"The future ain't what it used to be."

assumption on time line being linear...


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why does everyone assume that time is not linear?
is this just a "believable" alternative to "average people". somthing to say which sounds good, better, even far fethched to some, so they believe time is more complex than it really is.
wheres the proof that time is like a 'jackson pollack' painting? /ttiforum/images/graemlins/confused.gif
Re: assumption on time airliner...

From There Once Was A Garden.

Durring my contacts they told me things, lots of things.

They said the universe is not structured as we know, or as it seems to be.

They showed me things about the future, as well as the past.

They told me, time, as we know it to be, is not truly linnear, however events structured from realized points from here to there.

Of all of their contacts with me, I had learned much.

Inspite of the fears I had expierenced, the peices of information shown, were worth both the risk and cost.

I was to tell what I had seen.

Resynthasis, of book, as to one of the many tellings of how the universe envioment is not as alwasy as it seems.
Re: assumptions on oneliners...

Bennie was the girl of the group.You had five teenage boy nerd eletronics technicans and one pretty girl who also happened to be an electronics afficiando too.

She was a cute and bright girl.Bennie, always fast with a quip about how circutry routing could have been done quicker.
She knew how to lay her ears back like a totally pissed cat, when she was right, but most of all, she knew what she was doing.

She stuck to her ground and the boys had respected her for this quality.

In the differnce within the population in the group, of her being the only girl, this dedication to what she was doing, made all the differnce for the group.

About a week ago, all the guys became stale at the construction of the proposed Stargate 90.
They, all the boys had started to argue, bicker and crab, as if they were all crabs themselves.

Durring the part of the argument where Larry was threatening to take all of his dad's tools home, his father being a tech too, Bennie quickly turned around, dropped her drawers shoutting to the argueing young men, "Hey look everybody, see my buns"!?

This little extra devotion to the cause, certainly got their minds off of argueing and the problem of synchronistic replay?? With intended extra gauss mass, as part of an added on choke feed, into the circular matrix was solved.

Today was shitas-day.That stands for sure happy intristic technicalities are solved day.

Kip, Mike and Ronny all stood present at the switch-on, of the stargate.

Kip threw the master, there was a hum, but nothing happened.Once again this time Mike with ginger-fingers threw the back toggel and still nothin happenin?

Bennie remembered something about time and mass, that her physics teacher was trying to tell her at school. This was that mass must have a scaler componet balance, in negative field gauss flux, in order to effect time and space, within field densities.


Hawksthar stood over six foot nine inches in hight.

He was of the Blue Wizzard's consortium and enjoyed a medium standing within his community.

Out here on this outpost, there was lonly desolation with a serinade of rocks for the daily view each day.

He would join in the gathering at the home-planet, only a half a light year from this small crysalus moon, he called home. His work in advanced level mass physics, that gave Hawksthar enjoyment.

They had heard of humans, some almost one trillion lightyears away, by capturing some of their transmissions.His group enjoyed watching humans make fools of themselves, while consumeing dreggs mud beers.

If there was a project that his group had wanted to complete and there was equal argumentation, the words Dirty Earth Human was sometimes dropped, as a negative epilette, to show distane for another's actions.

The mass of the stone ring, which was his interdiemntional portal, glowed, as a power charge from negative state to zero ensued.

The face of rock became too hot to touch and durring this process. The internal store of the main crystal array control console, also equally as well became translucent as well.

Hawksthar was not in a good mood today.This was as he was risking censure for the proposal that at least some friends in the human constabulary, might be of value where time travel and all additional proposals was concerned.

The thick wollen-like down to the foot black robes complete with hoods, was a form of mass dialetric, as well as a base element weight to Hawksthar's body. The feature of these carefully worn robes gave these wizzard a little extra linnearity, within their abiltiies to materize as well as demateialize.

The internal organ arrangments, as well as their element compostion, was far differing from how Earth people were put togeather.

The wearing of the much feared black robes, at least in the part of the universe, had little to do with any sort of percieved evil.

The robes were part of a wizard's lore ancient utiltiy device and nothing more.

This contium, was nothing at all like Earth wizard's, who were not anywhere as adept, as Hawksthar's continum.

