Blackhole inside a wormhole

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1-Is it possible for a blackhole to travel through a wormhole?
2-Can a blackhole create a wormhole
3-If no one can answer these questions can you supply a link with similiar material?

Thanks =)
Hi Joe,

From what I understand the combination of A Black and White hole creates a wormhole...

Of course there is no documented proof on this and its only in theory.

Stargazer gave me this reply on
I thought anyone intersted in my post would like to read it.


Per definition a wormhole is a black hole without any event-horizon, without any singularity; and without a core.
It is a ribbed black-hole to say it in another way.
So no; a black hole can not travel trough a wormhole.
A black hole cannot create a wormhole either; a wormhole can be created by having electromagnetic rings spinn around a central point in space at crazy speeds. The center of these rings could then have both antimather and normal mather; starting a process wich can (in theory) open a hole trough our reality.

For more info on antimather and its effects on normal mather; head to CERN's-homepage at

For more info on Black Holes, you might want to read osme of Stephen W. Hawkings books, and maby also visit his homepage at .