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Black hole...White hole?


Is this true? if not, please explain this to me correctly.
Is it possible that a person could go through a black hole so fast that he would not be crushed because there wouldn't be enough time to crush him? And if a black hole will send someone ahead in time then the exact opposite: a white hole, would send him back in time. But this is impossible because there are no white holes. Therefore, going back in time is impossible.
Well there is not really many thinks know for black holes. But here is trick, there is nothing behing the event horizon of a black hole. It could be a hole diferent universe with a higher light speed but we cannot know it. The problem is that you cannot enter a black hole since time stops beyond the event horizon, the mater waves just crush on a barier, and r erased out of existance at the same time because there is no time to have a vibration(quatum mechanins, superstring theory)
There has been a theory thats not been disproven about if a black hole were to be rotating there would be a hole in the center(for example life saver like) where a person could safely travel though.

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The problem with Black holes is that once inside there is no comunication with outside. Example. If you go beyond the horizon your brain yould not know that your hard was pounding!
And there is nothing that comes out of a black hole. Even SH Black hole dynamic sais for the twin birth the 1 of the tow particles are drop in the hole so we seem to have a trasmited particle from the hole where is truth there is nothing at all from the hole but for the void around it
Correction, there are no white holes "anymore".

My theory on black and white holes is that a Black hole removes matter from "now" and sends it back in time before the origin of creation. Thus, throughout "negative time" there were numerous white holes spewing out matter which eventually condensed into the "super atom", which was for all intents and purposes "perfect" for planck time at the origin of time.

During Negative time, the Universe was "becoming" perfect. After the origin, the universe has been breaking down, the pinnacle of universal breakdown being a black hole. Eventually, all matter in the universe will be tempcycled back before the origin, which simply means that there will be more matter at the origin of creation, meaning the universe will expand, forever. Thus, we will never witness the complete destruction of the universe. The universe itself is a perpetual motion machine, and in fact, the only possible means for perpetual motion to be achieved. That is why we have had such difficulty initiating perpetual motion with our euclidian machines.

By this same token, it should be possible to loop matter or energy back on itself in a "perpendicular universe" (a universe in which imaginary time plays the same role that real time does in our universe). By allowing the system to continue for a one second, and using say, only one molecule of gasoline, it could be possible to "manufacture" 10^43 molecules of gasoline at the origin of the perpendicular universe, then, using a wormhole, shunt the whole system back into "our" universe, increasing the original amount of gasoline 10^43 times, without breaking the first law of thermodynamics.

And why use only gasoline? How about gold, or platinum, or even helium three? Feed the hungry, use an apple for pete's sake. Or how about some loaves and fish? There's an idea. How do you feed five thousand people with five loaves and two fish? Simple. Tempcycle the loaves a thousand times in perpendicular universe, tempcycle the fish twenty-five hundred times, shunt the whole perpendicular universe into ours, and boom! Five thousand loaves and five thousand fish. Jesus did it, it can be done.

Also, if such a system could be set up to run automatically, it could even be done with raw energy, shunt the systems in pulses, you could make one wicked impulse drive.

In order to accelerate a vessel to .86c, you have to convert its entire mass into kinetic energy.

A system like this could make five, ten, fifteen, even a thousand times the vessel's mass of energy available to do work.

Ahead Warp factor one Mr. Sulu!

Temporal Mechanics is fun...
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Your concept seems verey interesting. As a matter of fact, sometime ago the conception of a white hole was that it was an energy redirecting source, much like a star, but without the expenditure of chemical materials. In fact the energy being re-directed would be that energy, pure unhampered energy. This energy bridge would form on the future of a star that would become a black hole that would in turn loop in on itself having been polarized and all the energy gathered accumulated in a point, that point being a white hole. The concept is quite interesting but it nevermade it into the public eye because of it's obvious thermodinamical incongruencies.

Until later becomes now.
Here is an elaboration on my blackhole/white hole theory.

What's the only thing in the universe that would be bright enough to be considered a white hole?