At three point two microseconds, Hawksthar started to enter the worm votex pathway.

Within one second of total transport, to the home planet, there was a very slight strain Hawksthar noticed placed on the stable B Element, which was the fourth crystal tray down, within his teleportation assembly.

This gave off a mild out of tune ((hum)), which the portaling Hawksthar noticed immeadilty.

"This was not right"!
He would have to get out of the begining vortex and terminate action, however he had already began to step into the transfer maze.

He could not....He was stuck within begining beam.This was at a greater distance, than what he normally thought was aprapoe.

The stars about him, now composed into long streaks of white lines, as Hawksthar of Bioria B, was now traveling to an uncoursed, unplotted destination.

Bennie said with a loud grunt to her words, "Shure looks goofed up fellas"!?
I don't think it's going to run, she said holding her can of what she called Doctor Pecker.

The girl stepped up to the platform with a soda-can.Bennie studdied the holding ring of painstakingly constructed coils, which would add balance to this device, if it ever worked?

The others were busey looking at the controls as Bennie turned around to look at the supposed dull and lifeless ring once more.

Within two seconds, Mike grunted, "This plug-ins not in all the way"...Mike pushed in the plug.

The machine before Bennie began to function as if this the ring in the center was a shimmer pond, held there on a Summer's day, caught in the quesence of rays.

Bennie's eye only a foot or two away from the face plane were focused now on the shimmer.
The pop-can, blue genes and an awe-gaped mouth gave balance to the spectre.

The area one could formely see through, now appeared as if it were takeing on a liquid life of its own.

The next sentance of, "Oh' a woman could have done this better"?, only came out as "Oh"., then more slowly "ohhh-a"?
then her voice in continuation,of "OOhhhh!!??

As something big and black was materializing within the seven foot high round ring before her.

The smile was wiped right off her face as she could feel a new force start to suck her into the portal.The young girl with her head fully of curry hair, now had a certain amount of sheer terror on her gaze.

This thing infront of her was comeing through, the same time Bennie was starting to return to the thing's place of origen.

As she began to scream, the others at the set of jury wired controls looked up to see what was left of Bennie's white orlon sweatter, start to phase through a side contium of the portal.

The imposeing mass of the visitor now made itself quite apparent to the stuned boys, working feverishly at the controls.They somehow had to get Bennie, their beloved mascott, back to the confines of this room.

On cue, after transport, the automatic cut switch on the microprocessor array abruptly cut in.

This was a five minute manditory pause as the boys all now foucsing upon the visitor, first tried to figure were their beloved friend, Bennie had gone to.
The next question was posed, is why or where did three six foot nine inches tall black cloaked maruder appear from and how was this going to effect their collective afternoons?

The only item of very slight humor that ran through Kip's minds at this moment, was a Playboy Magazine cut-out cartoon.This script above his dad's workbench, drawn by Graham Wilson; the cartoonist with the slighly macarbre sence of humor.

In an old wild west tavern, there sits on bar stools, some wickely, rough looking cowboys.

The type that eat children alive, drink straight wiskey and become invovled in costant pistol as well a knife fights.They had the scars drawn in with the cartoon, to prove it!

In the middle stool between the two cowboys, sits a circus clown having a drink as well.

The ugilier of the two cowboys turns to the clown and in a a very low growling voice, overseeth comeing through his clenched teeth to the overhappy clown saying,.. "You fun-nin me',.. Bub"?

This is how terrified boys felt, as they look at what they had sucked into the entrance of the portal with their marginal stupidity.

A lot of trouble, that didn't look very happy that it was there uninvited.

Their shitas day, the day of certainly finished electronics projects, as suddenly just turned to plain old s**t.

With a frantic racing complexity, to one of the boys mind's was the thought as his hand moved towards the package of Chips & Homefresh-goodness Cookies, is maybe I can offer him one of these buggers and that will make it all better?

