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Temporal Novice
Wanna to travel in time? Attempt the Astral Projection! I tried it, and it worked. I manage to travel in time to the past.
I am just a beginner in Astral Projection, so, I only managed to travel in time to my past life. I didn't change any things. But I have heard that someone manage to change his past using Astral Projection. With the condition, you must be a very very good, and experienced Astral Projector.
What exactly is your problems? Is it you were unable to concentrate or...? There are many books available out there, and you can refer to some internet sites. I used to read this book, I am not sure of the author and title. I will post another message once I find out the title and the author. Try to search for some information from the net first, you will learn something from there.
Very good carl you are on the right path.

i have been a traveler all my life, be careful though, your mental and emotional state of mind could suffer if you dont know what your doing.
crzyricky3 please post some of your travels I am very interested in hearing of them.
If you travel in modern times do you look for a calander? this helps alot to determine around what time you are at.
In answer to your question pamela,

yes, a few years ago i started looking for clocks newspapers or anything that would give me a sense of what "time" i was in. i keep a record that goes back 15 years..

things that i see like plane crashes,people i havent seen in a while,weather, earthquakes,

ect. i log in my book, date it and have someone witness it. when one comes to pass i call it a d.o. for {documented occurance}.

an average year i'll have beetween 75-125 with a 80% accuracy. its all very personal.

sometimes very disturbing. ive seen alot of future stuff that is very upsetting.

gordon michael scalion, edger cayce, like stuff. globle destruction of biblical proportions. when i was 8 years old i had what i thought was a dream. i was much older

standing on a hill looking down on what was an apartment complex. it was now a smoldering

ruin, the sky was a weird orange/red. like it

was full of radiation or something and i knew

that i would die soon.

when i was 8 i lived in ny. now im in my


i live in a city in the south east. right across the street from my home is the hill, the apartment complex. ive stood in the exact same spot as where i stood when i was 8.

it may sound cool. but trust me its not.

i am a very priv. i am ashamed of anyone who

is like myself that understands what its about and goes on t.v. or exploits it for money.


to crzyricky 3- alot of times preceeding timetravel has to do with a bright flash of white light that you actually travel you know what I am talking about???
Crzyricky3 - Have you ever seen a future event that you have since tried to change?

I have been reading a book called Astral Dynamics by Robert Bruce which is brilliant -trouble is I have not been relaxed enough to project.
Its very very difficult to pin point a time

let alone a place. in the early 90's i was

flying all over the country because of my job. about a week before a ten day trip i had a "dream" about a large victorian house

painted grey or blue, i remembered the street name and number and knew it was a california

beach town. a week later my job took me to

oceanside calif. i was on my way down to the beach for an run before sunset. i drove right onto the street and there was the house right in front of me.

what happened there was rare.

a few nights ago i tryed something new,

i remembered the position of stars and planets in the western sky of my "dream".

the next day, using a computer program, i checked to see when the sky would or did look. 4/9/2000 10:53pm-12:30am or more likely

5/6/2000 or 9/5/2000 or 2/2-3/2004 3:07 pm or

3/1/2004 or never. it could just be a paraell-reality due to a skew in my timeline.

what do you think? c.r.
I have wondered for years whether my bouts of deja-vu were triggered by the dreams I seem to live out. I mean I often find myself doing things or just about to do something I remember from what I took to be a dream. A while back I read a bit on the subject and if I recall properly they suggested the best way to get started was to try and take control of your dreams. Can any of you provide some insight on how you got started? I think my biggest problem is not remembering my dreams until a real world image triggers me to.

Also do any of you travel ethereally?

Pleasant trips,
Anyone really know how it feel when you achieve Astral Projection? Mind to share your experiences with us? I really want to learn more and compare your experiences with mines.
I've been working on AP for the past several weeks. I have no problem with relaxation. I believe it is due to the fact that I have found a way to clear my mind, and be at peace. In fact, my current problem is that I become too relaxed, and usually fall asleep wihin minutes. I believe that I have had one quick AP experience. Last week I think I had a "glimpse" of myself while meditating. I thought I had fallen asleep during the process, but awoke to a view of myself lying face down on the floor. All I could see was an area from the middle of my back to just in front of my head/arms which were on/ under a pillow. I could see for what had to be less than two seconds. If I was truly OOB, then I had to be less than two feet above myself given the area that I had a quick view of. I remember a loud POP/ SNAP sound, and then awoke on the floor. I don't recall why I returned. I don't think I was frightened or scared, just shocked that I actually might have achieved the OOB state. It may or may not have been a real AP experience. It could have been a dream. I don't recall any "vibrations" that I have read so much about. I don't know. It might have been a start, maybe a baby step.

Any comments?

Hey GB, What you experienced is your first self realization in the lucid realm of Astral Travel. You will read alot of things that are nonsense about AS so it's best to stick with what works best for you. There's only a few ways to achieve valid AS and you've found yours in Lucid Dreaming. That is good, now you have to remember how you can control your dreams at times and go with that. Have A Great Day!


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Hi Draco!

Its great to hear from you again. As you know, I have been experiencing a lot lately. So much fun! I was hoping someone could help interpret the above. Thank you(again) for sharing your insight and knowledge. I think it was a start. I'll keep working with it to see what the possibilities are. There is a great deal more involved in our existence than most people realize! Glad I'm learning.