"The future ain't what it used to be."



Temporal Novice

Modern thinkers find it impossible to accept as Supreme Deity the old tribal idea of a personal God, endowed with unattractive anthropological attributes, who was called Father with no corresponding mother, thus ignoring that such as ideal was necessary sterile.

The ideal was personified to the level of an idol, subject to human frailties, and represented as disappointed with his own work and angry with his own offspring. To abandon such an idol is scarcely a loss. But in more recent times this conception has been partially replaced by that of a God of Love, an ideal more in harmony with the modern mind, while retaining the conception that God is a personal being external to man; and to abandon this idea may bring disappointment to many.

The great omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent Supreme Being can not be comprised within one personal being as that entails restricting limitations. Rather is its life manifested in all the personal forms who possess the human principle, as formulated in the modern conception of the immanence of God in man, instead of a great unity being vested with the perfections and many of the imperfections of humanity. The Masters say that all human beings are the offspring and outcome of the Infinite Dual Self, who is both Father and Mother, and whose life lives through and manifests in and through and by means of all angels, spirits, and men and women.

This system comprises angelic beings who might well be termed gods and actually are our Fathers and Mothers; that is, men and women who have developed through stages and ages until they have reached degrees of knowledge and power far beyond the imagination of the personal God worshipers, and by whom our Spirit entities have been birthed into differentiation as surely as our physical bodies have been birthed into earth existence by the instrumentality of our earthly parents; such angelic paternia and maternia must surely be classed and more directly related to us in a personal sense than ever Jehovah could be.

It is because in the current conception God is conceived to be a personal being external to man that man is supposed to have a separate independent self-existence of his own. But if that we the case where would the operation of the omnipotent, omnipresent omniscience of the Infinite come into play? In what field would the prerogatives involved into manifestation?

If all finite selves were endowed with an independent existence of their own, then the Infinite would thereby become restricted, limited, circumscribed or finite and would cease to be Infinite. Therefore it is only by recognizing that God cannot be a personal being external to man but is Infinite, omnipresent and consequently must be immanent in all men and women and in all self-conscious beings. This recognition of the finite of the immanent Divine Omnipotence enables those who recognize it to acquire the qualities of this Omnipresence, which are beyond the imagination of man. These teachings replace the old conception of a personal God by that of the Infinite Self whose life lives through all men, women, Spirits, Angels and still higher Beings.

The Ascended Master continues to say: The great "I AM" is made manifest in the finite forms of Life, and while the appearance to the external man or woman is that he or she has a life of their own, the reality is that the Life power is not his own property to dispose of as conceives and exercise by his own free will. For it is the property and prerogative alone of the one grand Life which manifests itself by its own will and power. All personalities are carrying out, under the impression that it is by their own power, the purpose and will of the Infinite Wisdom and Love, who has vested them with the appearances and possessions of such power.

When the inner man will be the conscious actor, and the human principle emancipated from the domination of the external personality, then the acknowledgement will be made with true humility, that all are the instruments consciously or unconsciously used by the one grand Life Power and, as such, that all are doing the part assigned to them in the grand drama of human embodied life. Further, as the action of the angelic degree within the human form asserts its presence and power to such an extent that the consciousness of the personality can be imbued with the knowledge and power of the internal man, so the man-woman can realize that the seat of power is occupied by the great Infinite Life Power itself, of which every specific unit of self-conscious Life forms an integral part. This then is the distinction between appearance and Reality.

The Master further commentates: "Our mission is not to pull down or destroy the image which the external personality has set up. But, by virtue of your possession of the Life current from the great angelic centre, our work is to awaken within the Universal embodied personality the desire for pure Truth, as against the appearance of Truth. When this knowledge becomes the possession of the human race the idols will be removed from their pedestals and the ideals will be replaced by the actual appearance of the Angel, and the Angel without will respond to the Angel within the human organism. As the Life quality of the Mighty One is evolved and developed in the inner degree of the embodied Spirit, then contention and conflict will cease, for all who experience this awakening will recognize this Truth and know that every human being is the offspring, outbirth and manifestation of the one grand Infinite Life Power." This makes it quite clear that the old idea of a personal God, together with the conception of man having an independent self-existence of his own, must be abandoned.

It has been concurred in the past that revelation or inspiration was effected by a personal God. But inasmuch as we now have to recognize that a personal God is an illogical ideal, that conception has to be abandoned. I am told in these teachings that inspiration is constituted by thought-transmission, the operators being great Angels. We know that the earth was not created by a personal God, but by the Infinite who created the millions of other suns and planets throughout the limitless Universe of Universes, by means of concentrating the Life permeating space by the associative energies of these great Angels, directed by greater Cosmic beings, under the direction of the all omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient Life itself. How grand it is to know that we are the eternal expression of the Infinite Life acting out the great Scheme of the Universe. With this knowledge we can go forward with a light heart and a clear mind, knowing that every man and woman is an expression of God.

