Before the Big Bang

"I want to know how God created this world. I am not interested in this or that phenomenon. I want to know His thoughts, the rest are details."
Albert Einstein

The Institute for Advanced Study at Princeton where Einstein spent the last decades of his life is now one of the active centers of research on higher-dimensional space-time.

"If we do discover a complete theory,it should in time be understandable in broad principle by everyone,not just a few scientists.Then we shall all,philosophers,scientists, and just ordinary people,be able to take part in the discussion of the question of why it is that we and the universe exist.If we find the answer to that,it would be the ultimate triumph of human reason-for then we would know the mind of God."
-Stephen Hawking
"BIG Baddah-Boom!"
(Script from the movie "The Fifth Element")

I hope nobody has forgotten the experiment at CERN laboratories, in which they are re-creating a mini "Big-Bang" within a huge underground particle accelerator?

The scary thing about all this, is that no one is truly aware of the potential risk of any undesirable side effects, that may arise from this experiment.

It is not a question if any undesirable side effects could occur from this experiment, but rather the cost effectiveness, and the delay involved if it were postponed untill we were absolutley certain of the consequences beforehand, and that in itself perhaps would be impossible to explore the possiblities for such hazzards, unless we tested it first, in order to find out what would happen, right?

Why am I reminded of our firsts experiments with nuclear testing? HMmmm... and we really did't know then what we were playing around with, but yet there are still remnents of our early follies that still linger to this day as a result of our mistakes!

This sure gives new meaning to the the words written on our US Dollars "In God We Trust"

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"Big Bang machine gets down to work ."

The first spectacular images of atoms smashing together at near-light speed were released Wednesday as part of an experiment scientists say will eventually generate a state of matter that existed a millionth of a second after the Big Bang. A milestone in physics, the researchers’ effort has also generated heated debate and several doomsday theories — including one that argues the experiment might release particles called “strangelets,” which could gobble the globe.

For more details, please visit the link below...
Pamela, I do believe there could be infinate universes and dimensions, all connected by tunnels that move like seaweed. Should our particle accelorator experiments prove to be a doomsday boo boo, I'll meet you in one of the other dimensions and skip my dentist appointment in this one.
I don't think I have a very good relationship with my counter parts in other dimensions. =) We all seem to think on an independent mind set. I'm not sure if I would be able to help my self out in another dimension. For all I know, I could be a famous person or a bum on the corner asking for a hand out. A priest, an atheist. Who knows? Maybe I do, and I just don’t know it.

There were times where I’ve dreamt of seeing a double me, confrontations I’ve had with a double me. The first time this happened to me was after the military incident on the ship (for those who’ve read my dream on this would know). And a few others times, in areas and situations, I don’t want to say =). But it’s far out to consider of the possibilities. Well must go now. Maybe some body should start a thread on this, and see where it goes =).

-Javier C.

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Javier..why don't you start a thread on it?

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Oct. 8 — Over the past century, physicists have unlocked the secrets behind radio and television, nuclear energy and the power of the sun. Now they’re seeking the ultimate prize: a “theory of everything” that could reveal a bizarre realm of interdimensional wormholes and time warps.

SUCH A THEORY would give us the ability to “read the mind of God,” says Cambridge cosmologist Stephen Hawking. And in Hawking’s opinion, there’s a 50-50 chance that someone will discover the Holy Grail of physics within the next 20 years.
It won’t be easy, though: The discoverer would have to find the harmony underlying two themes as discordant as light Bach and heavy rock.
On one side is Albert Einstein’s theory of general relativity. Einstein saw the large-scale universe as a smooth, curved surface in four dimensions (the three dimensions of space plus time). The gravitational force that binds us to the earth arises from the very structure of that space-time continuum.
On the other side is quantum theory. Beginning in the 1920s, a generation of scientists defined the small-scale universe as a collection of fuzzy phantoms. These subatomic particles couldn’t be precisely located in space and time, but their interaction could be described in statistical terms.
Both theories are proven successes — but taken together, they’re out of joint. The equations that describe the gravitational field are completely different from those for electromagnetism and subatomic interactions.
Moreover, each theory is incomplete by itself. Relativity cannot tell us how the big bang gave rise to the universe as we know it, or what lies within the black holes created by the collapse of massive stars. Quantum theory, meanwhile, only describes an assortment of particles, mathematical constants and equations — without divining the sense and symmetry underlying them all.
For decades, theorists have tried various strategies to roll up the gravitational field and the quantum field into one set of equations. Most of the attempts failed. “Whenever we tried to calculate numbers from these theories, we would arrive at meaningless infinities,” said theoretical physicist Michio Kaku.
But one bizarre approach is gaining popularity. It turns out that the equations of quantum theory can mesh perfectly with the theory of relativity — if we look at them from the perspective of a 10-dimensional universe.
The concept is called “superstring theory,” because theoreticians imagine the core components of the universe as tiny loops of string or membranes vibrating in 10 dimensions. Different resonances of the vibrations correspond to different types of particles. Thus, electrons, neutrinos and other elementary particles fit on a grand cosmic scale, just as the notes A, B and C fit on a musical scale.
Kaku says it should come as no surprise that the universe makes more sense in higher dimensions. After all, Einstein made the universe seem more sensible by including time as the fourth dimension.
But if the universe we only dimly understand as having four dimensions really has 10 — where are the other six dimensions? Kaku and his fellow string theorists contend that when the big bang inflated our four dimensions into the universe as we know it, the extra six dimensions collapsed into loops smaller than the smallest observed subatomic particle.
If humans could somehow identify and harness those dimensions, it might become possible to manipulate those interdimensional fields. You could create stable “wormholes” for rapid transit across the universe. You might even be able to drop into parallel “quantum universes” that operate under physical laws completely different from our own.
Exploring such science-fiction possibilities would require resources of science-fiction proportions.
There are millions of possible solutions for the superstring equations — and figuring out the right solution for our universe would be like picking a needle out of a galaxy-sized haystack. Even if the theory turns out to be right, probing the shrunken dimensions would require energies approaching the scale of the big bang — trillions of trillions of times more powerful than a hydrogen bomb.

