"The future ain't what it used to be."

Can Man only travel to the future?


Temporal Novice
My question is has the future happend? Now really...go deep, deeper, deeper still. Now for the magic word "think"... What we know or rather what we think we know is that the past is gone and the future is coming. Ok...now I don't think that time runs in a stright line but rather an oval like shape. If you think about it logically the only place we could travel is into the future. If you think about it mathematically we would have to travel to the past. So what way do we go?

If we were to go faster then the speed of light it is said that we would go back in time but if we were to go to the true- nothing then come back billions of years later, we would "think" that it was only a moment, therfore we would have traveled into the future.
I am coming to beleive that time travel to both the future and the past is possible. Time to me is merely change, but when I analze it further I see that in each observation/decision the process of change is steered in a direction that is directly related to the interaction. since the realm of probability can be looked upon as a dimension (in my eyes), what is actually happening is that a branch from what "could have been" is created, that which "could have been" now existing in the realm of probability. For us as physical beings this alternate reality does not exist. but I am coming to believe that it does, but on a significantly less-dense plane (in relation to ours). now, the reason this plane is less dense is because the further from present reality you get, the less the possibility for an interaction to occur to point your reality in that direction. therefore it has a statistically insignificant connection to our present reality. Now, if we could somehow "tune in" to the less dense plane, at its statistical "resonance" point, then we could once again become a part of that reality. this would be done through the virtual particle level, which is the fundamental building block of macrocosmic reality. i believe that each virtual particle has a resonant state, and when a period of no environmental interaction comes along, that virtual particle returns to the realm of "possibility". the particle exists, but only as a potential state for a physical entity to take on as it enters the particle's "vicinity" (its resonance domain).
tuning in to a previous resonance state is akin to time travel, but the reality takin on is only a duplicate of the previous reality, and once you enter it it branches off to become yet another reality because of the part probability plays in the direction of reality. You have just time traveled, but nly to a "simulation" of what was. It is real however, because it is now plucked out of the etheric realm, into the realm of existence, by your consciousness. when you look at this from the virtual particle standpoint, (the particle doing the traveling) it actually seems to make sense.
For, what is reality? that which is observed. to travel back to your starting position, you simply tune in to the resonance of your world, before you left.
If you wanted to travel into the future, you wouldn't have anything to zone in on. in this case you let nature do the work. your part is simply creating a locally curved spacetime of a given intensity. you would only semi-decouple from your initial state this time, and travel forward in time the respective amount depending on the duration of the curvature. you have now traveled to one of many futures, however, it is without you. you isolated (decoupled) yourself from the interactions of the environment, allowing you to move forward in time via the time dilation created by the curved spacetime.
I don't think that the speed of light has anything to do with it. All realities are potential -- until we make them actual.