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Book Writing


I need serious help. I'm writing a book which contains information on Time Travel. There is a man who comes in (this isn't what the book is about, just what happenes in a small portion) and states to a group of scientists he's found time travel. Another scientist comes in, one of the main characters, and asks whats going on. A proffesor at that time was just finished describing it to someone and is now going to describe it to him... heres the paragraph.\

It had to have been a joke, Einstein’s theory of Relativity made it nearly impossible to even consider. E=MC2 was the exact formula, and so he said it aloud, “It can’t be possible, sir!” The physicist up front smiled,
“Let me show you, Quen” He said, clicking back to the first picture, showing the familiar equation, E=mc2, “This may be building Lego’s to you, Professor Quen, but you know the equation, E=mc2?”
“Yes sir, it describes…”
“I know what it describes, the energy an object has equals the mass times the speed of light squared. In simple terms, when going at light speed, time goes slower… Time travel may only be possible on a quantum level” He turned around and clicked the button to show another picture...

I'm not too smart to even write about it and i need help! (i don't even know what Quantum Mechanics is!!!). I need to make it as serious as i can, and make it sound oh so possible. I need it realistic, can someone help me?! :cry:
You can't expect anyone to just take your hand and walk you through the world of quantum mechanics. People pay thousands of dollars and spend years in university to learn that stuff. You're not going to learn it in 15 minutes on a message board. If you're serious about having even just a cursory knowledge of quantum mechanics, then you need to go to the library and check out a book. If you're lucky, there will be a book called "Quantum Mechanics for Dummies".

A good book to read on the subject would be Schrodingers Cat by Mikalo Kaku(his name might be spelt differant) it will run the through some basic understanding of worm holes and alternat realities. And if you are writting a fiction story all you realy need to do is make up terms and a semi common sence reason for things to work the way that they do and people dont care how stuff works is sci fi they get more interested in what you can do with it that how it works. It is one of the fundamental differances bettween nerds and geeks.

good luck
Your writing fiction,so its more important as a writer that its a good story,if i was you
id make the mention that going faster than light sends you backwards in time.
Time comes to a complete stop at the speed of light then time runs backwards as you go faster,you can also throw in some fictional way this is possible and attempt to tie it in.

Try not to put too much emphasis in the science,the important bit is if its a love story/adventure with a few plot twists to make it an enjoyable read to the general public.

Look at the film back to the future,great film but the only physics mentioned is:flux capacitor
makes it possible,the thing needs plutonium to generate 1.21 gigawatts,but when marty goes back to 1955 there isnt plutonium,the only thing that will work is a bolt of lightning,and thats a great plot device especially as it hits a clock tower.

It deals with the logic of time travel and dont really pull it off too great,but to the viewer and to the public at large it worked.

The film frequency is another one that deals with logic and fails miserably but the main thing was telling a good story and showing that just sending information back in time is as bad as actual physical travel.

Buy all the time travel films and books and study how they are written and aim to better them.
Thank you SO much. You have all been of such important help. THANK YOU!!!!

Especially NATAS, good way of pointing that out!

Bye! I'll send you all a copy of my book when it's finished!