"The future ain't what it used to be."

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I enjoy to think & Ponder the Ideas of my own as well as others, So it would help to know what the general thoughts & feelings of all people that use this board are,

Do You all believe/think that-

* Time Travel may be something that involves a craft?
* Time Travel is ONLY possible with the mind?
* Time Travel may be achieved by some sort of (for lack of better words)star trek transporter?

What are your thoughts?

My contribution to your poll will be that I think it is ONLY possible with the mind. But then, ANYTHING is possible there isn't it.

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Thanks for the nod.

I think that the optimist in me really WANTS to find a way that real Time Travel COULD be possible. You have to admit it would be a hellava lotta fun.

The realist in me however is forced to step back and take a hard look at just HOW this could be possible, and the deeper I look, the less likely it seems to me that there is ANY way it can be done.

I'm left with the thought that it is a romantic idea in which one's mind is truly the only way.

The discussions on the how/why/why-not are very stimulating however since one really has to explore just where we are technology-wise to formulate a well founded opinion either way.

I'm finding that trying to PROVE it CAN'T be done is at least as hard as trying to prove it CAN.
Well I do find find it difficult to find any plausible concept of time travel at the moment. So I would have to go with the mind as an answer however I would actually like to see a 4th catagory. Not a craft as such but a mechanism which could push the individual back like a time catapult for use of a better anagoly