Boston Globe: Scientist says time travel is possible

Sonofbabylon and MOP,

This National Ignition Facility place could be a real threat!

These scientist really have no clue as to what they could be unleashing!

This is just another birthing cramp to bring on the great catclysmic rapture!

I think this eventual cataclysmic rapture is ultimately the result of our sins to obtain the carnal knowledge and power that caused the fall of Satan and than Adam and Eve. Its not something that G-d initially planned! Its the inevitable. Like the chemical produced by the female body that deteriorates the placenta away from the baby and brings on the birthing process. This process is used in the same way to separate us from this evil that plagues us.

This is the same approch as was with the large grown lenses, at Lawrence Livermore, for SDI reaserch.

You must figure, each realm of time, has its own heiarchy and may not look kindly on intrusions into their matters?

They have already dropped a time machine off, from a said future place and told the people to have fund with it???

I'm not sure on this one, as there is or may be a barrier at 6737, with no life left on Earth?

This might mean that they have screwed the central sun, with the said use of nuclear weapons; or it may be possable some other catastroph could have taken place, in order to destroy all life on Earth.

Time travel or the availability of time travel is not the problem, as time and space seals up after itself.

What the problem is, is what some cultures consider as their ultimate power source.

With some cultures it was forms of black magic, untill the black magic came back to eat them up.

With others such as Atlantis and LaMura, it was the inordinate use of crystals and crystal arrays, so immense that these set-ups had started to warp space and time.

With the morons of the twentith century, is was nuclear wepaons.

These bozos had no idea, that by magntic flux lines within time and space, being the least resistant close to the sun, that shuntted power from detonaited atomic weapons, by and part, went directly into the sun.

Believe it or not, this central sun we have, is a phased type of inteligence.

If knows and recogniozes us.

The Ed Dames Mil. group had found this point...

Szeesh' the only thing that I can figure, with respects to 6736, is that the sun might be have a peculair energy output?

Maybe a form of radiation, this is lethal at so many angstroms strength, for n amount of time?

This stuff scares me, with the Montauck conscripts being sent foward into time, only to find an empty town square, with a metal horse rearing up on its haunches.

The conscripts had said that everything around they area of the horse, had been destroyed.

I don't know, maybe a galactic war, or natural catastrophy of some sort?

There are other beings that write in all the time, at Chronos web site, saying they are from the future.

I don't know as I don't have a doublefold bering on some of these sources.

I know from expierence that there are three other time lines, possably a fourth.

These other time lines are supposed to be there and in some way balance how time, as humans percieve it, goes onward.

There is also a direct identical time to this one or reality, which times this one, as I write.

On occasion I have seen that other reality collide with this one.

When you get cross talk real bad on the raido within your auto, then these realites are close to converging.Fiorst you get this on A.M. and if you start to get this on F.M., as F.M. stations are singal sent by a wiggeling klystron tube, then you know interphase, is almost eminate.

Sinece is a wonderfull invention, till it coils itself around your arm, and strikes you in the face with its fangs.