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Grimoirium Satanas
Satanism is a religion based upon the earthly needs of the individual. It realizes mans need to express himself in the form of religion. It therefore makes existence itself that very religion. The practitioner of Satanick Magick understands that without earthly power he is at a serious disadvantage. It is the here and now that concerns him. He is upon this earth ,and upon this earth ,he must live.

Very few scholars will argue that Satan is the “Lord of the earth”. It is he that holds material wealth in his hands. The Christian is swayed from material and earthly goods by their God for this very reason. For, a taste of success would deter them from the bond of slavery that is characteristic of the Christian Gnosis.

Satanism doesn’t necessarily view Satan in the same way as modern Christian teachings portray Him. The Satanick magician’s thought pattern is based upon scientific data. He views biblical myth as a picturesque teaching system and not as concrete history. For him Satan is Lucifer or Lux-ifer. His name means Light Bearer or Bringer of Light. This taken in context with the idea of Satan as the Lord of the Earth, we then see him as a magickal archetype of the Sun. The Sun is our light bearer and bringer of light. It is the engine of our very existence. Every life form on the earth requires the Sun as its main source of life. Therefore as upon the earth ,we deify the Sun as Satan ,the Bright Spiritual Sun. It must be said that this is not entirely in agreement with the system of Satanism that has been dispensed by Dr Anton Szandor LaVey. It is the result when LaVeyan Magic is integrated with the doctrines and teachings of another pioneer occultist, Aleister Crowley. As this book will deal primarily with practical Satanick Magick, the influence of Dr LaVey will play the prominent part. The works of Mr. Crowley are highly recommended reading for anyone who is serious about occult study. Many Satanists will disagree with this however, the authors firmly believe in the validity of the Aeon of Horus and the New dispensation administered by the Book of the Law. We are not LaVeyites, nor Crowleyites. Nor are we orthodox Satanists but Thelemites who have found great value in the practical system of magic set forth by Dr LaVey. A deeper study of the teachings of Aleister Crowley will be undertaken in the forthcoming volume Sextanik Magick: The Magickal Works of the Beast.

The creative platform upon which this system of magick is based lies in that we have taken a force that is harmonious with the intention of earthly magic and applied it in a manner in which it becomes a powerful symbol of the true God of Man, The Great Central Sun.

When performing satanick magick you are establishing your own godhead by the identity of yourself with the central source of power. You invoke the energy that we call Lord of the Earth, therefore becoming that energy and in the name of that force manifesting the will from the elemental powers that you have raised.

In this book we will be examining the magical system of modern day Satanism of Dr LaVey in the light of the New Aeon Gnosis. It is a complete system of magic based upon personal experience and work of a legitimate Black Magickal Order. (G.O.T.O.S.) It is hoped that the reader will explore this system with an open mind. This is especially so if he happen to be an orthodox LaVeyan Satanist. It is firmly believed that by the integration of traditional magickal techniques and modern satanic thought, a very powerful system of infernal magick is created. With this in mind the student should find no difficulty in building a powerful and successful system for himself. The choice is yours and the door has now been opened wider than ever. This book will allow you entrance into that door to power.

It must be said however that even though this magical system has been well researched and a great deal of practical experience has been invested in its composition, there still lies certain dangers. Not those that one would naturally expect but dangers of the mind and more, the ego. Remember the law of the Satanist, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”. Power is no excuse for ignorance. And above all remember that the formula is love under will.

One common question that is asked is “why not use the powerful names of God to control and compell the demonic forces”? The answer to this question is quite simple and best expressed by analogy. If you had the desire to make an employee of any given company perform some task, would you go to the supervisor of that companys competitor? No you would not. You would go to the employees boss. So when commanding the infernal forces, why would you use the name of the competitor? Would it not be easier to go straight to their boss? And who is that boss? Satan, not Jehovah.
The Temple should ideally be a rectangular room with as little
windows and natural lighting as possible. The walls should be
uniform in color. Upon each of these walls, in the elemental
directions, should hang the Baphometic Seal of each of the
Infernal Elemental Kings. This Seal is the sigil of Baphomet as
used by the Church of Satan . You will need three seals of the
same size and one that is larger than the three. They are
constructed as such:

In the south the seal of Baphomet with the name Shaitan in Hebrew

In the east the same with Lucifer

In the north the same with Belial

And in the west the large one with the customary Leviathan. Upon
this Baphomet Seal, include a third eye.

Above this is the Stele of Revealing. This is the Supreme
Magickal Talisman of the New Aeon. It is the Egregore manifest in
the sphere of Malkuth. Nothing whatsoever is to be placed above
the Stele.

In the South, East and North, to be placed upon erect square
pillars, is a single black candle. Also the candle color could
match the element however, black is recommended.

<font color="#800000">The Altar</font>

Against the west wall is the main altar. It should be about four
feet in length and two feet in width. It stands about five feet
from the ground and is covered with a black drape that hangs to
the floor. On each side of the altar stands a pillar. They are
three and one half feet tall , sides square and flat on top. They
are colored black. Upon each is a large candle. The candle on the
left is black and the one on the right is white..Upon the main
altar lie the censer on the left and the bell on the right. In
the center is another large candle, its color chosen by the rite
itself. In front of this is another altar against the main altar.
Its height should be that of the magicians waist. It is six feet
in length and three in width. It is upon this altar that the
priestess lies. During rites that require no priestess, this
altar may serve as the altar of implements or ideally it should
be removed. It should be remembered that even if no living altar
is used it still is representative of the Mother. She is a form
of Babalon as Satan is associated with The Beast.

