"The future ain't what it used to be."

Behold the Quantum Teleporter


First, what is a teleportation machine, in my head, consist of?
Basically, there are two parts. The first part is the sending part. The second part is the receiving part. We teleport an object from the first part to the second part.

The pushing and receiving detects' function is to push magnetic flux (send) from the pushing detact into the black metal ball. Then is to be received by the receiving detect. Both pushing and receiving detects are simple electromagnetic coils. The main job for these two is to detect the frequency of the metal ball. I think that if we can detect the frequency of the metal ball, we can later amplify the frequency of the metal ball and teleport the metal ball away by sending the amplified frequency away.

The receiving detect receives the uniquea frequency recorded in the metal ball. (actually, every matter in the world carries its unique frequency.) The secondary coil transforms the detected frequency to the primary coil. This transformation should be "step up" transformation.

The secondary coil to primary coil transformation should be "step down". That means we are going to make a lower frequency but higher amp output. (Input from secondary and output to primary)

Now we amplify the outcome from the primary coil. Before we amplify the outcome, its already high amperage. By amplifying it, we made it high amperage AND high frequency!

After the frequency of the metal ball is amplified, we let the amplified frequency run! (See the animation below) The metal ball may be teleported. The boosted frequency of the metal ball brings the metal ball away. I know that high frequency jumps from one contact to the other in thin air. Can this theory work?

Now we must receive the metal ball at somewhere else. We then build a stopper at the destination point where we can receive the teleported object. You see, I believe that "likes attract". If there is a party going on, party animals will all gather at the party. If we duplicate the metal ball's frequency and then boost it up, the metal ball may follow its boosted frequency and be teleported to somewhere else.

. Maybe if we replace the two magnetic coil (see picture) with a transformer that transforms the frequency very very high, the high frequency may be able to carry the object away through wire.

But it must be like this: If the metal ball is, for example, 100 megs, then at that very moment, the frequency must be able to carry 100 megs per second. (I'm talking computer now. I don't know any other way to describe this phenomena.) You cannot have only 50 megs of traffic per second because the metal ball cannot break up into half, be transferred away, and later be united again. The metal ball is in one piece and cannot be dismantled. Therefore, if the metal ball is 100 megs, we need 100 megs per second frequency to teleport this ball. You see, the entire thing must be teleported at that very instance. Or else, it won't move. The more heavier the object, the more energy we need.

Why should we build teleportation? Its so impossible!"

Well, do we always have to be within the scope? Another word, must we always do ... what has already been done? Can't we be pioneers? Can't we be a little more creative? We are living in the 90's. Everyone should carry an open mind. I mean, what is a six years college education for? For money? So that you can have a good life? I think its more than that. Can we not invent a new technology to explore the universe? Teleportation not only can solve problems for the growing human population, it also is the only liberator of mankind. Imagine unlimited natural resources and living space! Without it, humans will fight until the end for limited properties and resources and end up destroying this planet. Do you like blood shed...from your own children, or from your family? Do you feel safe to walk on the streets.... knowing that one day you will be innocently shot be terrorists?

If we humans cannot and will not stop fighting and killing ...... then why are we living here? I don't want to fight and kill forever. I don't want to live knowing that this tragedy comes to no end.
Humans must be liberated! There is no way out!

If we induce the frequency of the sphere, which is on the left side, into the cube on the right side, would the sphere be sucked into the cube? Would the two body become ONE BODY? So if the above picture is possible, how about if we let the frequency run through a steel rod. Would the sphere be transferred to the other side of the rod?

Atoms are made out of frequencies. Inside an atoms are billions of billions of thin frequencies binding to one another forming into a community. Remember E=mC2? Matter is energ, Energy is matter....So another words, this bottle we see here is frequency.

( Pic of Glass Bottle)
Pure frequency!

To teleport the bottle, we must do this: Let's look at an example below.

Everything has a unique set of frequency in it. But a solid object's frequency is stable frequency (low frequency), and therefore a solid object cannot easily be transferred through wire. Electricity has no shape and is unstable frequency. (high frequency) And electricity travels through wire.

So the conclusion is: Higher the frequency, the more flexible it is and the better it can travel.

To teleport something, we must first make it HIGH FREQUENCY!

(insert pic of a man)

Here we have a man. His frequency is normal, low frequency.

In order to teleport this guy, we have to put him in a chamber and induce high voltage into him. Inducing high voltage into him can raise his frequency up! Not high amperage but only high voltage. High voltage is safe, and high amperage is deadly. High voltage alone is a form of a high frequency. Of course if the amperage can also be raised, it would have been more effective. But since our purpose is not to cook the guy for food, we must leave high amperage alone.

His frequency is now raised up!

<[[ ZZZ.HIGH FREQUENCY![P>And now we detect his raised frequency and amplify that raised frequency up A LOT more!

Then we run the amplified frequency through a magnetic coil designed to teleport objects. See below.

Then we teleport this guy by sucking him into the magnetic coil and spew him out at the other station. Remember this picture and how it works?

This time, before using the Pushing Detect and the Receiving Detect to detect the object's frequency, we must first raise the object's frequency up so that it's teleportable.

Remember, Nikola Tesla has invented Tesla Coil that performs wireless energy transfer. This proved the higher the frequency, the more flexible it is and the better it travels.

The spacestations will all be tube shaped rotating probes which create centrifugal forces (the force which makes things fly outward). Then people and houses will all fly outward. Then we have gravity which is outward.

In the future, robots will mine for metals and other raw materials for humans at nearby planets. Productions and minings will completely be handled by robots. Humans don't have to work. Human needs (food, clothing, necessities) will be free.

Robots will build other robots, factories, and homes for humans. Robots will farm and work in factories for humans. Robots and space stations will be solar powered. Robots will work for humans completely for free. HUMANS NO LONGER HAVE TO WORK! Everyone will be rich. Everyone will be equal. Since living space and human necessities will become unlimited, no one will fight. There will be no war, but eternal peace.

Because of DNA recoding, in the future, people can choose their own skin, hair, and eye color. Human beings will become one race!

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You never know what strange things could develop within a persons basement, or garage, when they have the resources, and too much "Time" on their hands!