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Bajak flux capacitor


Dear All,
Did anyone tried the bajak flux capacitor ?
Also , what is the peizo transducer in the circuit?

"Peizo" is the terminology used to describe the effect when you rub two crystals together, this action not only creates friction, but produces an electrical spark of energy. Unlike the effect of rubbing together two pieces of "Flint" to generate a spark to make a fire with, the "Peizo" effect generates an "electrical" arch of pulsating current, which can be used for many applications. One such application, is to find several different means to extract thgis peizo effect from crystals, using concentrated pulses of light, and magnetic fields, to generate this electrical current.
First and foremost, the Flux Capacitor was the heart of the time machine in the 'Back to the Future' Trilogy. (And possible BTTF 4 and 5 that's in development)

Anyway, a man named John Bajak claimed he invented such a device in the late 80's. If your read his report (On keelynet-run a search for Flux Capacitor) you get the idea that he might have a few screws loose. I would say that this device was total trash, except that I got results the first time, but it burned out.

The watch was about 2 minutes, 17 seconds out of sync with the control watch. After I rebuilt the circuit, I never got it working again. I finally gave up.
It is not uncommon for "zero point energy" devices (for lack of a better name) to burn out on first use and refuse to work again. Why I don't know. I've heard of one gadget that would work or not work depending on what room it was in and never worked in the same place twice! Go figure.

Maybe the 'stuff' they run on gets depleated or time shifted with use. Maybe they run on 'mind' and just plain DECIDE to be fickle. Is a zero point energy download a cosmic hemorage that repairs itself? We will need to 'think outside the box' to crack this one. To wit; is time a living creature?