Think about it... what outshines an entire galaxy, if only for a little while?

Right... a supernova.

A particularly big one leaves a black hole behind.

Many astrophysicists conclude that all complex elements in the universe are manufactured in supernovae.

Well, suppose for just a moment that a critical mass of Hydrogen compresses on a single point of space and time. Over time, this "supergiant star" will compress hydrogen into helium. Once there is no more hydrogen in the system, the same star will compress Helium into Carbon, Oxygen, Neon and Magnesium. Once there is no more Helium, the supergiant will compress the elements further into Silicon, Sulphur, Chlorine, Argon, Potassium and Calcium. Once that process is complete, the star will once again, further compress those elements into Titanium, Vanadium, Chromium, Manganese, Iron, Cobalt and Nickel.

Up until this poin, the nuclear fusion reactions inside this star have been producing exothermic reactions. Further compression of this matter therefore, will constitute an endothermic reaction, and we all "know" that nothing can have a temperature less than absolute zero...

So how does one construe absolute zero temperature? Well, that means that what we have here is simply energy contained in a mass, and the mass is not doing any work.

So what happens if a critial mass of Titanium, Vanadium, Chromium, Manganese, Iron, Cobalt and Nickel are further compressed to a point at which their atomic nuclei begin to fuse?

Well... an endothermic reaction would take place at absolute zero. The bizzare effect of this endothermic reaction would give the system a NEGATIVE TEMPERATURE. The matter in this superstellar remnant will begin to coalesce, and with a critical mass, all of the matter will condense into Neutronium (a solid made entirely of neutrons, like a big glob of nuclear glue).

Now we have a neutron star.

So what happens if the matter is further compressed so as to cause neutrons to coalesce?

You can't have one nucleon with six quarks in it...

The first two coalescing neutrons will indeed annhiliate themselves, almost like matter and antimatter.

If there is just enough space for the gamma photons to escape the system, the periodic annihilations of neutrons will cause the sample of neutronium to spew out an almost laser-like X-Ray beam.

Now our Neutron star is a pulsar.

Now, if... and only if... the gravity of the situation is so strong that there IS NO SPACE between the Neutrons, the gamma photons will be reflected off of the solid neutronium and focussed on the centre of the system. The gamma photons themselves will begin to coalesce, and since nothing can escape from the system, more and more gamma photons will be focussed on the same point in space and time.

Now consider this... all things that are of God's making have some sort of length. If any amount of energy can be made to occupy ZERO LENGTH, the result will be a quantum singularity through which anything can pass. If the entire system's gravity is pushing all matter towards that open singularity, all of the matter and energy in the system will be compressed into that singularity.

Now we have a black hole.

For the first planck instant of its existence, all of the mass will occupy original time, and it will be released backwards in time from the origin of the singularity. By changing a mass' temporal trajectory to the real negative, the mass will in fact be moving FASTER THAN THE SPEED OF LIGHT. After the creation of the black hole, the temporal trajectory of any matter or energy that passes through the event horizon will be thrown back in time faster than light, only to be slowed down by the intense gravity of the singularity inside the system.

The matter will continue to slow down until it reaches light speed again. This will happen inside the core of the Supergiant star that created it.

This could be experimentally proven by seeing if *certain* supergiant stars have a tendancy to get massively smaller as they get older. Why smaller?

Because one black hole can generate an entire galaxy...

What would happen if an entire galaxy was just one big supercalafragilisitic-giga-monster star?

That galaxy would probably likely look like a quasar.

Thus the universe exists as a triality paradox at the origin of time. It is all of nothing in infinite space, everything in zero space, and in perfect equilibrium, ALL AT THE SAME TIME.

That is why everything is three dimensional, even the dimensions themselves and the sub-dimensions.

3 in 3 in 3. 27.


Every time a Supernova erupts and subsequently results in the formation of a black hole, a new original time spike is driven into existence and that black hole proceeds take part in forming an entire galaxy with a number of other black holes.