///Edit note, Graham Wilson Cartoons, are the sole right and property of Graham Wilson Inc and or syndicated cartoon series. All rights reserved for Wilson et al.
//The term Playboy is a registered trademark, of PEI Enterprises, locaited at 919 North Michigan Ave. Illinoise./Author only used these two terms, to convey format of story of post.
This post is exemplarary post, and in no way proffits off the two trademark names in-company mentioned within this descriptive literary peice.
Isus, there is no such thing as "time" per se'. No matter what you read from some the more "Star Trek-meets-The Necronomicon types on this forum. You cannot travel to the future. What is the future? You cannot travel to the past. What is the past? General Relativity shows that "time" is always a relative and subjective concept. Time is not a river. It has no "flow" or "direction" anymore than gravity has "pull". Gravity is a geometric warping of the continuum known in mathematical terms as "space-time". The "pulling" of gravity is more like a "falling". Likewise with time. What you experience as "time" is the effects of entropy upon your senses through a continous "now". It is always "now".

Certain mathematical models dealing with quantum mechanics depict what is called the "multiverse" -- which is nothing more than the behavior of probabilistic potentialities at the sub-atomic level. In other words, imagine a "cloud" of potential locations for an electron around the nucleus of an atom. In quantum mechanics, it can be mathematically shown that, until one makes an observation as to where the electron is, is can be in any of an infinite number of potential "universes". At the macro-level, if you decide to not cross the street at the moment that a speeding car was coming, obviously you get to live. But conversely, there was a split where you DID cross the street and was mamed or killed -- and that "universe" exists as well - occupying this very space-time. Theoretically, different "nows" coexist as well, making it feasible to travel to a "now" that corresponds to what we would perceive as the "past" or possibly travel to a "now" that corresponds to what we would perceive as the "future". This is not time-travel. Those "universes" are self-contained and only have a minimal interfence on our "universe". In other words, you can prevent your grandparents from meeting and still not nullify your existense.

Can it be proven? Not yet. However, mathematically, the theory is sound because we are able to make real-world calculations about sub-atomic behavior (specifically, quantum computing) with an almost perfect degree of accuracy.

I know that it is easy to think that people are making things more complex than they really are, but in reality," time" is not only non-linear, it is non-anything, making it a lot simpler than any other alternatives.

The pseudo-meta-physics on this forum is impressive from a philosophic standpoint but should not be replaced with true scientific research. I suggest that you read Einstein, Robert Penrose, Hugh Everrett, and David Deutch. They don't all agree on many things, but your understanding of "time" (what it is or isn't) will be strengthened.
Re: Say anything to it...

A good portion of what is fact, comes from fiction as well as fiction from fact.

This is a universalism, that no-one can erase.

Penrose and the new corsortium are desperatly trying to explaine black hole polar phenominon.

However at light year length to black holes?//Ta'-ry the nature of any particle decay measureed at a distance, does corospond to H-e-i-s-e-n-b-e-r-g-'s continuum of uncertainly.

So what do you have bunkey?

Right' because space is stringed, you have uncertainly per measured platten length, on photo plates.

This is why Heisenberg came up with the measurment of uncertanity theory.

You cant get a good reading on the decay models, they are trying to put accross in Europe as of now?

It's-zat- the relative equitorials.

Sagan knew this years ago.

Venieers of which one enters into other realms.

Sudo is not so sudo anymore, sonny-boy.

Check under your bed before you go to sleep at night?

I still do....
Re: Spherical time


Time is yet another echelon of our universe. The universe is built on this echelons, each containing a specific number of dimensions.The Prime temporal Point sits in the first echelon with one single vantage point, the origin. The second echelon consist of two dimensions. The third echelon consists of four dimensions, the fourth echelon consists of eight dimensions and the fifth echelon consists of sixteen dimensions and then they turn in on themselves and return to the first echelon. As we can only perceive what our senses allow us we find ourselves in the third echelon of reality. In this echelon we are aware of first, second, third and fourt dimensional occurrences, time included. However if could trascend into the higher echelons we could very well see how time is a sphere, much like Bohr's Sphere. In this sphere all is taking place at once if the inertial observer has not taken a reference point. Nonetheless once the observer has decided for a reference point everything falls in place for that observer as either subjective past and subjective future. So as you can see Time Travel is actually very much possible, and not only that bu quite likely. The only thing keeping humanity from ever achieving it is their state of awareness.

Until later becomes now.