Temporal Novice

I've been reading through your forums, there are some quite interesting topics. In these sad days for america, one question has come back quite often: why did time travelers not predict or try to prevent this disaster...

Well, I've been thinking a lot about this and suddenly an answer appeared to me. The supposed time travellers would come from quite far in the future. This means they would have learned about this event in history books. But why would they want to RISK to change history by revealing or changing something if they now live in a society which has been strong and wise enough to master such a technology? :S They know that this disaster has maybe been something horrible, but their civilisation, their parents have been strong enough to overcome such a disaster.

This is simply a message of hope to you all, I know that you are strong enough to rebuild your confidence and have no need to be helped by future time travellers.

Best greetings from Switzerland :D