The Universe we know, vast as it appears to be, forms one of a series, and in this series it forms but a small portion of the whole, yet within the whole and not separate from it. Our sun is a projection of a still more anterior and interior sun which, in turn, was projected from a sun anterior to it, and so on till we reach the grand parental Sun around which each and all universes revolve, forming a Universe of Universes. I am told that the great central Sun has millions of suns, thousands of times larger than ours, with their planets which form a part of a still greater system, which it turn revolves round a mightier and more central Sun. Our minds whirl with the thoughts of the vastness of it all.

In the boundless space what appears to be a vast void is nevertheless pervaded and permeated with Life, either in solution or in form. Other Suns have been formed and inhabited by solar Intelligences and, by focussing the Life Power on given parts, it was externalized and the particles or atoms assumed a more dense form, with the result that material earth or physical globes came into existence. The substance we call matter is simply a materializing of particles of energy which science calls electrons; in fact, the electron is a property of matter. This energy is created by thought of life influx. When we understand that the material of which things are made is thought energy or vibration, and it can be moulded into form by the thoughts we think, we are prepared to realize that the world we live in is very real, and that what we need is not to deny it, but to understand it, in order to master it and to be masters of our bodies and conditions.

Physical Science takes matter back to its origin in a primary substance which is called ether; this ether pervades all space. Ether is a name given to that which can neither be seen, felt, tasted or examined scientifically, yet the necessity of the case posits its omnipresence. It is said to be frictionless, pulseless, a motionless medium until it is moved by some form of energy, which we have come to understand as the power of thought.

When the visible Universe comes into existence it begins with a movement of some sort within the visible ether. Science speaks of whirling particles of energy, but whirling particles of energy without direction is out of the question. Therefore this whirling mass of energy prerequisites a form of direction or intelligence. I am told that the modus operandi of the concentration of our sun was as follows: The influx of Life power from those mighty intelligences whose home is in the Central Sun, of which I spoke, was brought to bear and focussed on a given part of that which appears to external sight as unoccupied space. This caused the attraction and cohesion of the living particles that floated and swam in that particular region. The manipulation of certain forces brought to act on this nucleus then gradually caused it to become more solid and denser, and the result was the solar orb which was to be the animating life power utilized for producing the planets, as yet unborn. The Life power was received from the solar inhabitants of prior suns of which it was the outcome, and these solar beings became the artificers of the planets that were to be called into objective existence. By this you may see that the solar life principle itself is perpetuated by calling into existence a continuity of separate and distinct solar orbs. That solar life principle circulates through all the suns which form the great Universe, of which ours is a part. The sustentation and perpetuation of the Beings who inhabit these various central orbs or suns are the same in each, and the Life quality of these is enriched and increased by the addition of human beings who have graduated and been embodied in the various planets out-born from themselves.

Our sun receives and gives forth the Life flux which we understand as light and heat; this is but the circuit of Life, an Intelligence which circulates from the central orb to the outermost planet in our system, where distance is so vast that to mortal mind it is incomprehensible.

Our scientists use the terms force and energy, supposing that these express that action and power of the sun itself, but these are the means used by beings and intelligences whose power is exerted to produce the action, by means of which we ultimate our life thoughts, of which light and heat are the expression.

So in like manner the neucloid of the Spirit of Life, after finding a resting place in the organism of the form of a feminine human being, begins to gestate and attract to itself atoms supplied by Mother Earth, which it moulds into an organic structural form for its own use; even so does the neucloid which is our planet's world soul. After being projected by the Solar Life, thought was enclosed in a certain position of the great immensity and became responsive by reception of influx containing the Life thoughts, and began the operation of gestation and, from that point in space, began to evolve and develop just as the human spirit entity attracts to itself the living particles of earth; even so the gestating germ in the world soul attracted to itself that which may be termed the Spirits of air, water, fire by which it was surrounded in the vast immensity. Then commenced the process of evolution. As the continuous influx of Life thoughts was received by the gestating world Soul (involution) in the world of space, or that part in which it was located, it evolved and developed into a globe as we know it.

The combination and contact of the Spirits of air, water and fire impregnated with the Life Principle of the world Soul produced granite in its solidified state the gases etc. of which it was constituted.

This resulted from the influx of that portion of the solar life to which the skeleton or body part of our organism corresponds. When the conditions had been proved by the mineral kingdom, then came the influx containing Life thoughts from another section of Solar beings. That being received by the world Soul projected and ultimated in the first and lowest forms of the vegetable kingdom. Gradually the conditions were established for the insemination of higher and more beautiful forms. The process was continuous, each new species being an advance upon what had preceded. In the next lecture we will continue, definitely showing that at no time did the human life originate from the animal, as it is thought by the Darvin theory of evolution. What I am describing to you is what has been given to me by great Spiritual Beings who are acquainted with the modus operandi of the world formation.