"The future ain't what it used to be."

Blueprints for time travel


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3 Tensor Coils (focus directed through xenon gas/bulbs)
Scaler lattitude/longitude
Ferrite Core (for tensor)
Potentiometer (pulse)

Copper Rod
Electromagnet Tip in copper rod
Using wraps and layers for electromagnet
Particles acccelerate through copper tube
Set in center to create triangular tensor pulse set-up
Apex pyramid shaped along your floor

32 degrees, cold steel
Wrapped with small gauge magnetic wire
Motor to pulse cold steel for electromagnet set in front of
particle accelerator.

Do your math to know where and when you are. A simple blueprint for your simple time.
In your time, you finally have figured out how to split an electron via cold helium methods. The electron is basis of all quantum mechanics. In later times you will learn that you must use "plates" for exact measurements in time. Have not figured the power of nine volts in your time. The potential is the key.
If plasma is used correctly, one could create a fire that never burns. You may be trying to achieve travel. You are going on theories that have no basis. You in your time still believe in gravity, not realizing the electromagnetosphere not to mention the bioelectric adhesion and how it holds all things together. The "Theory of gravity" is just what it says..A theory.
If the first man in space lost his glove...and lived...and then went on to make Tang commercials...why do you think spcae is a vaccuum?? Knowing that new galaxies release oxygen in space, there can be fire there afterall...yee of this time.
For your fusion you try to achieve in this time...it will never work. For the breakdown of electrons as a source of energy, you get energy through decay. Dry fusion is the key for this generation. Accelerated particle decay by means of accelerated electrons being the key to dry fusion. Your recources are limited.
If you believe you are a physisist, you must realize the new laws. Advancement cannot be achieved through repetitious guiding of arrogant human mind.
Once your generation that discovers new frequencies that are not radio...and combines them with vibration..you will learn that even time is nothing but a large pressure of these two combined. There are many ways to build a time machine. The way that was given to you above is something that anyone can understand if one were to have even a basic primordial knowledge of this time's electronics. For instance...another way to travel forward through time would consist of a frozen light chamber...thus renders bent light a rapid movement of invisible forward motion of accelrated particles...however...never making a physical step.

Crude technology based on a few sources of energy will get you no further than your back door, unless you learn to balance what has been given to you in the beginning. You still use crystals for frequencies(radio transmitters)..have you ever thought that tuning a frequency through something as simple as your logic gates being etched not traditionally, but onto a magnetic surface. Once you use magnetic circuit boards...computers will become smaller and smaller in size..not to mention cheaper. But "cheaper" is another story altogether which I do not have the patience to go into at this moment.
Your society still manifests itself predictably, almost algorithmic. Even little riddle tellers pry for attention.

Forget about entropy, and forget about what you know as quantum rules, forget what you know about gravity and force. You should realize this about your science. The electron breaks down in time into protons, neutrons, and neutrinos, yet an electron is quite small compared to those it breaks down into. Imagine a pumpkin, and when you break this pumpkin, it fragments into bigger pumpkins...twice the size.

If you were serious about your pursuits, stop making everything out of copper wire and magnets. Those should only be used to achieve your first step in and through time. When you reply, do not reply with sarcastic base intelligence....rather consider what is written above, study it...and then tell of your discoveries to the world.

Yesterday's tomorrow is today.
And that's it.
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There were beings who worked a counsole, which had generaited a zero event shell.

This shell would levitate above the ground and travel horizontally.

These being were dressed in blue sutes, with a kindof leotard cap, that would go upover the head.

The control console was about the hight of a kitchen sink and about as wide as a desk.

There were witnesses who saw the travel of this ship.
Event happened some fifteen to twenty years ago and was witnessed by people on the ground.

I feel that this was a type of E.T. device that may have been only passing through this reality?

Please and thank you, do you have any knowlege of this craft?

This information is important as it provides a parody between the said John Titor vehicle, that could still generaite a zero event shell, however did not have the means of levitation, which is a similarity within crafts.

The Titor craft was said to have generaited a two hundred degree event shell and there was some intimation already that power was somehow taken from this shell, at zero jump?

These were twin SIMULAITED DOUBLE KERR BLACK HOLE SIMULARITIES and not real twin kerrs.

So stasus of objects within the kerrs, would be only slightly distorted, if any displacment at all?

Do you have any knowlege on this phenominon kind sir?

I would like to see the blue prints, does this device levitate additionally also Sir?

Please and thanks, Dan

Just out of curiosity, please send schemos to [email protected], if ya' got a moment?

Thanks again and be safe.
Joe Dough,



But tell me, who you really are? and what is your motive here? Do you only know this in theory or have you accomplished it? or is this "your" way of getting attention?

Playing GD can render you as an enemy!

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Yeah, I would like to take a look at these specs fire them off to ************