Think of yourself as one of the constants.

Until later becomes now.
Re: Heed ignorants not

Trans? what happened to the "Dear friend (insert name) of earth somthing somthing somthing"
Re: An apology. But to who?

Main Entry: 1 rec·om·pense
Pronunciation: 're-k&m-"pen(t)s
Function: transitive verb
Inflected Form(s): -pensed; -pens·ing
Etymology: Middle English, from Middle French recompenser, from Late Latin recompensare, from Latin re- + compensare to compensate
1 a : to give something to by way of compensation (as for a service rendered or damage incurred) b : to pay for
2 : to return in kind : REQUITE

CREEDO... WTF are you trying to say???????????
Re: Heed ignorants not

"flodsam of knoledge"

Gimme a break!

I *think* you mean "FLOTSAM of Knowledge"