<font color="#800000">The Altar of Implements</font>

In the center of the temple should stand a doudle cubical altar
of black arranged so that when one stands at it you are facing
the Main Altar in the west. Upon this altar is to be placed the
sword, Chalice, Book , etc...

<font color="#800000">The Bell</font>

Any convenient bell may be used in Satanick Magick. It is
suggested that it have a deep rich tone and not a sharp “ping”.
The chalice should be a large stemmed goblet. Chose one that best
expresses the greatness of the receptive vessel that it
represents. A deco glass goblet is perfect. Silver may also be
used. LaVey suggests that the practitioner not use gold and in
this we disagree. Gold is the necter of the Sun. It represents
the Will and signifies the “Kingly Man”.
The sword should have a sharp double sided blade that is straight
and bright. The guard, hilt and pommel should be red guilt with
copper wire. Of course, any sword that expresses the dark
infernal power may be used
* The student should study the Satanic Bible by Anton LaVey
should he wish to explore the implements from a strictly satanic
The temple is set up as described in part one. Upon the main
altar are the three candles, the bell and the censer. Upon the
second altar lies the priestess or suitable candidate. On the
cubical altar in the center are a black candle, the chalice, the
sword, and the book. In each quarter of the temple should be a
black candle.

The ritual begins with the priest standing in the center of the
temple east of the cubical altar facing west. The bell is rung
nine times directed at the quarters in a anti-clockwise motion.

The priest takes the sword and turning counter-clockwise, faces
the South. He then draws a banishing pentagram and pointing it in
the center of the pentagram shouts ANATHEMA!

Turning to the East he repeats these actions. He does the same in
the North and in the West.

The priest takes the sword and pointing it at the Baphomet sigil
in the west, makes the following invocation

In the name of Shaitan-Aiwass ruler of the Earth, King of the
World, I command the forces of darkness to bestow their infernal
power upon me.

Open wide the gates of Initiation and come forth from the abyss
to greet me as your brother and friend! Move and appear by these

The priest now invokes the Demon Kings of the elements in the
following fashion.

He takes the sword and turning to the south, sword upright, he
makes one complete circumambulation of the temple. As he makes
his revolution he says the following :

Through this, the back flame of Satan, I walketh in Hell, My
senses are awakened to the joy of rebirth. The gates are flung
wide and my passage is heralded by the deathless cries of His
guardian Beasts. His searing brand shall be evermore emblazened
upon my consciousness: its fiery meaning shall set me free.

When the priest once again comes to the south, let him turn and
face that way. With the sword he draws an invoking pentagram.
Pointing to the center of the pentagram he invokes:

Shaitan Lord of the infernal fire, manifest in this your temple

your brothers have called you! The Lord of The Aeon Ra-Hoor-Khuit
commands you!

He then makes one complete circumambulation of the temple saying:

Vapors of millennia which which Thou hast shared with Thy chosen
flock are rekindled now to fill this chamber with Thy presence.
We toll the bell in thy name (here there is a single tone of the
bell administered by one of the participants) and thereby summon
the whispering voices of wonder from all the regions of Thy

When he comes to the East, he faces that way and draws an
invoking pentagram. Pointing to itÂ’s center he invokes:

Lucifer, Thou bringer of light and wisdom, manifest in this Thy
Temple for your brothers have called you! The Lord of The Aeon Ra-Hoor-Khuit
commands you!

He once again makes a counter-clockwise circumambulation of the
temple saying:

Revel in the shimmering glow from the hearth of thy heart, and
make thy pact of devotion with all her children whose paws have
tracked and learned the way of Belial!

When he comes to the North, he draws an invoking pentagram.
Pointing to the center of the pentagram let him invoke:

Belial, Lord of the treasures of the Earth, manifest in this Thy
Temple for your brothers have called you! The Lord of The Aeon Ra-Hoor-Khuit
commands you!

He now makes a final circumambulation of the temple saying:

It is from this brine that all life springs forth. Within thee
flows remnant saline seas, maintaining thy kinshgip with the
denizens of the deep.

When he has come to the West he draws the invoking pentagram.
Pointing to itÂ’s center he invokes:

Leviathan! Great Serpent of the Watery Abyss, manifest in this
Thy Temple for your brothers have called you! The Lord of The
Aeon Ra-Hoor-Khuit commands you!

The first key of enoch is now made from the center of the temple
facing the west.

Ol sonuf vaoresaji goho IAD balata, elanusaha caelazod: sobrazod-ol
Rorary I ta nazodapesad, Giraa ta maelperiji, das hoel-qaa
notahoa zodimezod od comemahe ta nobeloha zodien: soba tahil
ginonupe pereje aladi, das vaurebes obolehe giresam. Casarem
ohorela caba Pire: das zodonurenusagi cab: erem Iadanhe. Pilahe
farezodem zodenurezoda adana gono vepe zodomeda poamal, od bogira
aai ta piape Piamoel od Voan! Zodacare, eca od zoderamanu! Odo
cical Qaa: zodoreje lape zodiredo Noco Mada, hoathahe Saitan.

The Chalice is now raised toward each quarter saying :

Greetings powerful and exalted Aeonic Lord, May your strength
give us sustenance for the working of your Holy Magick! Grant us
the induldgences of which we speak ! We have taken Thy Name as
part of ourselves. We favor the justand attack those who would
enslave us without pity or quarter. . By all the Gods of the Pit,
I command that these things of which we speak shall come to pass.
Come forth and answer to your names by manifesting my desires.

The Priest now invokes the planetary energy of the working by the
proper hexagram ritual. ( see appendix )

The proper Enochian key is now recited according to the nature of
the work.

