"The future ain't what it used to be."

Brief busniess posting, time travel & aliens


The poster Creedo299X9 only wishes to post, due to my involvement within time travel, as well as other possible contacts with other agencies, the following.

That there has never been so far, a contractiture of any intimation of recompense, as events relate to two O'part issues, concerning the contracting of my person.

This posting does not have to do with this board, however actions outside of this board, placed on me.

This involvement should include both a private telling and or the potentiality of a FOIA filed telling, to the future tense?


Please note, that in reference to my past behaviors here, I have finally after very careful work, found that one of the particulars that I had been involved with, in my begins in time travel, was time travel privy, herself.

This would mean that all actions that I could have made, were calculated against to begin with and I had no tactical advantage, within any of the doings that were imposed upon me?

This statement of mine could further mean, that any actions of this said unnamed person, were or had been part of an ops.
Futhermore to flavor any actions that I might do now, as the product of time travel to this person, had built up a reciprocity wall of anti-events to me, so no action that I could have ever taken, would have been effective.

The only reason I am publishing anything at all at this date, is that in the event that I, or my relations should ever become offworld fluent within respects to travel; then my past actions would be in question for acceptance for either them, or myself with acceptance to another offworld culture.

I did bid by both web say posting as well as letters to the chief executive, for the position of an offworld ambassador.

This request it seems, of course, was never granted, nor would it be?

I only wish that if by chance this avenue should ever open up, that my past postings and actions be secularized to the matter; that the other factions of not only one person, however possible groups of persons had tactile time travel advantage over me.

This means that I was not the pursuer, however the stalked instead?

I make this nondescript publication at this date posted, for the period of one week.
This is so that all would-be time travel historians, as well as offworld agents, can see that within my mental faculties as well as my past judgments, that I was stable to the cause of promotion myself as an offworld ambassador.

Truly sworn, creedo 299X9

Edit, eng. and spelling:
Sometimes there is genius in madness, or madness in genius. I truly believe this, or at least that it is
possible. But LOGIC must prevail when all else is said and done.

Loneliness is raging lion curled at your heels
In the light of mere self one can see the stars
and reach the stars and touch them as friends
an acquaintance in the mirrored haze will speak
utter his fancy and scare the colour in drips of night
challenged by the wind, the self can emerge formed
but vacant of the light it seeks
the truth of light
the egg of thought
the edges all fringed and amiss
the light is secret but not whole
as the yoke yellow and then the egg cracks

The appropriateness of chance is astounding.