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In some of the online archive in Spiritweb, there is telling of Atlantians probably being fourth dimensional.

So the question I have, is if the Atlantians came here forth dimensional, and as Plato said, married into Greeks, which were third dimensional, then shouldn't we also be multidimensional, right now?
the alatanians might of have been in forth diminsion and we don't even know what is the third diminsion is because we know nothin of the sort and we can only guess what the all the diminsion are.
Atlantis is a real place, and in this dimention.

Socratese spoke of it, about when it sunk. There was a city built on an island, it had unstable tectonic plates, they shifted, and the city went down.

You wanna look through the entire medeteranian for it? be my guest. The only people intirested to look havn't had the time or the resources, mostly because people don't care.
What we call Earth today was not always called Earth, one of its previous most notable names was Atlantis. Billions of Atlanteans (Humans) inhabited the planet and technology was far superior then to what it is now, there were bases on the moon and Atlanteans lived on the 4th and 5th planets, the 5th planet being what we now call the Asteroid belt. These planets were like Earth with land, oceans and life all natural to those planets.
The Atlanteans had space vessels capable of interstellar travel and engaged in trade and commerce with neighbouring star systems but the local galaxy wasnt a very peaceful one. The Orions, Sirians, Reptilians and Zetas along with many others were jealous of the greatness of Atlantis and agreed amongst themselves to destroy it.
Atlantis was attacked in great numbers, Mars was turned into a lifeless world and Tiamat suffered such devastation its core exploded turning the once thriving planet into an asteroid belt. Many of the newly formed asteroids slammed into Atlantis causing mass cataclysm and giant tsunamis, another result was the axis of Atlantis altered to what it is today. The entire planet was subjugated and billions of lives were lost. The Zetas and their allies now controlled the Earth/Atlantis and its survivors. Generation after generation of humans lost their knowledge of Atlantis and its technology and became slaves to the Zetas etc as they pretended to be gods to the humans. After hundreds of years Earth was left to evolve once again into a civilisation but under the careful watch of our galactic neighbours who manipulate people and world events even to this day. We are not safe however, the agenda of the Zetas and their allies are to let Humans evolve so far technologically and then come back and destroy our civilisation once again to prevent us from evolving too far. Those who know of the Zetas etc may know of their channelings and will know that so called cataclysms are going to hit the Earth, well that is certainly true but what they arnt saying is that they are the ones who will be bringing it.
Whoa... read too many science fiction novels have we?

I mean, I assume you have some basis of thought for this, maybe not prrof, but a reason to think like this at least?
...of usless information and lies.

I can find you a website saying that the world is populated by ______ (<- put sepcies there) and I'll find it in a week.

I won't really do it, but you get the idea, you can find anything on the web.
^ obviously you use sources of information that arnt pulled out someones arse. You use properly researched information.
If you think every bit of info on the internet is bullshit then what the [censored] are you doing with internet access?
Sorry, didn't mean to offend. Just my opinion...

Look, I don't think that everything is made up, but that's what 60% of the internet is, Porn and Scams. I'm not just pulling that outta nowhere, it was posted 2 years ago in a bunch of newspapers, including Newsday (where I saw it).

You can't believe everything you see, that's not to say nothing is believable. Just some things are more probably than others... I choose to believe them.