The Demon of the particular working is now invoked. The priest
takes the sword and over the central cubical altar he draws the
invoking unicursal hexagram of the planet of the Demon being
called upon. He replaces the sword and takes the seal of the
Demon .Take the seal of the demon upon which the ritual goal has
been written on the reverse, and lift it toward the sigil of
Baphomet with both hands and say:

Thou powerful and great __________________appear now before us
and lend us thy aid. By the Infinite power invested in us by the
blessings of Nuit, we call Thee and do command Thy presence. By
the majestic name Shaitan-Aiwass and by the power of this sigil
which is Thy true name, we do ask thy aid in
________________________________. By the sign of our earthly
heritage do we call upon thee as our brother and friend.

A proper invocation of purpose is now made by the priest. At this
time the magickal work proper is accomplished. It is at this
point that the goal of the rite must be acted out in some
symbolic way. The purpose of this is to vent the psyche from all
feelings connected with the work. If it is a rite of destruction
, the victim must be symbolically represented, given life and
then destroyed. If it is one of lust the victim must be conjured
in image and the desired act carried out with exalted force. If
one of riches one must create them about oneself symbolically.
The Satanic Bible gives detailed instruction on the performance
of satanic sorcery. However the concepts there taught are
traditional methods.

The seal with the desire is now burned in the censer as the group
chants Hail name of demon ! Hail Shaitan Aiwass!

The Ninteenth Enochian Key is now said . The priest now performs
the banishing rituals and the bell is rung nine times counter-clockwise
toward the quarters. The lights are now extinguished and the
temple remains in silence and darkness for a few moments. With
the switching on of an electrical light the ceremony is completed.
In Satanick Magick banishing rituals are used to rid the ritual
area of residual energy left over from prievious rites. They are
also used as a daily “toner” for the magician. Daily
use will result in an increased abillity to raise, direct and
control magickal energy. Another benefit is that they rid the
personal energy from the residue of others. It is highly
recommended that the practitioner work out a daily routine
according to his needs that is geared toward his magickal
advancement. By this is meant solid practical work and not the
mystical “white light” practices of the common westerrn
magician. These practices may have their value in context with
their own individual systems, but for the Satanick Magickian who
is focused on the here and now, and the aquisition of true
magickal power , these are useless.

The two banishing rituals that are presented here are based on
the traditional pentagram and hexagram rites of The Golden Dawn.
However they have been re-written for the New Aeon and
incorporate Thelemic symbology. The God-symbols in these rites
are archetypal images of certain concepts of Space and Time. The
Thelemic Cosmology cannot be explained in a work of the present
sort. Space will not allow it. It is therefore recommended that
before the practitioner begins to work with the following rituals
he look into at least the basics of the Thelemic Pantheon.
However for the reader who is unfamiliar with this concept We
present an excerpt from Aleister Crowley’s “Magick”

There are three main theories of the Universe; Dualism, Monism
and Nihilism All are reconciled and unified in the theory which
we shall now set forth.

Infinite space is called the goddess NUIT, while the infinitely
small and atomic yet omnipresent point is called HADIT. These are
unmanifest. One conjunction of these infinites is called RA-HOOR-KHUIT,
More correctly, HERU-RA-HA, to include HOOR-PAAR-KRAAT ,a unity
which includes and heads all things. This profoundly mystical
conception is based upon actual spiritual experience, but the
trained reason can reach a reflection of this idea by the method
of logical contradiction which ends in reason transcending itself..

"Unity" transcends "consciousness". It is
above all division. The Father of thought --- the Word --- is
called Chaos --- the dyad. The number Three, the Mother, is
called Babalon.

This triad is essentially unity, in a manner transcending reason.

Of the two banishing rites presented, the second, The Nu-Ritual
of the Hexagram is formulated for the advanced Magickian and
should not be used until the concepts implied by the ritual are

Also included is a ritual titled Liber Ad Lux Nuit. This is a
modern variation of the Middle Pillar ritual with a slightly
different implication. It creates true ballance within the energy
system of the magickian. It is the daily practice of this rite
that will truely build magickal power. A recommended routine is
the performance first of the ritual of the Pentagram, then the
ritual of the Hexagram. This should be followed with the
traditional invocation to “Satan” and calling of the
Secret Doors mentioned in Liber Legis, the Holy Book of the
Thelemic Religion as well as a practical guidefor Thelemic Magick.
. After this begin doing the Middle Pillar Ritual. Close with an
adoration unto the Lord of the Earth. This little routine
practiced daily will keep the energy clean and sharp and keep itÂ’s
level at a high pitch therefore increasing greatly the chances of
success in your personal rituals and magickal goals.

The Solar Cross

i. Touching the forehead say (vibrate) Tu Es

ii. Touching the heart say Aiwass

iii. Touching the groin say Regnum

iv. Touching the right shoulder, say Et Potentia

v. Touching the left shoulder say Et Gloria

vi. Clasping the hands upon the breast, say In Saeculus

<font color="#800000">The Formulation of the Fivefold Star</font>

<font color="#FFFFFF">The Proclamation unto Nuit ( Liber Al
vel Legis I:52)

vi. Turning to the East visualize in thy forehead a pentagram ;
with the thumbs and forefingers touching, frame the pentagram and
vibrate RA-HOOR-KHUIT. In the sign of attack, fling the pentagram
forth and vibrate THERION. Step back in the sign of defense.

vii. Turning to the South visualize in thy forehead a pentagram ;
with the thumbs and forefingers touching, frame the pentagram and
vibrate RA-HOOR-KHUIT. In the sign of attack, fling the pentagram
forth and vibrate HADIT. Step back in the sign of defense.

viii.Turning to the West visualize in thy forehead a pentagram ;
with the thumbs and forefingers touching, frame the pentagram and
vibrate HOOR-PA-KRAAT In the sign of attack, fling the pentagram
forth and vibrate BABALON Step back in the sign of defense.

