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Dimensional Traveler
Anyone remember in Back to the future at the end of part II and the beginning of III, where Marty finds himself in the past with only the 100 year old Dolorium as his means of setting everything right?

And having only the Doc of the past with his limited understanding of the mechanics of the invention he will someday create; assists Marty to get to the past and bring back the future Doc?

Well… this sort of situation the TTA finds himself in these days.

I am found to be in a situation where only the past can deliver me the future as it was meant to be. This checkpoint in the past if found again can be a recovery point... how Marty was able to continue his journey with the default Doc of the past, as his only connection to the future and to their survival.

However, in that case solving for a paradox that was created and traveling to past and manipulate if for the ends of the future.

That cannot happen... not even for the TTA.

Luckily for me I have been able to trace a suitable check point in the past that can be used in the future that does not interfere with any past progress.

Please refer to the post on the link below and read the following after it. It should explain what the motive and need for finding this check point means to the TTA.
It was orignally posted by Anonymous222 on 4-24-02.

If anyone knows of any information of this individual, who they are or how to contact them, please do let me know. Or if you are also aware of and know of your own check points like the one I described, please do share ;).

Much can be learned from the past, and going forwards with the understanding of our past mistakes is crucial to any future advancement we may hope to see. Let us just do it ethically and without cheating... or we risk having the future become based on nothing more then lies and manipulation; much how it is today.

Re: Non linear paradox sequence event

Friend TTA of EarthTR125.0121

I am not sure I completely understand what you are putting forth, but it does reminds me a lot of a non linear paradox sequence event (NOLIPSE). One of this takes place whenever temporal jaunters travel for the first time in time. It begins to create a temporal momentum around the traveller. Its effect is quite similar to that of a ball rolling down a hill and at the bottom stopping with a wall. The momentum is transfered to the wall in the form of physical energy. The greater the momentum, the greater the chance for the ball to break through the wall.

So, the greater the temporal momentum accumulated by a traveller the greater the chance of causing a NOLIPSE. The effect would damage timespace in such a way that it would create a ripple that would travel back all the way to the temporal point when the traveller first exited time/space. This ripple would then bounce on that origin point and travel back to the NOLIPSE point only to bounce again. This would keep happening over an over changing the temporal patterns limited within those two points to a degree where things from the future point could start influencing things from the past point.

Of course that a NOLIPSE could never affect the temporal frame in way that could put it in danger, but it would introduce many unwanted paradoxes in the field.

For this reason many historical eras had been forbidden. This has been done so by temporal interdiction engines, but that is another matter altogether.

Until later becomes now.
My dream today

The TTA had a very weird and strange dream this morning.

More weird and strange then last weeks, of being in a war where many civilians were injured and killed. In what seemed to be the end of the world kind of battle, where many of the innocents vanished. I, and a few others that were left assisted the injured to safety and to the hospital. And that, is all I remember.

Today on the other hand, was something far more special. There was a huge gathering of people at a park, and they seemed to be celebrating something. There were young folks, old folks, and even military service folks. It was one big BBQ celebration.

I was flying around seeing everything happen; I could see, smell and feel everything. I could sense expressions of people’s moods and know exactly what they were thinking and feeling. I was a spirit, and sensed that today was not going to be any ordinary day.

As the celebration moved on to night time, I found my self in outer space… High above the Earth I could see this bright star shooting towards it. It was moving with great speed. Back on solid ground, I looked up at the sky as others all stopped what they were doing and witnessed this shooting star reach the atmosphere and burst loudly like a firecracker and light-up the entire sky to daylight.

From this burst of pure white light, down shot a ray onto the park where all where, and there in the light appeared this man of bright silvery blue and white armor on a white horse. His glow was bright, and his sword was even brighter. On the opposite direction appeared another man that resembled him, but was not as bright as he was. It was clear then to me and every living thing, that this man in this holy light was Jesus Christ, and that his dark looking look alike, was the Anti-Christ.

The battle took place and the 3rd impaling blow with his holy sword did not destroy him, but merely freeze him and everything that was dark. Time ceased to exist it seemed like, as the light and darkness were divided once again. Separating from eternal light and life to the heavens, and death and darkness to the now standstill world.

I could see and feel the agony in the faces of those in the dark, even though I was not frozen with them, I was however lost in their darkness. As Jesus turned to see what the separation caused, he looked at me and smiled before riding off in a blast of white light.

What could this mean?

I have a few ideas… either way you heard it here first, just incase

I have more details for this dream if anyone is curious. Not to mention that before this dream I was aboard a spaceship that you could go into this dark room and it could zap you into any situation in time. Some of which were being at work, prehistoric era and star wars style gun scenes with troopers and everything /ttiforum/images/graemlins/smile.gif... Very weird!

ReThink you got E.B.s in your head?

Dear TTA, I think you got aliens getting into your head when you dream?

I think that they have dream machines that can do this and they somehow hook-up with us, when we do this.

