"The future ain't what it used to be."

Capitulation to Pamela due to cleft:



And that one differnce within the social intereaction,should cuase one realm to be formed, while another opposes this new realm.

This is so the balance and in some measures will always be like this.

The first exchange:Twin missing times where material was taken.
Do not have to disclose this, this is only a probable subjective.

Determination of realm:This would be fashioning of consituants into a realm not of this same frequency.

For what pourpose?This is not known.

The second cleft:Earthbased man is as developed as he can be.

Well'did he go onto other parameters then?

No' by John Titor's telling, he did not...Well then was there a secondary explination?..Yes the alternate reality, told which is now public property of tec-time.org.

Why is this?

Because it was asked.

Is this happenstance beyond the government's abilites in fabrication?

Yes, absolutley, way beyond...Then is there a justification?
Yes and I have even guessed your next question, this happenstance is well beyond John Titor.

It is as Pamela had asked, "What is the difference between alternate realties and other dimensions"re. respective to tap-ten postings, circa of late to this date.

"No Pam", says Uncle Ram. This is the direction of the probable multiverse, as you know as well as I do ole cowgirl, the multiverse can be contigual.

Pam frets and is worried as guised within her cowgirl outfit, that more slam is on the way, additional to what Titor had proposed??

Over a million Chinese stand all at once and fervently applaude to Pamela M. as she is the greatest humanitarian, known to have made this passion play work, ala Titoresque."A wonderful caserole"!!

So what now brown cow?

Well creedo ambels out of his workshop, with the first of his many almost perfect creations.

It is a little girl, that is wearing her blue Siunday dress, which is laiced around the bottom of the dresses bottom hem.

The little girl has black hair, rosey cheaks, with ruby lips, pigtales, patent leather shoes.

She is a beautiful child about eight to ten years of age.

Pamela dismounts from her magetic Palamino Horse and walks over to the time based wormhole, as the insides twirl.

Pamela starts to shead tears as she now sees creedo at the portal, holding the hand of the little girl.The girl is virtually a little angel as she stares at the world so innocently, wanting to know why she has been brought tothe edge of the wormhole.

An Angel in a leather filled chair eating cheese puffs shouts interdimenionsaly,"It's the second cleft STUPID"!
Do I have to get out of my easy chair and miss the Nick's best games to come over there and tell you dumbheads what the second cleft is???

Pamela only snorts and the Angelic within the chair goes back to watching the boob tube.

Creedo now very withered and worn from stress, takes the girl to the mouth of the interdimential worm hole.

Creedo says with all the passionate love of a father,"This is one of my best creations".

She is built on a poly metalic growing frame, with a living biologically hosted interface and the frame can expand.
She grows Pam?

All other circuts are self repairing and you really don't have to worry about them as they are silagenous based in random La Pace Methods of deduction. So water won't hurt anything, you two can go to the beach.

Pamela's mouth drops open and she with greart awe, utters the word, "She's an android"!???

Creedo replies,"Not just any android Pamela,she is self replicating and is designed to learn just as a child would do"?

I can't go beyond this, as any living creature placed upon this planet has been by prophacy, been marked as they say.

I've always liked you Pamela and this little girl, Mary, I want her to stay with you a while, as she needs someone like you with her, to show her the way.

Pamela starts to cry as she now realizes that creedo is giving her everything that he owns, all wrapped up inside one special small and willing to learn package.

The child lets go of creedo's hand and one foot enters the worm hole.An arm extended outward in blance Mary dutifully starts to close the distance between the two.

One step at a time with balance, the child comes closer to Pamela, very close now.

She runs the last few steps through the worm hole.
Mary burries her face within Pamela's side and places her arms around her waist, as any young loving child at times holds an adult in a loving embrace.

Pamela looks up to view and talk to creedo once more, however creedo is no longer visable through the worm hole.

The voice of creedo does come through however.

Remember Pamela, treat her as if she were your very own.

Be patient and loving and understanding when she does not quite understand something.Answer Mary when she ask you questions.

And don't forget to take her to the park every once in a while

Pamela is distrught and she shouts the question back into the worm hole.

"Why me!, Why is everything given to me, I don't understand"?

The voice comes back in reply,"You thought that everything is always given to humans?This is all you had ever thought.

Maybe in some ways, this act of love is a lession for you to learn and adjust to Pamlea?
Capitulation due to cleavage.

I mean with cleavage like that I just had to capitulate. Didn't I?
just let me look up capituate in my trusty big book 'o' words and...
heheheh... Oh, it's even funnier now.

Shadow, you just basically said "I mean with cleavage like that I just had to surrender on certain conditions. Didn't I?"
I told you it was funnier.
RE: Capitulation to low mental horse power

no you dweeb

it wasn't funny, it was rediculus

but not more so than the post preceding it or the one after it

get it?