"The future ain't what it used to be."

Attention time travelers and aliens



If you are an alien disguised as human and or have the technology to travel physically through time I need your help!
Also if you are from, I'm not sure this is the correct pronunciation: The planet (Valnator) please reply.
My life has been severely tampered with and cursed by a very evil women of my past.
I have suffered tremendously!
I need to be able to:
Travel physically back in time.
Rewind my life including my age.
Be able to remember what I know now so that I can prevent my life
from being tampered with again after I go back.
I am in great danger and need this immediately!
Only if you are an alien or have this technology please send me a
separate email to:
[email protected]
Geesh, and I thought Shadow had it bad

Please, this is no joke. I need this immediately. All aliens and time travelers please respond.
In addition to my above needs I need to:
Be able to travel to the planet Valnator
If you know of an alternate discussion board where I can get my message out please respond.
I am terrified of the very evil woman I spoke of earlier and I fear for my safety. The curse cast upon me can only be broken if I am able to travel physically through time or to planet Valnator.
So I guess you don’t care about being a sell out and don’t care about manipulating others just to make your self-happy in this world?

You don’t need a Time Traveler or an Alien to help you; you need to learn to help your self. Coping with this pain, is the only way to be smart enough to not have it happen to you again. And if does, it won't be as such a shock. Trust me, I've had my heart broken many times by evil women. I wished for a Time Travel pass once too.

Cheating isn’t going to teach you anything. That just makes you a wuss sucking on your thumb having mommy say, “there-there, it's all going to be okay.”

It’s your choice. But I will refer you to a site that may be best suited for you.

Try Anamolies.net

The last I hear, they were big time Time Travel supporters.

After all, mostly all bought some guys story of being from the future.

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It sounds like you could use some general protection..one does not need to physically travel in time to do this. In a quiet place that you feel safe...tell yourself to go to your Quiet Place...it will not matter if you do not know where this place is....Close your eyes and imagine that there is an ever increasing White or Golden Light beginning in your Heart area and growing ever wider to include a space about three feet outside of yourself. Hold that in your mind for a few minutes everyday and the woman can not hurt you....as for your planet...do a search usung perhaps.. www.dogpile.com .. . (a metasearch engine) and see what you come up with...

Light and Love,

Aaron, you poor dear. I hope these words find you with your body core temperature above ambient. However bad it gets remember that it is Enron that got there first. Loser! Maybe you could convince the evil woman to go the Planet Vibrator in your stead, instead of your bed, Ned: slip out the back Jack, make a little plan Stan. Just git yourself free! No need to discuss much.....

Let me cut right to the point, Aaron, like I'm on the rebound here and I'd like to know if this woman that is after you is good looking or like, even ok and maybe 'hot to trott'? Ah, rebound...... oh hell, I'm outright desperate, does she have a phone number? I mean you >do< want to get her off your hands don't you?

As for scaring up some UFOs and a lift acrost town, the last I heard all the spooks were out of town. Something about catching the original Mothman matinee back in the sixties.

Does this curse you mention have some thing to do with irresitable desires to post idiotic spoofs on certain web boards? If so I think I may have caught it too!
I know how I can help you Aaron. All you have to do is to contact- aaaah!, help me! An evil woman is attacking me! Must...close...window...awww...sfdhkjdswttgf7r (me doing a faceplant in the keyboard)
How can we trust you Aaron? If you go back in time, you can predict what Earthlings know as 9-11. I can just see you rolling around in units of currency known to us as dollars. If you need help, then just come with us and we'll kill your #%@*& for you.