I also think that you have a beautiful writing stile.
Re: ReThink you got E.B.s in your head?

Well thanks for the compliments Dan. I think your writing is… well ummm /ttiforum/images/graemlins/confused.gif, interesting.

Yeah that's it :D, very interesting indeed.

But tell me… in all of the books on Aliens that you've read, why would aliens choose an Activist of Time such as my self for the outlet for these strange and weird dreams?

What motivational factor is there for it?

Could it be my rare and special genetic structure? Am I just genetically open and highly evolved to be receptive to it? Or could it be my rare and unique souls energy that is highly human, yet highly enlightened too?

Or just a combination of both and a dab of manipulated destiny to assist in their master (hidden) plan?

Please, do tell /ttiforum/images/graemlins/smile.gif?

ReCrickets of the mind.....?

Dearest Javier, the Good One'

As for the astounding purity of you soul and the maze-work of the over-complexity of you RNA DNA signatures, the vision phenomenon, might have something to do with the appearance of Planet X?

I'm glad you did say something and yes my good friend, getting unwanted influce from aliens, is similar to contracting unwanted crickets, within the hairy parts of one's perineum, while stooping to use an outdoor privacy?

i.e., squat close too close over the bush and those cricket will jump onto your bush, instead!

I have had dreams as of late, like this mornings one, of arguing with an Afro-American lady, within an astronauts jump suet.

For real, she was trying to laud the fact that NASA was so knowledgeable and they knew much more than I ever could.

She started telling me about how the shuttle wing aerodynamics had worked and I lost patients and blew my stack with her, saying>Yes!' tell me about it.The reason that you lost those tiles off the shuttles wing span had to do with a lift effect equation, similar to, but not the same as Bernoullie's equation, were and increase of the flows of air volumes over the volume and densities of shuttle beer cooler stile materials, plus liftoff shock, had caused the loss of the shuttle tiles...This was per batteries, not per recess which is Bernoulie's.

I didn't say stupid, however I did loose my temper with this astronaut in my dreams and she in the dream immediately shut-up.

My earlier paper and I along with a bunch of other designers and engineers had been telling NASA, that the aerodynamics dictates both design and mentiods of attachment of the shuttle thermal protection layers.

This early work of mine seems to also have fallen onto deaf ears, along with the financial claim I had laid to an Idaho Congressman, who is now after National Guard C-130 to berth in his state, in order to make the state money.

I sent my claim to him for work repayment prior to the second accident, and he told me my work had no veracity, even though I had a return letter from NASA.

I see this dream as being odd that you had about Jeasus as the Anti-Christ, is in reality supposed to be the mixed influence of an alien concocted alien human Christ-like being, which will wow the audience?

Remember it was told that after New York was destroyed in the future, that time travelers from the Montauk era, had discovered a shining metal horse, in a square, which I later found was to be said a deserted New York after some unknown holocaust?

I'm not sure if this might be another dimension Jav', honestly I don't, however do suspect something is funny.........?
Re: The Oniricon

Friend TTA Of EarthTR125.0121

There is no need for me to tell you that you were out there, be it astral, etheric, mental or spiritul. Now, As for what it represents, it might be very interesting to find out.

About the room in the starship, I have heard of a place that once there you can go to any place in time, you know it´s name, is the Prime Temporal Point. It seems to me you have been timephasing my friend.

Please let me know how it felt, how things looked like. It is not unheard of clandestine PTP launch chambers, but I will like to know more about this one, if it was an actual PTP chamber.

You know TTA it suddenly came to me that you might be experiencing a particular third person conflict. Maybe you have been chosen by someone you know to help him/her resolve a personal problem and might find yourself counseling this person in the near future.

Very well....Until later becomes now.
Re: The Oniricon


Third person conflict huh?

The TTA finds that very funny :D.

Furthermore, the TTA had no idea you were a detective.

Tell me Sherlock, did you have to look very hard to find out I was time shifting all this time?

And maybe, just maybe realize that is why I am the TimeTravelActivist in the first place /ttiforum/images/graemlins/smile.gif?

Well the "PTP chamber" as you call it was dark, and had an image projected on the floor. All I needed to do was jump onto it, and there I was. There was a brife moment of feeling that I was falling into an endless dark abyss though. And when I came to, my vision would need time to adjust, my eyes felt blurry and with glare, even though there was no sun out.

In one particular period, there were these big brown looking creatures, and they seemed to be quite hungry. I don't recall exactly how I destroyed some of them, my perspective was shifty... First I would be face to face with them, then I would be looking at the action through a viewing screen. And in another period, I was in battle and shots were being fired in the Star Wars style fashion.

I have strange dreams all the time, especially when I manage to get many hours of rest. If I don't get more then 6 hours, the TTA is only at 50%. The best time to catch the TTA at his best is on Friday and Saturday night and early Sunday before the disappointment of realizing Monday is approaching kicks in /ttiforum/images/graemlins/frown.gif.