Ix. Turning to the North visualize in thy forehead a pentagram ;
with the thumbs and forefingers touching, frame the pentegram and
vibrate HOOR-PA-KRAAT In the sign of attack, fling the pentagram
forth and vibrate NUIT Step back in the sign of defense.

<font color="#800000">The Making of the Secret Doors</font>

<font color="#FFFFFF">The Setting of the wards of the
Universe (Liber Al vel Legis I:38)

x. Extending the arms in the form of a T say;

xi. Before me ANKH-F-N-KHONSU voice of the Aeon

xii. Behind me OUARDA Bride of the Beast.

xiii.On my right hand SET Great Lord of the South.

xiv.On my left hand HORUS Lord of the North.

xv. For about me flames the Fivefold Star of Nuit.

xvi.And in the column stands the Sixfold Star of Hadit.

<font color="#800000">The Equilibrium of the Forces ( Liber
Al vel Legis I:13)

I. Touching the forehead say (vibrate) SOY

ii. Touching the heart say AIWASS

Iii Touching the groin say H BASILEIA

iii. Touching the right shoulder, say KAI H DUNAMIS

iv. Touching the left shoulder say KAI H DOXA

v. Clasping the hands upon the breast, say EIS TOUS AIWNAS

<h3 align="left"><font color="#800000">The Lesser Ritual of
the Hexagram.

<p align="left"><font color="#FFFFFF">Adapted for use in the
New Aeon by DLXXI

<font color="#800000">I. The Invokation of the Light (NOX)</font>

The adoration of the Khabs ( Liber Al vel Legis I

( see Liber Ad Lux Nuit).

<font color="#800000">II. The Analysis of LAShTAL</font>

Standing upright with the implement at your heart and other arm
at your side say

La ShT El

Beast Set, Whore !

Scorpio! BABALON ! Mighty Mother

Capricorn! Set, destroyer! ( *of the Old Aeon )

Sol! Horus! Crowned and conquering!

LA!, SET!, AL!

Vibrate: LAShTAL ( keeping in mind that the word Lashtal has the
value of 93)

<font color="#800000">III. Perform the NOX signs:</font>

a) N.....The sign of Horus and Mentu!

b) O.....The sign of The Great God Pan!

c) X......The sign of Isis in welcome.

N! O! X! The Night, of Pan

<font color="#800000">II. The Uniting of the Sun and the Moon
( Liber Al vel Legis I: 15-16 )

Move to the east as in the Pentegram ritual and draw a Golden
Unicursal Hexagram of the Sun. Charging it in the fashion
elsewhere taught, with the word Abrahadabra

Move to the South and repeat the invokation.

When you have arrived at the west, draw the Unicursal Hexagram of
the Moon.

Move to the north and repeat the invokation.

Link up at the east and return to the center at the altar.

Repeat the Invokation of the light.

( See Liber O vel Manus Et Sagittae for the sig

<font color="#800000">Liber Ad Lux Nuit</font>

<font color="#FFFFFF">A Ritual Proper to Rouse the Magickal
Centers via the Vibratory Method of the Middle Pillar by DLXXI

Face the east and assume an upright position, develop the
rhythmic breath

<font color="#800000">The Formulation of the Power Zones</font>

I. Visualize the Kether Center as a sphere of brilliant whiteness.
Inhale , seeing this center expand with power. Exhale, vibrating

II. Inhale, drawing down a shaft of light from the Kether Center
formulating a sphere of concentrated light at the brow. Exhale,
vibrating THELEMA.

IV. Inhale, drawing the shaft of light to the throat center
forming again a sphere of brilliance. Exhale, vibrating AIWAZ

V. Inhale, bringing the shaft to the heart area where it forms a
sphere of light. Exhale vibrating RA-HOOR-KHUIT.

VI. Inhale drawing the light to the groin forming the sphere of
light. Exhale vibrating HADIT.

VII. Inhale, drawing the shaft to the feet where it forms a final
sphere of light. Exhale vibrating THERION.

* The name formulae used in this ritual conforms to the formulae
implied in Liber HHH and is therefore an ideal method of rousing
magickal force. It should be remembered that this rite is
concerned with the Magico-Energic formula of the Microcosmic Tree
and should not be confused with the Macrocosmic Energic System of
the Tree of Life.

<font color="#800000">The Magico-Energic Orbit of the Light.</font>

IX. Inhale, visualizing a stream of white light emanating from
the Malkuth Center that spirals in an upward manner spiraling
about the centers and the shaft in an anti-clockwise direction
until it reaches the Kether center where it is consumed.

X. Exhale strengthening the centers.

XI. Inhale, visualizing a stream of reddish-white light that
spirals in an upward manner spiraling about the centers and shaft
in a clockwise direction until it reaches the Kether Center where
it is consumed.

