Before Time....Stasis?


Temporal Novice
Just a question... I really have no personal conception of the answer, it seems unfathomanable, but it also seems there are plenty here that hazard plausible answers for the ponderous. My question is what was before time? Stasis perhaps? Time is always relative to something... What happens when there is nothing, does time even exist? Was there a precursor to time, a true nothingness devoid of time? Is a singularity bounded by time? I guess what I'm really getting at is that if there is a beginning to time there must be an end or is time truly infinite...has it always passed, will it always pass? What would the properties of a timeless dimension be like, is stasis possible?
If you stare off into space, the farther you look, the blurier things get. Time and space are the same thing. So the farther you look into the past or the future, the less certain you can be.

My answer to the question is that you simply can't know. If you try to figure out what the beginning of time was like, or what the end will be, it would appear to be completely uniform. To look beyond the beginning of time is to look beyond absolute uncertainty to something even less certain. You can know less than nothing.

Now you may travel backwards in time, but the beginning of time will just be that much farther away. And where would that extra bit of past come from? Well, for beginners you wouldn't be able to know much about it, but what you could know would depend on which past you went to.

There are an infinite number of paths you can take, and an infinite number of paths to have come from. Some are more probable than others. All you can really know is your current position and momentum in time-space. Everything else is statistics.
"...Is a singularity bounded by time?...What would the properties of a timeless dimension be like, is stasis possible?"

Time flows at a slower pace in areas with heavier gravity. Ever heard the saying: "Clocks upstairs tick faster than ones in the basement."? The extreme of this effect is of course a blackhole, where time is frozen still.
Is time actually frozen in a black hole? Is this postulation or fact? I'm not asking argumentatively I'm just genuinely curious. Wouldn't time still exist there, just compressed to a near standstill, but still progressing.
What if time was just something created for us as humans? By a God that is not bound by time. Therefore, time would have a beginning and probably an end, but then what was before time and what will be after time? I believe in a God who is eternal and exists at all "times" simultaneously. In fact he refers to himself as I Am. That is for a reason. However, when time ceases to exist, He will still exist. Time is something that exists only in the physical realm. The spiritual realm is not governed by physics.

Hopefully, I won't get flamed for these thoughts. They are not meant to be spoken with absolut authority, but rather are just me thinking aloud. I love pondering these things.