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Brain Technology?


Yes indeed "Vision" is yet another area in which the brain has very unique & powerful capabilities, inasmuch as the ability to perform other interesting tasks such as broad range long & short distance "Telekinesis" and "Telekinetic" abilities as well. Researchers are just beginning to make sense of how these areas within the brain, are capable of generating the energy responsible for creating & expelling these forces of natural phenomena.

(http://psitech.org)Example of Remote Viewing.

What we already are aware of, is that the brain in its many stages of complex, multifunctional properties is, that it can also operate on a similar format as that of an ordinary radio, but "ordinary" is just too inappropriate in comparison because it is at the frequency level that sets it far apart than what a radio is capable of generating by our technology, and we have yet any means to replicate this artificially.

The human brain has been discovered to be capable of emitting what scientists refer to as "Scalar Waves" and these scalar-waves can operate on many different frequencies that create some very astounding results.

Just one of the many frequencies that scalar~waves are capable of operating on is what has been dubbed as "Alpha~Waves" and it is these alpha~waves that have a direct correlation to the manipulation of unified fields. Alpha waves are associated to be linked to the ability to bend Space & Time, transport the so called "Third Eye" to remote view using a process of mental Bilocation, and manipulation of energy fields to move objects.

Now if you had the technology to construct devices that you could implant within your body that would be capable of stimulating those areas within your brain to make it possible for you to "Tap-in" to those natural super abilities, and harness those forces, and have the ability to control them, well let's just say that it would be very easy to be taken for a "God" especially if you were to "Time-Travel" and use those powers to protect yourself from being mortally wounded, or captured during your visit.

And there is of course those whom will acquire these abilities, and abuse their power over others, hell, many of our leaders have already demonstrated this using the limited power they already have, so it is not unfathomable to foresee that this will be carried out on a much larger scale as our technology advances our evolutionary process.

Now I want you to start looking up everything you can to do with "Nano-Technology" as this also will play a very important role in our technological breakthrough to create these small "implants" I mentioned earlier.

"Everything you know,...is Wrong!
soon we shall all discover the truth."

Has this been published in any reputable journals, or any legitimate studies performed? I've heard a lot about remote viewing, but all the studies which seemed to show positive results have since been shown to have experimental flaws, a common problem in psychological science. Do you have any references, other than this one site, to back up your claims?

'Scalar' just means posessing a magnitude but not a direction. Nothing particularly special about a type of wave being labeled as 'scalar'. Remember, the brain is an electromagnetic organ, and as such always has a natural field around it, not involving anything supernatural.

These ideas have all basically been stated before on this board. Do you actually have anything new to add? How should we go about designing these implants you speak of?
You oblatently misused, or misunderstood the word "Supernatural" it simply means an ability to do somthing out of the ordinary, using the focused energy from ones mind, as opposed to conducting the same activity by other physical means. I do not imply that supernatural abilities are in any way associated with the misunderstood "hocus pocus" genere of magic & occult, as many others have, and faithfuly still do, for somthing they do not understand.

It is a well known & misunderstood concept that demonstrates a, "Proven" ability that these "Super" yet "Natural" abilities, that many people have.

"Everything you know,...is Wrong!
soon we shall all discover the truth."

and by the way, you commented on "Scaler~Waves", yet failed to see the connection to them linked with "Alpha~Waves", and direct your comments accordingly.

"Everything you know,...is Wrong!
soon we shall all discover the truth."

I made no mention of magic or the occult in my post. I simply used the word 'supernatural' to indicate that there's nothing unnatural about the brain emitting waves. The fact that you jump to the assumption that I'm implying 'hocus-pocus' hints at your own insecurities.

]"It is a well known & misunderstood concept that demonstrates a, "Proven" ability that these "Super" yet "Natural" abilities, that many people have."

This sentence didn't make any sense. What are you trying to say?

Hmm... scalar waves... electromagnetic waves without direction. If you mean something other than EM waves, please explain further. As for EM waves, more commonly called photons or light, no frequency has ever been shown to exhibit the properties you claim. Of course the brain emits a different frequency than a radio, so does my microwave, my calculator, any electronic device. If 'Alpha waves' are just another frequency, they won't have any particularly special properties.
The scalar waves he is talking about might be the waves that are produced by certain coils, the tensor coil or something similar. Supposedly, the scalar waves produced have strange properties, IE exceeding the speed of light, being undetectable in certain circumstances. Also, the wave seems to be compressed in one direction, like a laser beam.

The alpha wave is a frequency that the brain emits when it is in a 'trance', like hypnosis.