<p align="left"></p>

<h3 align="left"><font color="#800000">Appendix to part Three</font></h3>

<p align="left"><font color="#FFFFFF">An Instruction in the
Invokation of Planetary Forces

It has been the experience of the Author that when a Hexagram is
used as a method of invoking Planetary forces, the energy invoked
is either passive or active depending on the dignity of the
planet in question. This energy is then programmed and the proper
portal opened with the formula used in the planetary invokation
proper. In the old system ( i.e. pre-Thelemic) the operator is
required to learn fourteen hexagrams. Seven to invoke and seven
to banish. The Advent of the New Aeon or 93 Current has made this
task much easier not to mention more effective. Instead of using
a traditional hexagram of Earth, the Unicursal Hexagram is used.
One hexagram and only four forms. One to invoke active or Solar
energy , one to banish the same. One to invoke passive energy and
one to banish the same. The concept is this. If a planet is of an
active element, to invoke ,the Solar invoking Unicursal is used.
If the planet is of a passive element then the Lunar Unicursal is
used. In either case the hexagram is charged with the formula of
Abrahadabra. Now the elemental basis has been formed for the
manifestation of the planetary energy. To invoke the planetary
energy, draw at the center of the hexagram the sigil of the demon
that you wish to invoke and charge with the proper name or
formula. This is accessed by the higher magico-energic structure
of the New Aeon.

The sigils of the demons used in the planetary
invokation in conjunction with the hexagrams are different from
the seals used in the ritual. The seals are made by taking the
Anglo-Alphabetical Square and connecting the numbers that
correspond to the letters of the demons name by their placement
in the English Alphabet.

The square used is thus: ( the letters V and U and the letters Y
and J are merged to give us 24 digits in the square. It may be
noted that this is a Solar square for it is 6 the initiated
number of the Sun multiplied by 4 the number of the elements.
Spirit is not accounted for in Satanick Magick )

The Sigils are simply the planetary sigils of magickal tradition.

<p align="center"><font color="#FFFFFF">1 2 3 4 5 6

7 8 9 10 11 12

13 14 15 16 17 18

19 20 21 22 23 24</font></p>

<p align="left"></p>

<h3 align="left"><font color="#800000">The Planetary Daemons</font></h3>

<p align="left">
<font color="#800000">Lucifuge:</font> The Demon Lord
set over the operations of Saturn is Lucifuge. He serves in
maters of protection. He is set over the knowledge of the astral
and all matters pertaining to the home. He can administer any of
the powers of Saturn. His number is 607. His color is black. He
is the Demon King set over the Supernal Hell known as Shahul. He
rules the Order of Demons of the Supernals. These are The
Thamiel, the Sateriel and the Chaigidel.

<font color="#800000">Astaroth:</font> The Demon Lord
set over the operations of Jupiter is Astaroth. She is a faithful
demon who will serve in all matters of wealth. She is well with
career and business matters. She also will teach the secrets of
Luck. She can administer all of the powers of Jupiter. Her number
is 1307. Her color is blue. She is the Demon set over the fourth
Hell known as Abaddon. She rules over the Gamchicoth.

<font color="#800000">Asmodeus:</font> The Demon Lord
set over the operations of Mars is Asmodeus.He works well in
matters of attack and destruction. He is a strong demon who will
grant the secrets of battle and reveal the formula of the
Conquering Child. He can administer all the powers of Mars. His
number is 122. His color is red. He is set over the fifth Hell
known as Tythihoz. He rules over the Golab.

<font color="#800000">Belphegor: </font>The Demon Lord
set over the operations of the Sun is Belphegor. He is well to
invoke in any matter of personal success. He teaches the art of
the Unholy Guardian Demon within. He is strong in all matters of
the Solar Sphere. His number is 187. His color is yellow not gold
He is the Demon set over the sixth Hell known as Baraschechath.
He is also known as the “Lord of Opening”. He rules
over the Tagarirum.

<font color="#800000">Baal:</font> The Demon Lord set
over the operations of Venus Baal. He will serve in all matters
of love, lust and sexual powers. He will teach the art of music
and literature. He has the power to administer all of the virtues
of Venus. His number is 33. He is set over the seventh Hell known
as Tzalemoth. He rules over the Harab Serapel.

<font color="#800000">Lilith:</font> The Demon Lord set
over the operations of the Moon is Lilith. She teaches the art of
bewitchment. She will show one how to use the sexual powers
obtained in Venus. She is gifted with all of the powers of a
Lunar nature. Her number is 480. She is set over the ninth Hell
known as Giyehanim. She is the Bride of Satan. She rules over the

<font color="#800000">Adramelech:</font> The Demon Lord
set over the operations of Mercury is Adramelech. He serves well
in divination and is a master of the magickal arts. He has all of
the virtues of Mercury and can administer the same. His number is
30. He is set over the eighth Hell known as ShaÂ’arimath. He
is a great king of the realm of Fire. He rules over the Samael.

The Eight Sub-Princes be:[/i]</font>



<font color="#800000">The Spirits common unto these Four Sub-Princes,

<font color="#FFFFFF">ORIENS. PAIMON. ARITON. AMAIMON. be:</font>

Hosen saraph. Proxosos. Habhi.

Acuar. Tirana. Alluph. Nercamay.

Nilen. Morel. Traci. Enaia.

Mulach. Malutens. Iparkas. Nuditon.

Melna. Melhaer. Ruach. Apolhun.

Schabuach. Mermo. Melamud. Poter.

Sched. Ekdulon. Mantiens. Obedama.

Sachiel. Moschel. Pereuch. Deccal.

Asperim. Katini. Torfora. Badad.

Coelen. Chuschi. Tasma. Pachid.

Parek. Rachiar. Nogar. Adon.

Trapis. Nagid. Ethanim. Patid.

Pareht. Emphastison. Paraseh. Gerevil.

Elmis. Asmiel. Irminon. Asturel.

Nuthon. Lomiol. Imink. Plirok.

Tagnon. Parmatus. Iaresin. Gorilon.

Lirion. Plegit. Ogilen. Tarados.

Losimon. Ragaras. Igilon. Gosegas.

Astrega. Parusur. Igis. Aherom.