However, outer space could open a window to the hidden dimensions and at least provide some confirmation of superstring theory. By observing the patterns of particles and antiparticles flying through space, researchers just might find indirect evidence to back up a “theory of everything.”

This article is based on material from “Hyperspace” and “Visions” by Michio Kaku.
"<...> generate a state of matter that existed a millionth of a second after the Big Bang."
Still a big difference from 'recreating' the Big Bang. Tremendously different energies required.

Most of the doomsday predictions about CERN rest on extremely thin statistical improbabilities - the strangelet thing being one example. Do any of you really thing that anyone would make such a machine if there were actually a chance that it would wind up gobbling up all humanity, as well as the local Universe? The 'conspirators' would be annihilated without prejudice.
A correct unified field theory was formulated by JC Maxwell in 1864. It doesn't get used much, because it actually works. In other words it would change the world IF used. In other words the new science you speak of with such awe and interest is already 'on the books' for anyone who cares to read a few.....(Hi, TREVER).

The only mysteries left are the ones they don't WANT you to know.
you remind me of the man I talked to on the phone in charge of the HAARP project.
he reminded me how he had children and wouldnt dare do anything to harm the Earth
or anything like that. but they are still doing those experiments in the upper atmosphere.THINKING everything is ok.
but I also read that some of those changes in the upper atmosphere are irreversible.
they wont know what they have done until it is too late. history will repeat itself.
and SOME things cannot be reversed.
We could have the answers starting with the next generation.

Those of us alive today are the Final Generation of humans as we have known since the beginning of mankind. The next generation will be the first Artificial Generation: humans born with genetically altered genes, eating genetically altered foods, and producing genetically altered offspring. They will have different traits.

This New Manknd will have a New Mentality (for better or worse) and will have different perspectives on science, religion, morality, etc -- everything physical, psychic, mental, and noetic.
What makes you suspect that that's how it's going to be? Just because Genetic Engineering exists, does that automatically mean that the whole world is going to get genetically altered (treated)?

No, I don't think so... It's still a long ways before anything that extreme is authorized and legalized. We will be talking about segregation by then. The ones who can afford it (upper class) will be to powerful, smart, and attractive, (perfect) and want to have special treatment (just how they do now
). While the middle class and those working 40+ hours week jobs, supporting a family will have to settle with good old fashion mother nature

The natural way... The way nature intended it to be.

No shortcuts for me. I won't even think of tinkering with my genes. I'm happy just being the way I am

Further more, where is your proof that the next generation will want to be genetically altered -Artificial-? I think we will have a choice... Don't you think?

You know, humanity will hold on to some of its ideals and traditions. They won't go out the window just like that because of their next generation. If they do, that would be dumb... Turning your back at your past, your history, what it took for you to get here.

But anyway’s, just for the record, I am also opposed to Genetic Engineering
. You would be too, if you do a little Internet research on the pros and con’s for it. More con’s though

-Javier C.

P.S. I thought this would be funny, since the Democratic Convention is to begin very soon

“I invented the internet” Al Gore…

Man, he’s so dull
. He put me to sleep the last time he spoke.

I'm not necessarily pro or con on genetic engineering, but the transition will escalate when the UN, national governments, multinational medical corporations, etc. proliferate it world wide. It will spread quite rapidly in the todays world.

There will be one or two Transitional Generations to observe the positive and/or negative impacts on society. We will then get an idea of where we are going as a specie and where we will no longer be able to go. The possibilities are as varied as the number of permutations in DNA. It can not be reversed.
to travel you have to move relative to somthing,if you were surounded by truely nothing there would be no beginning and end to your journey,i dont believe the universe has ever been totally empty....but punctuated with pockets of yes you could travel between them.
Do you have any proof to support your speculation?

I make sure I always do when I make large assumpstions like that


P.S. What's the deal with all these unregistraded users? I think we should always be suspicious of who shifts are attention to what. Especially if we don't know who they are just yet.