"The future ain't what it used to be."


what are you saying . that someone erased it all because we said something that can't be leaked. I know it must have been the picture of that space craft. I did think it looked pretty real.

What was this Spacecraft and who posted it? I must have missed it yesterday. I was out shopping!

I am allowed to say, he is not.

The reason why there was forum censorship, is that certan facts as to how we operate as a species as well as other facts concerning both past recient doings, were not to be disclosed.

Mankind as he and she are arranged now, may not be ready for this information, so consiquentially these post had been deleted.

What is intresting about this period of time, with those powers that be, trying to gain power over millions, is that it was the average every day perception, which was the greatest threat within the heiarchie's eyes.

This would be more graphic to illustrate, that instead of one single chicken let loose from the coup, many thousands were.

Know that each one of these chickens had represented a secret.

There is a self collapsing manifold, of where the old Atlantian heiarchy had stood long ago.

It was said,since the Atlantians in all probablity were partially descended from crystal matter and then adopted into physical humanic form, as said<<Your wepaons of destruction are too great!...There is no compassion, nor ear of friendship, or open demonstation of love, which has been shown to other beings within this galixy.

For what boundaries of progress register so great, that you as a once nobel species, have the certain right, to even shut yourselves off from the forces of creation?

There was a girl,...wait, I see here a girl.She said;Father can be be so sure of our ways that no other light of reason should shine a path to our own eventuial rescue.?

All the doings placed upoin this board both past present and future have dutifully been recorded.

There is no deception, but to those who would certainly only deceave themselves.
Are you nuts?
<<What was this Spacecraft and who posted it? I must have missed it yesterday. I was out shopping!>>

How fanatical are you to believe in something without proper reason so easily, then to fail to see that At-tac was just being a smart ass.

for your information TTA CAT said that not me. the post was to me from cat about the space craft. It is gone now Sorry cat that you missed it. It looked so real. It was posted by creedo I do believe. Creedo could you please post it again so Cat can see it. Cat did you find any bargains when you were shopping.
I'm sorry this pictoral of a spacecraft was not posted by me, but by, ahhhh??? Ahhhhhhhh,..hmmmm?

Byyyy, ahhh' Larry Finkelstein.

Yes the picture of the active oblate 20th century guest flying type saucer, which one of our major aerospace companies has publically said to have back-engineered and flown at Aera 51, as said in Popular Science Magazine, at a news stand near you and is under full power load and exibiting a plasmic sheath of ionized exterior plasma, due to rare mixed metals, was posted by Larry Finkelstein.

Don't know much about them thar flyin saucers, however do know about my friend's pet whallabey Mr. Wilerkers!

Boing boing boing!
Actually, what happened is...

...you were shot back in time to a point to where there were absolutely no posts on this message board.

Either that or we encountered what is a regular bug on this message board where some (or all) of the messages get screwed up. Something that is easily fixed (and we ARE working on a new message board system which should fix this permanently).

Or maybe it's a conspiracy!

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RE: Actually, what happened is...

Did you know what happened to me, as far as TT a few years ago?
RE: Actually, what happened is...


<<<don't what happend to me...>>>

No, but I'll bet it wasn't pretty.
RE: Actually, what happened is...

I'm allowed to say follage trees, the air was very thick, not like it is today.

Was intresting, however my physical condition durring was not that hot?

This is a history perk and not ment for you, but for others, who might still be monitoring me.

If you can't fill in the blancks, then you must not be admin.?
RE: Censorship TO CLARA...

Clara, If that is the UFO you were talking about that was posted? IT LOOKED FAKE AS ALL HELL!

Even Princess Diana looks more real at the wax museum than that UFO! Even Elvis in his coffin for that matter!

How could you believe mustardwith a little bit of ketchup smear could be a UFO?
Maybe if you look close enough you will see Bigfoot! Come on Clara, get real! wake up and stop being so gulible!!!

As far as me shopping goes I am very "catty" I always find the bargains!

The only thing more important than a good education is a front row parking spot at the mall!

RE: Censorship TO CLARA...


How many UFOs' have you seen that you can judge real from fake?

How about this: UFOs aren't real. Therefore one that looks real is a fake.
RE: Censorship TO SHADOW...


Well its not that I dont believe they are real!

It just seems that every picture you see of what they say is a UFO its either blurry or obscured!

And unless I see it with my own eyes (and even with my eyes) I will still speculate and question what it is I think I saw.

Hey David Coperfield is in town!

RE: Censorship TO SHADOW...


I agree with your insistance on seeing it for yourself as a test of reality.

My point here is that 90% of real UfOs >are< blurry and obscure. Thats got to show up in the photographs!
RE: Censorship TO SHADOW...

Well... Clara said it was definetly real - and that she *hoped* it was real. Heh, I say that's the most fake photo in existence!