"The future ain't what it used to be."

Astral Time-travel!



People have also reported being able to travel astrally in time. This simply means they were able to move their astral body(another body you are believed to have almost constantly attached to your physical body) freely in space and also even time!

This happened to Ed Morrel during an Out of the Body Experience as he left his body and travelled INTO the future when he saw the woman he was later to meet and marry.

Method to induce an Out of the Body Experience.

OBJECTIVE:Lossen your astral body (your spirit) FROM your physical body.

To prepare for the O.B.E. attempt:

*You should not eat anything for the previous three hours.

*You should not eat heavy foods.

*You should only eat light foods.

1, Relax both your whole body and mind and lie back in bed. Tense and relax each muscle in your body.

2, Take deep slow breaths through your nose.

3, Close your eyes and let go of any pressure.

4, Imagine vividly you are inside a lift moving upwards.

5, Picture your astral body is rising and tell yourself that you will wake up fully out of your body.
6, As you relax to the point you are falling asleep try to remain focused on the idea you are going up in a lift.

This method does seem to work on others and it should work for you. Although it does take a lot of work, vivid thinking and concentration it actually works.

· Practice is very effective compared with other preparations.

Paul Curran
How the hell would that method allow you to travel freely in time? Paul is talking through his smelly arse(no offence Paul)! Time-travel is not a reality yet! Physicists have not worked out how to do it with out technology. Therefore any stories about people going back in time are a pile of shite.
Paul's ideas are shit...
You lame, 0-IQ, maglomaniatic FOOL!

Who do ya think ya are, bitchin' and complaining about somebody elses opinion/vision. You're watching way to much "discovery chanel" crap. We REDISCOVERED electricity a few generations ago, but did ya know that even the egyptians already used electricity to power their own version of "light-bulb" and also used it to put a thin layer of gold on their artefact just like we would do today? So maybe we also have to REDISCOVER timetravel again.....

So buzz off you lame, 0-IQ, maglomaniatic FOOL :p

With love,


DANIEL J. BLATECKY; Part of the alien phenominon as well as time travel arguments of the 1980s, as well as the years 2000 on.

Was affileaited with Gypseys gentically as a remnant gentic archatype, with some said powers as a witch?

Also affileaited in some very strange way, with the 1975 Billy Meier, due tho contacts with said Pleiadean Atlantian Cosmonaut, Sem-ya-zee, spelled Semjase.

Possable inhearent archatype.

There may also be a hidden affileation with both experts Pamela More and Gary Voss, due to an Angelic heiarchy appointment, HAVING to do with some design not fully understood?

Famous statments made by;Due to a nature of shuttle tile adheasive being brittle, there may be some loss due to a phenominon, known as the lift mass equation.

This is where increased airflow over volume and density, not necessarily a partial recess, as in Bernoulie's equation, case seperation of those batteries of tiles.

Others;1989:Well in the early A.M. I meditate and talk to a Pleiadean by the name of Sem-ya-zee.

She is very funny and has a wonderfull sence of humor.

o you know anything about the Billy Meier Landings in Switzerland Aluti?

Aluti:No I don't have any idea what thats about and done even know of it?

Others still:2001:pam;Why is it you know so much about Gary and me?

Its as if your almost psychic or something?!

Furthermore, how do you know about the nature of Johns and my private conversations?

None of this had ever been disclosed to the public at all?...

The God complex:Yes there is a christian God who is in residence here on Earth.

He is represented within a giant cave copmplex benith the depths of the ocean.

Within this complex, is a vast tunnel entry point, which is ovewr two miles in length and over three hundred yeards wide.

On the left as you go down to the crystial city, you will see glass encased,"it seems ", coppies or replecas of any humans that has ever lived here on Earth.

Some of the figures I can recognize, however others are still quite strange to me.

WITHIN THE CRYSTIAL CITY:Yes there is a dark colcor crystal door, some thirty feet high.

There are two of the smaller gem made robotoids standing guard infront of the doors.

I know I will go inside and once I...."Ohh mizhs zee, Ob haaa' is wonderfull.


This was represented as a leaoff time, where the nature of man could represent himself, due to the level attained by his own maturity.

This is to say, that not only one great christian God exist, however a plethora of other gods, who are naturalized to other belif systems.

This is so, due to multi ethnenticities inhearent in man.

One stiled God, can not be the servile need, for all of the races known of man, as the expierment involving Earth, was to prove that many differingf stiles of humans, could live in harmony as one culture.

The crux point of the year 2001 has well proven this expierments end.

The time now, with concern to due course set for the greater benifit, is now to culture Earth based mankind, as a citizen of the greater galixy, as well as the cosmos.

The light of true aims clairity provides that at 2001 the charicter of Earth based man does not necesarily have to be augmented by genetic tampering, however the true quest is to just let him go.

As it was said to the old tribes of the Hasidicks in past biblical times,"Let my people go"!

This by true dictom, is what the concept of a loving and all benificent god-godhead afford as the love for those the diety has taught.

FAVORITES;By T Planihoff;matron of mythical Vulcan phylosophy:

There is nothing real or unreal that does not exist.

Let the clair of the trumpets of reason held in truth play~~~