It has been proven that you can attain this frequency, and many others, by impressing EM fields on the brain.

But this seems more like a mind control technology than what he is claiming.

You could 'beam' a modulated signal directly into the auditory section of the brain, thereby letting you give the victim 'instructions'. The modulated signal could be on an alpha frequency carrier, putting the subject into a hypnotic trance.

This doesn't seem like the kinda brain technology I'd like everyone to have.
Jack D- are you talking about the research by Joseph C sharp of the walter reed Army institute of Resaerch?
Sharp, serving as a test subject himself, heard and understood spoken words delivered to him in an echo-free isolation chamber via a pulsed-microwave audiogram (an ananlog of the word's sound vibrations) beamed into his brain. Such a device has obvious applications in convert operations designed to drive a target crazy with "voices" or deliver undetectable instructions to a programmed assassin.
This could also cause heartattacks because Frey noticed in his research that he could
speed up, slow down or stop isolated frog hearts by synchronizing the pulse rate of a microwave beam with the beat of the heart itself. similar results have been obtained using live frogs, indicating that it is technically feasible to produce heart attacks with a ray designed to penetrate the human chest.
Allen frey and Sharp were both doing research into this area around 1960.
not only that but Frey noticed that certain pulsed beams could increase the permeability of the blood-brain barrier and could be turned into a weapon to enhance the effects of drugs, bacteria, or poisons.
could also cause disruption in the entire functioning of the brain.
sorry- got a little off topic.
Yes, I have read about all those cases. Most of my info was from a book on the HAARP project. It's nice to find someone with knowledge in these areas
Now your talkin'!....I was starting to worry, but now I see that someone here besides myself, has the intelligence to understand this, or at least willing to try.
"I thank you both for your intelligent input"

and it pleases me to hear someone mention the connection of this research to "HAARP"
Yes indeed, this project has many different applications that would have Nicola Tesla, rolling in his grave to know what became of his experiments that the GVT seized from him, just before forcing him into an unrecoverable financial & physical downward spiral. They might of broken his earthbound spirit, but the one that they set loose into the afterlife will not have rested, until his dreams become a reality in our world.

What I was intended to imply was that with more research into this field, we may figure out how the brain is able to generate these energy fields that are responsible for these different phenomena, and create devices to artificially stimulate those areas within the brain that would no longer require years of practice, or several hrs. of deep meditation to reach this state, the device by means of an implant (nanotechnology) would be capable of stimulating this area of the brain to bring forth the intended result in seconds.

This implanted device would enable practically anyone to become capable of demonstrating these telekinetic, or telepathic abilities within a blink of an eye, or a sudden thought.

The blessing of telepathy, is the ability to communicate to others over short, and vast distances without the aid of other devices such as the telephone, or other electronic platforms. The downside, is that others around you become like open books, totally oblivious that they are being scanned by your intrusionary mind probe, and with just a little practice, you might be capable of programming their subliminal thought processes, without them ever becoming aware of it, let alone as to why they suddenly did something that is not of their nature to do.

HAARP, is a project that is intended to provide military applications, one which is to create a platform of mass mind control over large targeted areas at any given moment, by sending a "beam" of programming instructions into the minds of a large populated area. The beam is sent directly into the ionosphere, in which it gets supercharged while traveling to its intended destination.

What I was implying was similar to that, but on a much smaller platform, utilizing the human equation to replicate the same result.

"Everything you know,...is Wrong!
soon we shall all discover the truth."

These experiments your discussing were also looked at as means of assination and spys retreiving information from other spys remotely. Quite often, what we are told, even after the fact, is sanatized and the throw away test subjects are never mentioned.
by the way, using asassins was not feasable due to brain damage or stroke but little things like that never got in the way. Who knows how far this work has gone since then? The Govt. is amazingly resilient when it comes to achieving a goal.
Telekinetic ability and telepathy are fundamentally different in nature. They are commonly linked because they are both so-called 'psychic' powers. Telepathy is allowable, with a bit of a stretch, by conventional physics. The brains involved would work like radios. But telekinesis blatantly disobeys the fundamental law of conservation of momentum. Nothing in this Universe has ever, and I stress ever, been proven to disobey this law. How do you suggest that telekinesis would get around this?

The other ideas posted here, such as pamela's comments on effects of microwave pulses et al. on the brain are areas of intent research. It's interesting to see how the functions we think of as fundamental to individuality and free will can be affected by outside sources.
On the contrary, there is nothing at all to suggest that the effects of "Telekenisis" disobeys the fundamental law of conservation of momentum whatsoever. In fact if you understood the quantim mechanichs of electromagnetic field physics, it is possible to transmit a focused beam of electromagnetic energy, just in the same way microwaves are transmitted. The results would enable such a transmission to interacte, and manipulate the surrounding energy fields of the intended target.