Igarak. Geloma. Kilik. Remoron.

Ekalike. Isekel. Elzegan. Ipakol.

Haril. Kadolon. Iogion. Zaragil.

Irroron. Ilagas. Balalos. Oroia.

Lagasuf. Alagas. Alpas. Soterion.

Romages. Promakos. Metafel. Darascon.

Kelen. Erenutes. Najin. Tulot.

Platien. Atloton. Afarorp. Morilen.

Ramaratz. Nogen. Molin.

(= 111 Spirits Servient.)

<font color="#FFFFFF">
These be the Spirits common unto ASTAROT and ASMODEE, viz.:

Amaniel. Orinel. Timira. Dramas.

Amalin. Kirik. Bubana. Buk.

Raner. Semlin. Ambolin. Abutes.

Exteron, laboux. Corcaron. Ethan.

Taret. Dablat. Buriul.



Carasch. Dimurgos. Roggiol. Loriol.

Isigi. Tioron. Darokin. Horanar.

Abahin. Goleg. Guagamon. Laginx.

Etaliz. Agei. Lemel. Udaman.

Bialot. Gagalos. Ragalim. Finaxos.

Akanef. Omages. Agrax. Sagares.

Afray. Ugales. Hermiala. Haligax.

Gugonix. Opilm. Daguler. Pachei.


(= 53 Spirits Servient.)

<font color="#FFFFFF">
These be the Spirits common unto AMAIMON and ARITON,viz.:

Hauges. Agibol. Rigolen. Grasemin.

Elafon. Trisaga. Gagalin. Cleraca.

<font color="#800000">81</font>

Elaton. Pafesla.

(= 10 Spirits Servient.)

These be the Spirits in common between ASMODEE and MAGOT,viz.:

Toun. Magog. Diopos. Disolel.

Biriel. Sifon. Kele. Magiros.

Sartabakim. Lundo. Sobe. Inokos.

Mabakiel. Apot. Opun.

(= 15 Spirits Servient.)

<font color="#FFFFFF">
The following be those of ASTAROT,viz.:

Aman. Camal. Toxai. Kataron.

Rax. Gonogin. Schelagon. Ginar.

Isiamon. Bahal. Darek. Ischigas.

Golen. Gromenis. Rigios. Nimerix.

Herg. Argilon. Okiri. Fagani.

Hipolos. Ileson. Camonix. Bafamal.

Alan. Apormenos. Ombalat. Quartas.

Ugirpen. Araex. Lepaca. Kolofe.

(= 32 Spirits Servient.)

<font color="#FFFFFF">
These be those of MAGOT and KORE, viz.:

Nacheran. Katolin. Luesaf. Masaub.

Urigo. Faturab, fersebus. Baruel.

Ubarin. Butarab. Ischiron. Odax.

Roler. Arotor. Hemis. Arpiron.

Arrabin. Supipas. Forteson. Dulid.

Sorriolenen. Megalak. Anagotos. Sikastin.

Petunof Mantan. Meklboc. Tigrafon.

Tagora. Debam. Tiraim. Irix.

Madail. Abagiron. Pandoli. Nenisem.

Cobel. Sobel. Laboneton. Arioth. Marag. Kamusil. Kaitar. Scharak.

Maisadul. Agilas. Kolam. Kiligil.

Corodon. Hepogon. Daglas. Hagion.

Egakireh. Paramor. Olisermon. Rimog.

Horminos. Hagog. Mimosa. Amchison.

Ilarax. Makalos. Locater. Colvam.


(65 Spirits Servient.)

<font color="#FFFFFF">
Those of ASMODEE be:

Onei. Ormion. Preches. Maggid.

Sclavak. Mebbesser. Bacaron. Holba.

Hifarion. Gilarion. Eniuri. Abadir.

Sbarionat. Utifa. Omet. Sarra.

(= 16 Spirits Servient.)

<font color="#FFFFFF">
These be those of BELZEBUD,viz.:

Alcanor. Amatia. Bilifares. Lamarion.

Diralisen. Licanen. Dimirag. Elponen.

Ergamen. Gotifan. Nimorup. Carelena.

Lamalon. Igurim. Akium. Dorak.

Tachan. Ikonok. Kemal. Bilico.

Tromes. Balfori. Arolen, lirochi.

Nominon. Iamai. Arogor. Holastri.

Hacamuli. Samalo. Plison. Raderaf.

Borol. Sorosma.


Corilon. Gramon.

Magalast. Zagalo. Pellipis. Natalis.

Namiros. Adirael. Kabada. Kipokis.

Orgosil. Arcon. Ambolon. Lamolon.


(= 49 Spirits Servient.)

<font color="#FFFFFF">
These be of ORIENS, viz.:

Sarisel. Gasarons. sorosma.



<font color="#800000">83</font>

Balaken. Gagison. Mafalac. Agab.

(= 8 Spirits Servient.)

<font color="#FFFFFF">
These be of PAIMON,viz.:

Aglafos. Agafali. Dison. Achaniel.

Sudoron. Kabersa. Ebaron. Zalanes.

Ugola. Came. Roffles. Menolik.

Tacaros. Astolit. Rukum.

(= 15 Spirits Servient.)

<font color="#FFFFFF">
These be of ARITON,viz.:

Anader. Eikorok. Sibolas. Saris.

Sekabin. Caromos. Rosaran. Sapason.

Notiser. Flaxon. Harombrub. Megalosin.

Miliom. Ilemlis. Galak. Androcos.

Maranton. Caron. Reginon. Elerion.

Sermeot. Irmenos.

(= 22 Spirits Servient.)