It's only Tuesday?

Better make it 2 cups again this morning /ttiforum/images/graemlins/ooo.gif.

Re: The Oniricon


Was is peculiar about both dreams, is that they both involve the use of ships?

The rapture from some reports, from what I've heard, involves supposedly normal people, being taken up from Earth, to fight aliens battles for them?
Re: The Oniricon

Friend Creedo and TTA of course

I do understand the concept of ships being in the dream, however they might be simply TTA´s perception of motion, travel, movement. They could very well be TTA´s way of proyecting himself out of phase, nonetheless, what it really gets my attention is the battle-motives. In both dreams the TTA is either witnessing a war, of huge proportions for what I understood, or being attacked by other creatures, presumably unknown to him.

In my opinion there is a conflict, of growing concern, around the TTA. However, this do not signifies by any means that the problem is of TTA´s, rather he has gotten himself in the position to observe, gather knowledge and later on categorize it as either valuable and concomitant to his own ends or unimportant.

Now, as for the PTP Chamber its only resemblance is the sensation of weightlessness, this I could relate to TTA´s feelings of falling into an abyss.

Until later becomes now.
Re: The Omicrom delta

Tran' I'm not be adversarial to your comment, but TTA is using third person singular.

In the art of psychotherapy, the use of third person singular, is often a tool, used to expose the projective animus, which is pushing a problem.

I feel that TTA indeed, is trying very hard, to get at his missing time.

A lot of power figures give you a phylosphical line of B.S. to go after, as your, well' credo to get things done.

However what I feel TTA is reaching for, are hidden moves placed on him, a while back.

The only way you can get through this door, Jav, is deep hypnotic regression.

Have this session done in private and the whole event taped.

>For me, when I'm setting the table, I pull out a first set of dishes, place them aside to put on the table.Five minutes later, do the same exact thing, even though I tell myself, "Hey now' you know that you already had pulled dishes, so don't pull the same exact stack out of the cupboard again".

I think what I'm doing represents missing time and this is what may be crawling around in TTA?

I honestly think, that someone has abducted him, as he has all the ear-marks of abduction.

I feel defiantly, that this is not either a funny joke or a laughing matter.

Mental abduction scars, can develop into very serious mental ticks.

And to think that the hidden government uses our hard earned tax dollars, to put up some of these aliens?
A little background info.

Creedo & Trans,

Many years ago, even prior to the creation of the TimeTravelActivist by JC; there once was a young teenager of 18, open to the New Age ideals and with no concept of what his future Activist duties would entail. He sought only for answers to his condition and found himself a hypnotist who would inevitably do more to help the world by being the catalyst for the TTA’s existence.

Not only would I emerge from my naïve notions of spirituality and acceptance of New Age philosophies, but open my eyes and realize how wrong all of this really is. The choice to be free or to be exploited was then clear, this was not enlightenment, it’s slavery.

A genuine humble appreciation and respect for human freewill was all that was left of my once open New Age mind. It is that principle of being free and able to mandate our own lives in the time that we are living them. Never did I stop asking why, and questioning the motives behind those who would rather choose manipulation of our souls.

But alas, my fire has little fuel to burn as it once did in my younger days, as I now have many other responsibilities and obligations in my life. However, my obligation to humanity will never end… it is a crucial part of my life. As it would be to any man or woman who understands and knows what it’s like to be manipulated and exploited for a justified ends, and wishes nothing more then to never have them exprience that for themselves.


P.S. The name Cyrus was the last name I got from self-hypnosis before I became known and feared by New Ager’s by whooping their @$$ left and right as the TimeTravelActivist. I wouldn’t have it any other way
Another dream.

Today the TTA has had yet another weird dream.

This one has to do with hanging out at the beach late one night. Where this huge aluminum block puzzle stood balanced on the sand.

Once I solved it, it was able to turn into anything. It turned into a ship, then it turned into a medical building.

Without going into much detail of the female company, the TTA was then put onto a machine. A needle was inserted into my left shoulder, and attached to a dark green rectangle’er machine. Once this machine was turned on, my entire left side was frozen and I could not move. I knew the needle was on my left shoulder, but I felt the restriction coming from my left ear with a high ringing. I was being maintained forcefully as if restraints were applied to my head.

I then heard one of the physicians say something about, “border factoring” where I would see what they meant by seeing my entire biological layout on a screen, shaper then an MRI and all through just a needled on my left shoulder. They would then create borders of enhancing my immune system and all over biological functions within certain limits of my body, in and out points scans for it’s healing treatments to go. I can’t go into details as to which ones were enhanced :D. But when I woke up, I felt more energetic then usual.

And to make things more interesting, when I woke up and got on my computer to type this up, I looked at my left shoulder and noticed I have an almost visible red mark. Just where the needle would be in the dream.

Thoughts, ideas?

Maybe it was a gift for solving that puzzle.

Whatever the case, it sure felt real.