Given that, since the brain itself is a harbinger of self contained, electromagnetic energy fields, it is not that difficult to understand the ability to extend those fields beyond it's progenator.

"Everything you know,...is Wrong!
soon we shall all discover the truth."

Psionic displacement...the neural pathways which are built during a lifetime are overlayed on yourself from the past.
1) "Backward Time travel" is only possible within the space of your existence. Involves neural mapping and selective pathway predominance ( locking the neural junctures, mapping where they are, and copying them into a purely electronic state)
2) Because of the genetic change (mutations) thru time, the further from origin you are displaced, the more likely the rejection.
Also a problem, brain trauma, drug/alcohol usage, senililty (although I could not understand why a senile would be interested in being senile and younger!)
3) It takes a perfect balance during transfer not to fry off your brain. The magnetic field required to generate the pulse and gravity well as conduit have to be ...just right. Technically, the information is shunted after being copied, into the gravity well (it doesn't have to lead into a singularity...)
4) So...what happens to the source?
Nothing... Rule number 3 "Everything that could have happened did, and everything that will happen shall."
5) This is all speculation of course.
Tyme Master:
Of course there are many different wave patterns being generated from the frequency modulations within the EMF fields of the brain,.i.e. scalar:] alpha, beta & etc.

What I was trying to suggest is, that these other wave patterns such as alpha & beta, are what I perceive to be "Carrier Waves" and scalar waves are the progenitor of these carrier waves.

Just like "Time" itself, "Forks" like a river, ergo: "The river, or rift of Time", it is not unfathomable to presumably entertain the idea of scalar waves themselves to have these "forks" however, in order for a scalar wave to become "forked", it must be modulated, and when a scalar wave becomes modulated by a specific, or variable frequency modulation, it becomes a "carrier -Wave" which can transform into alpha waves, beta waves, or other.

I know it is a bit much, but I am merely injecting another way of thinking here.
If we continue to go on borrowed ideas without exploring the beyond those boundaries, then we will never see the light of day to expand our evolutionary process beyond what we are, and who we shall become.

"Everything you know,...is Wrong!
soon we shall all discover the truth."


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But telekinesis does violate conservation of momentum. Your brain is emitting particles, which travel to an object in, let's say, a horizontal direction. Then, the object levitates. That is, it is accelerated in a vertical direction. That's blatant violation of conservation of momentum. Any way you look at it, the waves from your brain have to transfer their momentum to something, and since there's no component of them in a vertical direction, they can't be the cause of the levitation.
Again I stand by my earlier comment that the use of telekinetic forces imposed on an object does not suggest a violation of the laws of physics at At ALL WHATSOEVER!

Have you not included the manipulation of atoms? telekinesis works well within the laws of physics, it just so happens that the laws of physics they are using, are unfamiliar to you Janus, therefore it does not necessarily mean it violates any current laws of physics you are familiar with.

The ability to transfer waves, or modulate them into carrier signals is an effective means of relocation from their point of origin. They abide by the laws of physics(Conservation of momentum) when focused on an object to cause a manipulation of the surrounding energy field, it is possible to create numerous results, one which may lead to the "Levitation" of the intended target, or other effects may be achieved as well.
Gravity is not "Cancelled out" instead, it is "Redirected" in which an object simply falls towards the direction that gravitational field was relocated to. The speed at which an object falls to the gravitational field can also be altered, by redirecting portions of those gravitons away from the interactive forces around the intended object.

"Everything you know,...is Wrong!
soon we shall all discover the truth."

Alpha waves are 10 Hz brain rhythms that originates in the vision-related areas at the back of the brain. Your use of the term " scalar wave " is invalid by accepted definition. What is your definition of scalar? I agree we should explore new ideals, however these ideals should be filtered with accepted scientific principles and changed if necessary.
Maybe you should study magnetoencephalography to help you develop a more convening ideal.
Time02112: When you talk about an 'energy field', what do you mean? electromagnetic? gravitational? strong/weak nuclear? You suggest that it is accepted physics that an electromagnetic source can 'relocate' a gravitational field, apparently by 'redirecting gravitons' away from the object. I'm here to tell you that that is definetly *not* accepted by most physicists, especially at the low power levels associated with neural activity. The existence of gravitons has not even been shown empirically, and is just a theory based on how the other three forces work (wave/particle duality).