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My apologies if this a stupid question, I do not pretend to know anything about physics time travel etc.

Here is my problem, if the speed of light is about 186287mph and the faster we accelerate towards the speed of light the slower time will travel then firstly if I go for a run then in theory time is moving more slowly even if its a miniscule amount.

O.K> then so if this is the case does it all have something to do with the earth spinning because if a human accelerates and moves closer to the speed of light then surly he is just adding to the overall speed of the earths rotation, in which case were travelling at 1670 kph or does the speed of light theory only work in a straight line?
Anyway what’s really messing my mind is if we aren’t travelling at 0 mph then surly we can go slower and if that is the case and the closer to the speed of light the slower time gets then what happens the other way i.e. does time speed up.

Any ideas?
RE: \"And Oh\' Id like to get to know you too\"!, Interview;Albert Einstine coming to America.

Each station of the Earth's setting is an event for a period of something like one hundred thousand years.

This is the amount of processional orbits, that Earth makes around the sun, as a timed event.

After so many years pass in the thousands, there is a time event lock, that is placed on traveling back further than the supposed one hundred thousand years time.

This is as there is no actual record of Earth being within your intended travelback time quest, if the time you choose to travel back to?

So this proposed passage is considered, out of the event processional log of events!?

To go back out of event processionial logged events, you need a really powerfull type of time machine, "which is also almost a type of space craft".

Under the one hundred thousand year mark, yes then most types of time machines will do this.

In order to use any kind of time machine placed omn Earth, that travels backwards or fowards within time, one must install a greavity sensor, which can detect the mass of the Earth.

If one does not have this needed insturment placed within their time travel vessel, then rematerialization within the air, going to a past time, or rematerilaization into solid rock within the future, would be the end result of your quest.

The timed processional movement of Earth is of paramont inportants here, as traveling within time, is a out of phase event, of what is considered normal timespace event passage.

All light is as we percieve it, is a photonic energy pressure, which illuminates, as we humans realize this presence to be, within your reality of reference?

The speed of light within space is faster than the speed of light placed upon Earth.

However because the universe is constantly creating and destroying itself, all space anywhere is considered within movement.

So, realizing that the universe is one big movment, then relagates the speed of light, more commonly known as C, to relativism, or light sectored to points A, then to B. as a relative passage of light.

The need to speed towards the the top end of C, in order to diminish the passage of time for man, is really not needed.

One must understand that mass effected upon by relative qualities within the universe, makes mass, time.mass, so therefor mass within the context of timemass, may respond to other factors, to slow time, as we percieve this passage to be only.

Relative planes to a black hole may be one device in which to slow down time as we percieve it.

However, realize that time and space is so indeed a fabric and if a fabric has a weave to it, then would there not within your own mind, another way to traverse points note as A, to B. other than velocity?

The encrochment of velocity, or VM, towards ^ of C shows slowing due to the factors of time mass compactions as imposed by the Lorentz Contraction.

This is where Mass as accelearited within modified space, or Mass plus, so requires an infinate amout of power, or E, in order to drive M to the top level of C within M+, or stringed space.

This can not be done without disgennising the mass that your trying to accelerate.

This paradox is simply like having to turn off the stage lights for the High school auditorium and so the student stage crew rushes madly down two sets of halls, in order to gain access to the set of controls which will douse the stage lights.

Please note that while these students are madly rushing pal'mal down the halls, trying to keep from crashing into class doorknobs and trash cans.. another student simply parts the stage curtain walks through to the other side of the stage, so parting another set of stage curtans, so reaching the room way before the student malstom within the halls.

Is VM toward ^ of C better?, or is > squew of M+ via whatever method a better approch?

Which is better within your mind?

Thank you, refernce first treste relativity paper A. Einstein, from observations derived from De'Sitter mathamatician and Lowel as well as other astronamers before for the 1908 paper.
RE: \"And Oh\' Id like to get to know you too\"!, Interview;Albert Einstine coming to America.

I'm not sure Lee but I have a few theories from some information that flew my way recently.

According to Einstein's famous theory of relativity E=MC² (energy is equal to mass times the speed of light), the difference between energy and mass is defined by the speed of light.

The slower the Vibrational frequency is, puts us where we are now in this visible reality. The faster the vibrational frequency, we would be able to break down the electrons orbiting the atomic nucleus and transcend time!

the difference between energy and physical mass is the frequency of vibration. That which vibrates faster than the speed of light is energy. That which vibrates slower than the speed of light is mass.

According to science, there exists an even faster than light particle called the tachyon. It is possible that tachyons are the conductors of Thought possibly transcending us dimensionally.

The faster an object moves the slower it AGES. Time is not the issue. The faster you move against energy the slower you age.

