"The future ain't what it used to be."

ATTEN: PAMELA MORE, re letter concerns of your asking:



Dear Pam'

Read your script on ancient time travlers and wanted to let you know a few things!?

Because of the Ronald Reagan agreements, with the other side, I must expose what I am doing, rather than choose a route to you, that is suripticious.

The time portal in old Atlantis still works and is on-line.

This is a big crystal apparatus, which is lociated within a sub-floor level type of arrangment.

They still have people opperating this device, which pulls on the use of some very large crystals.

I had found certain information from Spirit-web, which states that the Atlantians when they came here at the begining of the start of Atlantis, were fourth dimensional, or semi-fourth dimensional beings.

Because the way this sun is set up, they began to slide into the third reality and in a measure, became what we are today, however at a much more reserved rate.

You see to them, the use of large crystal arrays, was almost an addiction, as they were trying to get back to what they once were, which was more crystal-like.

This is why the modern day Pleiadean/Atlantian contingent, is so reserved, via their social natures.

They want to be like they were hundreds of thousands of years ago, before the frequency change made them more human-like.

If by any chance, you should get a chance to go back there, treat them with considerable respect and "GO SLOW, SOCIALLY SPEAKING"!!??

This is so, as some of our mannerisms may be too blunt for them to understand.This might also cause social consternation, as they are still trying to get back to that certain crystal status, however can't seem to do it, nor figure out why they can no longer do this.

From what I understand, they had an entire crystaline forest, that was imense and one could walk through.

The Lemurians were no better in their trying to formulate man to almost a god status.

They too, had expiermented with crystals as large as two story houses and were begining to effect the transit of the moon around the Earth, as well as the space-time surrounding Earth at this time.

What a mess!

There was a pilot who had flown a private airplane over a certain area of ocean and encoutered some of the hand me down linneage of the old Atlantians.

I think, but I'm not sure that these very distant decendants have learned their lession with respects to crystal useage??

There are beings that are manufactured out of crystal, where the matrix is movable and supple.

This was within the text The Fieldguide To Extraterrestials, by Huyge, where an elderly man had encountered three foot high black facitted beings.

These black crystal beings had arrested his tumour, however these beings were so raidoactive by their natures.
The man died of brain degeneration, due to mass radiation doeses.

For some reason, as I had told you within my letter to you, I seem to have some kind of immunity to certain forms of radiation?

In both contacting the sun and the faccited light beings, I got good doses of radiation, however for some reason this did not effect me?

Don't know why...maybe some day I'll find out.

I think that all of this compatition has got us feuding and this is not good.

Say hi to Darby, Time02112 Rick as well as others at the Anom.net. for me, if you would be so kind?

I hope that this information helps you in your quest to learn more about ancient time travlers?

I'm certain that it's time to burry the hatchet and start a new.

Please take care, enjoy your spring, Dan