<font color="#FFFFFF">
These be those of AMAIMON, viz.:

Romeroc. Ramison. Scrilis. Buriol.

Taralim. Burasen. Akesoli. Erekia.

Illirikim. Labisi. Akoros. Mames.

Glesi. Vision. Effrigis. Apelki.

Dalep. Dresop. Hergotis. Nilima.

(= 20 Spirits Servient.)

<font color="#FFFFFF">

Oriens, Paimon, Ariton, Amaymon 111

Ashtaroth and Asmodeus - 53

Amaymon and Ariton- 10

Asmodeus and Magoth- 15

Ashtaroth 32

Magoth and Koré 65

Asmodeus 16

Beelzebub 49

Oriens 8

Paymon 15

Ariton 22

Amaymon 20

Total of Names of Servient Spirits 316

Infinite be the Spirits which I could have here set down, but in
order not
to make any confusion, I have thought fit to put only those whom
I have
myself employed, and whom I have found good and faithful in all
Operations wherein I have availed myself of them.
Also it is true that he who shall perform this Operation will be
thereafter, according to his need, to obtain (the names of ) more.


<h3 align="left"><font color="#800000">NOTES TO THE FOREGOING

<p align="left">
<font color="#800000">THE CHIEF SPIRITS.</font>

Lucifer: From Latin, Lux, Light, and Fero, to bear, - A Light
Bearer. There is a name
“Lucifuge” also employed occasionally, from Lux, Light,
and Fugio, to fly from, - He who

shuns the Light.

LEVIATAN: From Hebrew, LVIThN (usually written Leviathan instead
of Leviatan), -the

Crooked or Piercing Serpent or Dragon.

Satan: From Hebrew, ShTN, = an Adversary.

Belial: From Hebrew, BLIOL, = a Wicked One.

<font color="#800000">THE EIGHT SUB-PRINCES.</font>

Astarot: From Hebrew, OShThRVTh, = flocks, crowds or assemblies.
Usually written
“Ashtaroth”. Also a name of the Goddess Astarte; Esther
is derived from the same root.

Magot: May be from Hebrew, MOVTh, = small stones or pebbles; or
from MG, = a
changing of camp or place; or from Greek, Magos, a magician.
Usually written Maguth.
Compare the French word “Magot,” meaning “a sort
of baboon,” and also “a hideous
dwarfish man”; this expression is often used in fairy-tales
to denote a spiteful dwarf or elf.
This Spirit has also been credited with presiding over hidden
treasure. Larousse derives the
name either from ancient French or German.

Asmodee: Usually written “Asmodeus,” and sometimes
“Chashmodai”. Derived by
some from the Hebrew word “Asamod,” to destroy or
exterminate; and by others from the
Persian verb “Azmonden,” = to tempt, to try or prove.
Some Rabbins say that Asmodeus was
the child of the incest of Tubal-Cain and his sister Naafrfah.
Others say that he was the
Demon of impurity. Others again relate that he was employed by
Solomon in the building of
the Temple at Jerusalem; that he then attempted to dethrone
Solomon, to put himself in his
place; but that the King vanquished him and the Angel Gabriel
chased him into Egypt, and
there bound him in a Grotto. The Rabbins say that when Asmodeus
was working at the
building of the Temple, he made use of no metal tool; but instead
of a certain stone which
cut ordinary stone as a diamond will glass.

Belzebud: Also written frequently “Beelzebub”, “Baalzebub”,
“Beelzebuth”, and
“Beelzeboul”. From Hebrew, BOL, = Lord, and ZBVB,= Fly
or Flies; Lord of Flies. Some
derive the name from the Syriac “Beel d’Bobo,” =
Master of Calumny, or nearly the same
signification as the Greek word Diabolos, whence are derived the
modern French and
English “Diable” and “Devil”.

Oriens: These four names of Oriens, Paimon, Ariton and
Amaymon,are usually
allotted to the Evil Kings of the four quarters of the World.
Oriens, from Latin, Oriens, =
rising or Eastern. This name is also written Uriens, from Latin,
Uro, = to burn, or devour
with flame. It is probably from Uriens that a mediaeval title of
the Devil, viz., “Sir Urien”, is
derived. The Name is also sometimes written “Urieus,”
from Latin, “Urios”, a title given to
Jupiter as presiding over the Wind. Urieus is also derivable from
the Greek Adj. “Eurus,
Eureia, Euru,” meaning vast or extensive. By the Rabbins he
is also called SMAL, Samael,
which is derived from the Hebrew root SML, which means “a
figure, image, or idol”. It is a
name given in the Qabalah to one of the Chief Evil Spirits.

Paimon: Is also frequently written “Paymon”, and
sometimes “Paimonia”. Probably
from Hebrew, POMN, = a tinkling sound or small bell. This is
again derived from the
Hebrew root POM, = to agitate, impel, or strike forward. The word
POMN is employed in
Exodus 28, 34; 28, 33; and 39, 25. Paimon is also called by the
Rabbins by the title of
OZAZL, Azazel, which is a name used in Leviticus with reference
to the Scape-Goat. Its
derivation is from OZ, = a Goat; and AZL, = to go away. It has
frequently been warmly
discussed whether the word in question means simply the Scape-Goat,
or whether it signifies
a Demon to whom that animal was dedicated. But in Rabbinic
Demonology it is always used
to mean one of the Chief Demons.

Ariton: It is also often called “Egyn," or “Egin”.
This name may be derived from the
Hebrew root ORH, = to lay bare, to make naked. It may also be
derived from the Greek
word Arhreton, = secret, or mysterious, in any sense good or bad.
Egin, may be derivable
from Hebrew, OGN, = to delay, hinder, or retard. There may also
be a connection with the
Greek Aix, Aigos, = a Goat. This Spirit is also called by the
Rabbins OZAL, Azael, from the
root OZ, which means both a Goat, and also vigour, vehemence of
force; thus having partly
the same root as “Azazel”.

