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Hey everyone, I took 2 weeks off of the posts, but I am back, CAT reminded me this exists, thanks.

Now a new question I thought of.

We all talk about time travel, how to do it and the like, but say we develop time travel, can you decide where you want to go? Like a target year? If so, how can you do this, what would you target? Because time is a man-made measurement, so you can't do a back to the future target year of March 23rd, 1929. Your magic machine won't know where to go and will just eat you. So if you can agree we'd be able to target a certain time, how do you think we would go about this. (assume we would be targeting a year, either future or past) Thanks--


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have you read anything about remote veiwing. they seem to have coordinates from somewhere. I have a couple of books about this. I don't know where they got these coordinates but I'll look it up in these books and see. I will let you know what I find .


re; finding the right date.

Try a dating, no not that!

Ok how about using astrology? Have your computer match planetary positions to the date and time you want.

Why would you want to time travel?

It would only be promoting their cause and causing havic on society! And leaving scars of dishonor against your home planet. Is this what you want to stand for in the eyes of your future children?

I thought it was evident that you quickly understood the workings of the double digits and their rampid control and consiquences on humanity! (from the first time you ever posted!)

This is not good and should be looked at as enemy #1

I know you are young and probably wont take my advise! but one day you will look back and say to yourself (she told me so) why didnt I listen to her?

I'm 34 years old, but a quick learner!


P.S. If Dusty could only talk...
I am not advocating time travel, I was just asking how this would be possible in the future? This is, afterall, a time travel forum.


p.s. dusty can talk, it's actually more like a parrot where he meow's and it sounds like words, it's really weird

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I always envisioned something similar to H.G. Wells's time machine, with a clock. You travel through time, just at an accelerated rate and slow down and stop when you get to your desired time.
I think when you see the new time machine movie you will see that there is a positive side to time travel. the fact is everything exist. and everything that exist has 2 sides light and dark. technology can be used for positive or negitive. you can never get rid of evil but you can transform it. If time travel does exist it will always be a part of somebodies reality. Its like everyting else alcohol, drugs, nuclear weapons,sex ,hair gel, if you use it in a negitive way it can be dangerous.You can't ban everything or make a law against it. you must learn to choose more wisely and learn from your mistakes. we are the creators but more often then not choose the more negitive side of our creations. clara