Black Holes?

If you create a gravity well by condensing mass into so small an area it becomes a singularity, then you could create an artificial black hole. you simply contain that black hole in a PERFECT vacuum and start it spinning. you then get a rope made of quantum superstrings (based on the superstring theory, that the smallest particle in existence is a string) linked together by the strongest material on earth. The spinning black hole will allow you to launch your rope through and come out the other side and not have to exceed the speed of light to do so. Your rope will be transported thousands of light years away. You then have the camera that you attached on the rope aim at earth and take a picture. Then you will see the light coming from earth as it was THOUSANDS OF YEARS AGO! This is a form of nondestructive time travel. Then you retract the rope and recover the picture. You can prove or disprove god, catch criminals as they do the crime, and millions of other possibilities exist. However, you can only travel to the past and not the future.
A question that pops up frequently is, ^I though spinning black holes were just a science fiction myth!^ Well, simply put, when a black hole starts to spin, 2 event horizons are created. The faster the spin, the closer they get until they merge. When they merge, you can pass through the black hole and not have to exceed the speed of light to escape. This means that you will end up in the dumping grounds for the black hole, a white hole. (I know it sounds corny but scientists arent known for their naming skills.)

Origionally posted by: The_One
But wouldnt you be crushed while trying to pass through the black hole?.....If there wasnt an event horizon and just a singularity would you then be able to travel through the black hole safely? ( if thats some how possible )
Ah yes, you see when the 2 event horizons merge, that means that when you pass through them physics will reverse itself twice, making it possible that if you pass through at near light speeds (using an atom smashing device to propel your rope) it will make it through fast enough to get out the other side. But the question remains, what about the part of the rope still inside the black hole? Well, thats why you have to use the smallest particle available to build it, since things like electrons and other liptons cannot be destroyed, since they are composed of no smaller particles. (however, if the superstring theory is correct, you would use quantum strings intead of liptons)