"The future ain't what it used to be."

But What Is Time....Really?


Perhaps some folks did not understand (nor agree with) my earlier post that was trying to describe how linear 1-D Time could easily be replaced with a concept of 3-D Time. Maybe they just think I am an idiot that they want nothing to do with, and that's fine too. :D

But in the interest of "thinking beyond our perceptions", which has sort of been a theme of mine in most of my posts, let me take you through some thoughts on what, precisely, constitutes the illusion that we call Time. This new thought experiment may help us understand that, whenever we seek to explain Time as separate and distinct from Mass and Space, that such a reductionist approach is what directly leads to the time paradoxes we all seem to wrestle with. This thought experiment will also require us to (metaphorically) give-up our physical bodies.....

Imagine your conscious self (the non-physical part of you, or your Point Of View) is floating in totally empty space. You have no body. There are no planets you can see, there are no stars, no galaxies...just blackness. There is NO MASS/MATTER for as far as your non-physical eye (I) can "see".

QUESTION: How would you track the passage of Time in this situation?

MORE TO THE POINT: Does "Time", as we think of it here in our world of mass, even exist?

ANSWER: Since there is no MASS that you can observe for changes (such as the changing position of the sun with respect to earth) THERE IS NO TIME! We refer to Time as the ordering of events. And an event is defined as some noticeable change in some body of matter/mass.

This thought experiment could, if we allow it, lead us to DIFFERENT ways to think about how Mass, Space, Time, Matter, and Motion are interrelated. These different ways of thinking about these concepts even appear to make "more sense" to some folks than the "old ways". First, I direct you to the following explanation of how TIME is really just the creation (effect) of MATTER that is in MOTION:


And now, I direct you to a more comprehensive picture and explanation of Matter, Motion, Mass, Time, and Space, and how they relate to our concept of self:


We can no longer "pull things apart" (pure reductionist approach) and expect to be able to explain them completely. This approach only leads to more difficult questions and paradoxes (wave/particle dual nature of light being one of them). However, we when see "all things as different manifestations of a larger, integrated field" we can begin to make sense out of our universe....and it is not as complex as some might want you to believe!

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The true nature of time is too complex for our feeble minds to comprehend.

Perhaps, in the future this will change.
Speak for your own feeble mind. I do mind presses and mind curls every day to stay in shape!

But I do agree with you that we will "get it" in the future....the not-too-distant future, as far as I am concerned. :D

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Time, Forwards, Backwards,
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time is relative to the viewers involved, what it is doesnt matter, because its different for every person, to a small degree. And it is different to everything. I could go into more detail, but i feel it has been well answered with other posts in other recent threads.