Amaimon: Also written frequently “Amaymon”; perhaps
from the Greek word
Maimon, present participle of Maimao; and A as an enforcing
particle; hence Amaimon
would mean “terrible violence and vehemence”. This
Spirit is also called by the Rabbins

MHZAL, Mahazael, perhaps from the root MZ, = to consume, or
devour. Amaymon is
spoken of in the various mediaeval Magical works as being a very
potent Spirit, and the use
of a ring, with Magical characters to hold before the mouth while
conversing with him, is
recommended as a protection against his deadly,


Hosen: From Chaldaic, CHVSN, chosen, = Strong, Vigorous, Powerful.

Saraph: From Hebrew, ShRP, = to burn, or devour with fire.

Proxosos: Perhaps from Greek, Prox, Proxokos, = a Kid.

Habhi: From Chaidee, ChBA, or Hebrew, ChBH, = Hidden.

Acuar: From Hebrew, AKR, = a tiller of the earth.

Tirana: Perhaps from Hebrew, ThRN, = the Mast of a Ship, also an
Apple Tree.

Alluph: From Hebrew, ALVP, = a Leader, a Duke; also a Bull, from
his leading the

Nercamay: Perhaps from Hebrew, NOR, = a boy, and ChMH a companion.

Nilen: Perhaps from Nilus, Latin, or Neilos, Greek, = the River

Morel: Perhaps from Hebrew, MRH, = to rebel.

Traci: From Greek, Trachus, etc., = harsh, rude.

Enaia: Perhaps from Hebrew, ONIH, = Poor, afflicted.

Mulach: Probably the same as “Moloch,” from Hebrew,MLK,
to rule.

Malutens: Perhaps from Hebrew, MOL, = to lie, or deceive, or

Iparkas: Probably from Greek, Hipparches, = a commander of
cavalry, or leader of

Nuditon: Apparently from the Latin, Nuditas, = nakedness, derived
in its turn from

Melna: Perhaps from Hebrew, LN, to abide or rest.

Melhaer: Perhaps from Hebrew, ML, to cut off, or divide, and ChR,

Ruach: From Hebrew, RVCh = Spirit.

Apolhun: From Greek, Apolluon, Apollyon, = the Destroyer.

Schabuach: From Arabic = to calm or assuage.

Mermo: From Coptic, Mer, Across, and Moou, Water, Across Water.

Melamud: From Hebrew, MLMD, = stimulus to exertion.

Poter: From Greek, Poter, = a drinking cup, or vase.

Sched: From Hebrew, ShDD, the Hebrew name for a devastating demon.
But the

Hebrew root ShD implies the same idea as the English words “To
Shed” ; and signifies a
female breast.

Ekdulon: Probably from Greek, Ekduo, = to despoil.

Mantiens: From Latin, Mantiens, and Greek, Manteia, Prophesying,

Obedama: From Hebrew,OBD, = a servant. AMA = mother. But AMH = a
maid-servant, whence Obedama should signify a womanservant.

Sachiel: Is a name frequently given in Magical works to an Angel
of the Planet Jupiter.

SKK = to cover or protect, but SChH = to trample down.

Moschel: From Hebrew, MVSh, = to move oneself about.

Pereuch: Perhaps from Greek, Per and Euche, = concerning prayer,
or given unto

Deccal: From Hebrew, DChL, = to fear.

Asperim: Perhaps from Latin, “Aspera", = Rude,
Rigorous, Perilous, Dangerous.

Katini: From Hebrew, KThN, = a tunic, whence the Greek word

Torfora: From Hebrew, THOR,= a small knife, or lancet.

Badad: From Hebrew, BDD, = solitary.

I have thus far given the probable derivations at length; but I
shall, for the sake of
brevity, here continue them without giving their roots and
remarks thereon:

Coelen. Latin. Heavens.

Chuschi. Hebrew. Silent.

Tasma. Hebrew and Chaldaic. Weak.

Pachid. Hebrew. Fear.

Parek. Hebrew. Roughness, Savage.

Rachiar. Greek. Sea breaking on rocks.

Nogar. Hebrew. Flowing.

Adon. Hebrew. Lord.

Trapis. Greek. Turning.

Nagid. Hebrew. A Leader.

Ethanim. Hebrew. An Ass; a furnace.

Patid. Hebrew. Topaz.

Pareht. Hebrew. Fruit.

Emphastison. Greek. Image, Representation.

Paraseh. Chaldaic. Divided.

Gerevil. Hebrew. Divining Lot, S
RE: to master therion


I thought you were through and done with this site after asking for vindication and receiving it by truth?

Not to mention all your post filled with hatred erased my MOP!

I still have followed through with my investigation as to your quip about evil not having a formalized body!

Look and fiest your own eyes apon it!

I hope you are quick to realize that what you are dealing with...

RE: to master therion

Sorry to say but all of that long post is descredited by the bible in a few simple verses.

Mt 12:26
26 And if Satan cast out Satan, he is divided against himself; how shall then his kingdom stand?

Mk 3:26
26 And if Satan rise up against himself, and be divided, he cannot stand, but hath an end.

Lk 11:18
18 If Satan also be divided against himself, how shall his kingdom stand? because ye say that I cast out devils through Beelzebub.

Friends, Satan says alot of things, but they are all lies. Read your bibles, it will be the best "weapon" you could ever have against the devil and his trickery.