"The future ain't what it used to be."

At the Speed of Time



Sitting on a bench in the park one day, reading a "Time" magazine, I've noticed an ant running fast across my leg down. I have put my finger very fast, right in front of him, to see whether he will bump into it or go around. Surely enough he changed direction incredibly fast.

Compared to the size of the ant, if we were to run as fast as they do, we'd be doing well over 100mph. So all of this has kind of intrigued me. Does time flow at a different speed for ants ? It may seem like a stupid question, but it's really not. Think about it. What if the time passes at a different rate for ant than for us. Ant may live in a slower time. So for him, all of us are just huge living creatures, moving very slow, and our voices have very deep sound to them, while to him time passes at a normal rate.

From the point of view of that ant in the park, he is comfortably running down my pant, and suddenly he sees me putting my finger right in front of him. So before I block the way, he easily changes direction and goes around it.

From my point of vew, however, it's all reversed. I see the ant running incredibly fast, and seeing him make change in course in an instant. I wonder, if my pant was sharply cut, would he fall off ? I doubt it, because something tells me that time for him travels at a different rate, and he would observe the edge of my pant and easily squeeze through.

I'm not saying that there is some sort of "time" envelope around the ant's biological body. I'm just saying that time flows at the rate that it does only from the point of our mind. We are the living creatures that have answered many questions in science. And it is our mind alone, our consciousness that makes us aware of the time and its speed.

I bet all of you have days where time just passes by, while other times, the clock never seems to move. An average person would say that it only seems that way based on what action are you performing. If you are playing an action video game, where your mind is focused on that game and nothing else, it loses track of time. Yet on the other hand, if you're in a hospital waiting for your loved one to get better, your mind is only concentrated on the time, thus it seems to flow slower.

You see, I go to sleep around midnight on weekdays, and get up at 7:10AM. I live in a small apartment by myself, and nothing to distract me. I set my alarm clock to wake me up at 7:10AM, and then I fall asleep.. The strange thing is that I wake up at 7:09AM automatically, before the alarm ever goes off. And there was no distraction to compel me to do so. I didn't need to urinate, there was no bird-singing that could have woke me.... And this hasen't happened on just one occasion. I'm sure you have similar experiences as well.

So in conclusion of this long paragraph I want to say that time flows at its speed only as percieved by our mind, or by a mind of any living creature for that matter. If the entire universe was nothing but our solar system alone, and no living creatures anywhere within it, would time even exist ? Would our solar system exist at all ?
There is a saying "If a tree falls, but there's no one around to hear it, will it make a sound ?" I know I'm going in to several different things in this paragraph, but how can something exist if there is no one there to observe it.
Because sounds are only vibrations interpreted by our brains, no the tree does not make a sound. However time is the real deal it actually exists it is not just interpreted although each animal does indeed have a unique perception of how fast time goes by that is only beacause some animals see more frames per second than others. So if you still like your "theory" then go become a nuerologist and stay away from physics.
nah ...

the measurement of mph ... is a human based thingie ...

if you want to measure speed ... use the cozmoz metric system ... speed of light ... for the ant is the same as with you or anything else ...

the size of the ant has nothing to do with it ...
This is one of the hot topics in the fields of quantum physics and consciousness research.