Call me a sucker. "Timetraveler_0"


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Call me a sucker. \"Timetraveler_0\"

If John exists he picked the perfect message board to post on there are enough unstable people here that his posts had minimal effect on our "worldline" as he so calls it. I happen to have the resources to find out if Timetraveler_0 is a hoax. I'm actually very curious as to why the webmaster hasnt taken it upon himself to find John as he would have access to his IP and could easily find out the general location he was posting from ect.. Anyway. Im currently looking for Timetraveler_0 's father. He left enough info that its very probably I will find him quite soon. That is if his posts arent a mixture of lies or half truths. Has anyone else had any luck in exposing John Titor?
Re: Call me a sucker. \"Timetraveler_0\"

I want to expose John Titor aswell but we aren't going to have to much luck if we don't know his real name.

Formulajh7, you got msn or an email address cause I wanna find the John Titor in this time aswell.
Re: Call me a sucker. \"Timetraveler_0\"

proxy servers can block or even hide IP addresses ... maybe john has a satellite connection ...
Nevertheless, good luck on the search.
Re: Call me a sucker. \"Timetraveler_0\"

I am not sure why people are still talking about John Titor. People have already revealed that he most likely used the novel "Alas, Babylon" as a reference for his time era considering it parallels the book so handily. Basically the guy revealed no new knowledge on time travel, all of his logistics have been around for over 5-years now. I am also very skeptical of the fact that time travel would be developed in the next 33-years, let alone the next 100 years. About his predictions, there definitely will not be a civil war in the United States. Most likely there will be a World War within the next 20-years considering the tensions that have evolved between the nations of this world but I very highly doubt Russia would attempt to take on the United States as well as China (China is going to be a super-power within the next 15-years). John Titor's pictures are also very outdated for the year 2036, his "time machine" is hardly as advanced as it should look; however, I must say he really is well learned in theoretical physics. Basically John Titor is a liberal guy who had nothing better to do with his spare time.
(p.s. if you still aren't sure if he is a real time traveler then I guess you will just have to wait until 2005).