It's almost like a fish trying to swim up river. The other fish around him seem to move, while to someone standing on the shore of the river the fish doesn't seem to be moving at all.

Now try to imagine yourself being bombarded against the basic forces of the universe (Light, gravity ect.) Because you are pushing against these forces the molecules in your body have less room to move, therefore they are "suspended"

What are your perceptions of "suspension"?

And what is this "force" that forms the atoms and molecules that form a physical shape? In other words how do the atoms know whether they are for the Hammer sitting in a tool box or your human body and its soul? What is this "force" that redirects energy? Where do you think this "instruction" comes from? Do you have a clue???

As for you Creedo, you quoted above: <which is better within your mind?>

Hmmmmmm? that is the ultimate question>? There is no wrong or right answer? (But in your case!)

The student that simply parts the stage curtain doesn't have a clue of what's going on and when he comes through the second set of curtains he is exsposed to everyone in the audience laughing at his quick comical stage appearance!
Ashamed he rushes back behind the curtain!

While the other students rushing down the hall getting stopped by obsticals are building up mass in preparation for their time to appear on stage before the audiance in a timely exspected manner and fashion.

In my mind the longer way would be more preductive at building energy with mass behind it, it has more power than just bluntly breaking center stage!

As your gonna be when I get done with you!!!

At the end of the play, they uasually douse the stage lights.

This sentament hails from an earlier time, when the Greek players assistants, would put out of the clam shelled flame lamps.

They did so, were the last to leave and then slipped quietly into the night, as a tally of the last of the guest parting.

On the statement of which is better and what is right or wrong.

The first attage is what do you wanrt your vehicle to do today?

That is all I'm saying.

(As you gonna be when I get done with you)!?

My dearest CAT, it sounds as if you have plans to mount and ride me.

Be it known in long forgotten annals, in far aways lands, that the best rides, are when the rider certainly understood the horse to be ridden.

Love, trust, friendship and understanding, are and were always the best tennents for a realtionship with an animal that becomes part of you.


~~For all the furry of the day of your love, hate, wisdom, passion, does return to you as recitations, durring evening as you stand beneath tall trees, hanging their follage drinking from the streams of the day's lessions.

You poise as one, side by side so letting your brown drink cool crystal clear waters.

If I have ridden you today, then may this blending have been as one, for the true beauty held within nature, is sometimes the agreement to move as one.

Know this friend, for motion is art and in the cases of the learning, the learning is certainly beheld as beauty.

For what lession learned when the action of discovery's self teaching, is within its own best advice?

The lamps are now doused, no-one sits within the gray-blue concave of this carved round anymore.

As the last lamps fire is extinguished, the Greeks so do slip into streets passages and ally ways, so haveing performed thier duties for others that require them.

Sleep warm and tonight my friend and dream of certain stars hovering a twinkels of blueish gems, as they spy as orbs within the ocean lit Mediterranian. sky.
Geesh Creedo, what is up with you? First you want to commit perjury by forging my name to some challenge I never made. And here you are again doing the same thing with Cat with this perverse fantasy tale of yours. You want to continue to bear false witness to something that CAT never and would never do with you, then your only asking for trouble.

Dear Daniel,

I have to admit the MEDITATION was beautyful! and yesterday night was very calm and surreal and as a matter of fact I did find myself in the shade of a tree in deep thought! And the night sky was flickering with diamonds, each one taking its place on the mapping grid of SACRED GEOMETRY!!! It gave surpassible satisfaction!!!

But spare me the spiel of your posting above! Stop horsing around, Pegasus was not visible! With your track record I think that you have been inhaling to much manure dust! Sounds like you could have Hay Fever maybe you should take some cough stirrup!

I heard that to much "remote vewing" can give you Sattle Burn and a terrible case of the Withers!

Hey Charm, haven’t heard much from you in awhile. Still don’t believe in temporal coincidences?

Then how do you explain the last 2 posts above? Both 12 hours in difference
. Think about it.

Now that my quarrels with Daniel have passed, I may now be free to resume my TimeTravelActivist duties of exposing the double digits, Time Travelers and Aliens to being behind the curtains of our day to day lives, exploiting us for their inevitable ends.

I am as persistent on a 4th dimensional level as I am dealing with manipulators on a 3rd dimensional perspective. One common denominator always remains constant though in dealing with these unscrupulous characters. Their objective is always: “the ends justify the means.”

However, no matter how hard they will try and shift the balance of power to their side, they cannot escape the fact that the TTA will always be there to expose their clever schemes, and get to the heart of their intentions.

sup TTA, been busy lately with me peoples. you know how it is. i see you few crew members are still going at it. much luck and wishes to you all...