Beings of Pure Energy: Ony in Our Dreams?


Chrono Cadet
Oh, you've all seen the Gene Roddenberry types on Star Trek, the species that has reached it's evolutionary potential...and is now on the brink of PURE ENERGY!!!!!

And our psychics describe encounters with our loved ones who have died as bringing their energies forward...

And some people claim to see our "auras" or can photograph our energy signatures?????

(None of these things are half as strange or as wonderful as the REAL SCIENCE that is now ongoing all around the world!)

What is all this about? Is there some scientific basis for our psuedo-scientific collective beliefs concerning life and energy?

We know that our brains and nervous systems operate electro-chemically. We know that mattter, which includes our cells and atoms, is acually made up of energy, of sorts, ultimately. Complex though it is, it seems as though, we are already beings of energy.

Maybe, when we die, it becomes a different form of energy. Maybe someday, humanity will be a different sort of energy altogether.

Seems like we all suspect, that the key, lies in striving for the better good, for peace and enlightenment, exp0anding our horizons, our capabilities of comprehension and compassion.

But what does thought have to do with energy? What did Kubrick intend us to absorb philisophically, from the movie "2001 A Space Odyssey" (sorry, that movie is an especially fond favorite of mine).

Transcending. Doesn't that seem to be a present modern theme for humanity?

Shouldn't we take time each day to try and FEEL or PERCEIVE the energy of life all around us?

Sure, someday, maybe someone will invent a wonderful cure-all from of clean energy. Or maybe they already have, and it has been suppressed. But the energy that is important, and the energy that we can best control, is our own.

The appropriateness of chance is astounding.
I believe in angels. Too many weird things happen to all be "explained away". If angels exist, then they fill nicely the description of "beings of energy, capable of trans-dimensional travel.

I also believe bad-angels account for 100% of "extraterrestrials"...
Persephone says>But what does thought have to do with energy? What did Kubrick intend us to absorb philosophically, from the movie "2001 A Space Odyssey" (sorry, that movie is an especially fond favorite of mine).

Creedo answers>What was said that had happened is Sagan was exposed to a similar monolith as shown in 2001 ans he and other scientist had tried to open it.

Just as in the movie, there was a beam projected and it was said this is how Sagan became ill.

Don't know the why of this, however 2001 was a CIA encouraged to write novel by Clarke, as they had it was told, contacted him a year ahead of time, to write this novel, with this particular storyline.

So it may be that 2001 does after all, have a basis in fact?
Hello Creedo229,

I am always thinking when I see films or any kind of media....I wonder if this was commisioned or somehow wrought from powerful intervention.

I also think, was Hollywood, or a select few of Hollywood, duplicitous in the moon landing footage, and other events that those in power want to influence the public concerns and beliefs?

The Appropriateness of Chance is Astounding

"There are great ideas undiscovered, breakthroughs available to those who can remove one of truth's protective layers" by Neil Armstrong